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8 WordPress Websites Expertly Designed to Sell Products

When you’re shopping online, what makes the difference between simply browsing for a while and then moving on, versus hitting the “complete purchase” button? If you’re looking for a specific product, then maybe you’re simply on the website with the best deals. For a lot of people, though, it isn’t quite so straightforward; a well-designed website is one that encourages follow-through (making the purchase) without seeming cheesy or demanding. 

WordPress is a popular choice for ecommerce sites, not only because it comes with thousands of themes, but also works well with various plugins and widgets that add to the functionality of the site. Ecommerce web design service providers frequently use WordPress when building a new site, and WordPress management services are there for anyone who needs help keeping their site firing on all cylinders. 

Why does WordPress go so well with ecommerce, though? Because it offers the potential for creative websites. If a site looks genuinely cool, visitors are more likely to explore. If they’re exploring, they’re learning about the brand, and maybe even developing an interest in the product. Yes, it’s possible to engineer a site’s layout to guide users towards making a purchase, but that’s just part of the picture; you also have to get them to like you first. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some WordPress websites that are getting it right.

8 WordPress Websites Expertly Designed to Sell Products

  1. Flwr

This online floral shop, based in New Zealand, is understandably colorful. After all, the website is filled with pictures of gorgeous bouquets. That isn’t all, though; the bouquets are held by models standing against dark backgrounds, an unusual choice for a florist’s website. Not only do the models bring a more personal feel to the flowers, but the contrasting background makes the colors practically jump off the screen. Flowers aren’t bought to be useful; they’re valued for their visual impact. This is why it makes so much sense for Flwr to use a minimalist design that draws attention to the flowers more than anything else. 

  1. Airstream

Any outdoor or travel retailer should want to inspire feelings of longing in their potential customers. You won’t just be shown pictures of rugged hiking boots; you’ll see them being used in epic mountain treks, surrounded by picturesque scenery. The idea is for site visitors to think “that could be me”. Airstream’s site captures this perfectly with its product slideshow; every photograph says “it’s time to see what’s out there”, using scenic locations to showcase their coaches and trailers. 

  1. HogWatch

Can motorcycle culture and stylish watches go together? According to HogWatch, the answer is yes. They offer watches that double as motorcycle fobs; that’s convenient enough to get people to buy it anyway, but they don’t stop there. The web design perfectly blends rugged biker culture with the eternally fashionable timepiece vibe, and the result actually makes a lot of sense. The watches are presented in a way that makes an impact, but without being overstated. More importantly, the main focus is on the quality and durability of the watches, something that the target audience will definitely value.

  1. Björk

If you know who she is, you probably expect a website that’s far from ordinary – and that’s what you get. Björk’s website uses a basic gradient between two unique colors to create a memorable effect, and the other design elements on the home page are kept to a minimum. Even the layout of the site feels minimalist; the product listings are kept to a single page, so if you’re looking for something in particular, it won’t take you long to find it. 

  1. House of Whisky Scotland

Here’s another website that has a minimalist feel, but doesn’t necessarily tick all the minimalist boxes. The landing page has a very simple background of well-worn wood grain; you can almost imagine it being used as a work surface in or around one of the distilleries. The main focal point is the logo, plus the “about us” and “shop now” buttons. It’s short and sweet, and it creates the impression of authenticity. The shopping experience is similarly straightforward, and shoppers can even select their whisky by year – always a popular choice for anniversary or birthday gifts. 

  1. Offerman Wood Shop

Nick Offerman is a busy man; when he isn’t acting, he makes high-end custom furniture that’s available to purchase online. The website, like the furniture, is bold and assertive: the home page is mainly large pictures of some of his pieces, laid out in a grid. Plus, you don’t just get to see the furniture; most of the photos show the products as if they’re already placed in an actual home. 

  1. Shop Catalog

This online store is associated with Thought Catalog, a youth culture website. As you’d expect, there’s a youthful feel to the site; some of the text is embellished with emojis, for example. However, they avoid coming across as immature. The overall layout is very simple – a neutral background makes the occasionally colorful products stand out, and the grid format feels clean and to-the-point. There’s very little fuss here, and even with multiple products listed one after the other, the user never feels rushed.

  1. Lost Dog Café

Enough about minimalism; the Lost Dog Café takes the opposite approach with bright colors and enough detail to make it seem quite bohemian. Based in Binghamton, NY, this eatery’s website reflects its roots with not only the color scheme, but also the slightly wacky font that’s used throughout the site. Visitors can order food online, buy merchandise, and even check to see which beers are on tap at each location. 

What can we learn from these sites?

In a nutshell, it’s important to realize that you can’t just slap some trendy design on an ecommerce site and call it a day. The reason why these WordPress sites are special is because they fit the brand, product, or person so perfectly. If someone can make that a reality with their own site, that’s when the magic happens!

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