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Workfast is The Modern Answer To All The Hiring Related Issues

We all know that the greatest resource that is available to us is a man and when it comes to hiring people, it is never easy to satisfy a human. Some demand a lot of money, and when we are hiring people at the higher level of management, they need more than just money, so it is quite tough to do so, and this is exactly why major multinational companies go for employment agencies. Employment agencies or placement agencies are the ones which help a company hire people in emergencies. For example, if a company is opening up a new office, then they can head to the placement agency to get people in bulk giving the parameters to the agency about what they want in an employee. In exchange, placement agencies don’t only charge money from the companies for providing staff but also from the candidates if they get any job recommended through them.

Hiring through placement agencies creates a lot of problems as it turns out:

1. Payment for acquiring candidates

When it comes to placement agencies, they usually charge a lot for every employee that we recruit through them. So, besides paying the employee his or her salary, we also have to pay the agency its fee. This just adds our budget for the fiscal year as we know, salaries and wages constitute for the major part of the budget, making humans the most valuable resource in any company.

2. Quality of candidates

Not every candidate is suitable for the given job, and when it comes to the Placement Agencies, there is a high possibility that they neglect a few points that are essential for a given job opening. This would waste not only our time but also the effort of interviewing the wrong candidate.

3. Lower salary package

This is a major drawback of using these services as when the company has to shed out a few bucks to pay the placement agencies; it will automatically reflect on the salary packages that they offer. This is one of the reasons why packages offered through Placement agencies differ so much from the other sources like internal recruitment or references.

At this point of time, you might think that we don’t have any other option rather than going for Placement agencies, but as we live in the technologically advanced world, everything is literally possible through internet. This is when Workfast comes into play as it not only saves your money but also gives you much more control over the people you choose to work with.

What is Workfast?

Workfast is an online job portal which makes a bridge between the candidates and the companies who are looking for candidates to hire. Workfast is simple as it is just like any other website where you make an account, (a free one in this case) and get going with it. Hiring or finding jobs of our interests have never been so easy.

What sets Workfast apart from others?

1. Almost Free

It is free, no management fee, no registration fee and you don’t even have to pay for signing up on their website, whether you are an employer or worker.

2. Appropriate Job

If you are seeking a job, it is very easy as Workfast will always show you tempting jobs that you are interested in.

3. Quick hiring

Workfast’s one of the most compelling unique selling points is that it allows us to take care of a specific job in very little time. For example, if we have a pending job and we need a worker to get it done by the end of the day, we can quickly post it on the Workfast server and then choose from the available bids made by different people. All we have to select one and negotiate a little which hardly takes 15 minutes and we can call the person on the same day to get the work done on an emergency basis. It is that simple!

4. Assured work or payment

Workfast defines clear payment rules. Whenever a work is being offered to a candidate, and if he fulfills it, Workfast will make sure that the candidate will get paid for his contribution. Similarly, if a worker fails to report or doesn’t fulfill his commitment of completing the job, the company can rate the candidate on the basis of his performance which can be seen by his future employers.

5. Inexpensive

Workfast really comes into play because of its cheap per hour rates that we have to pay them as an agreement of using their service. When we compare the payment structure of Workfast with placement agencies, on an average, agencies costs around $50 per hour where as it comes down to $35 for Workfast which makes it 30% cheaper than agencies.

6. Convenient

Be it hospitality or engineering or catering or logistics or any other industry; you can find people for your task no matter what industry you represent. This becomes convenient especially when you know that you can find anyone under one roof. And when this convenience is clubbed with the cheaper rates of what we pay to placement agencies, it becomes a hell of a combination.

How does Workfast Work?

Workfast works simply which needs not to be explained by writing so much of words but just these screenshots tell you all.

If there is still any confusion, you can watch this video to understand how does Workfast work:



In a study, Australia’s total workforce includes nearly 24% casual works and Workfast has hit the right spot by targeting the temporary work market. The days are gone when we had no other option than going for the traditional placement agencies that would provide us workers who would have been inconsistent with their performance. But, this time, we can definitely take our work to Workfast as they promise to give the appropriate solution to the human resource crisis as getting an urgent task done was never so easy. It’s rightly said that Workfast has successfully privatized the bottom level management and that too without breaking the budget of the companies.

So, if you have any requirement to hire labours for your work, hire them from Workfast by clicking here.

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  • Hi Team,
    Alas this service is not available in India, If this type of hiring service is also available in India then i am sure it would help a lots of people.

    Thanks team techtricks for posting this valuable feedback on workforce.

  • The report seems to be informative. Due to the sudden change in the government, people are quite worried.

    But as you have mentioned, according to the reports, it’s going to be good for everyone.

    Getting more customers can only be done if you have the customer satisfaction priority. In the next 12 months, everyone will come to know about the results.

    Hope for the best.

  • Seems like this tool is very handy and useful for companies either small or med range. I must say using this platform will certainly save lot of time for Australians.

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