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What You Should Know About VR Goggles?

Virtual reality, or VR, is an innovative technology that allows users to feel as if they are in an entirely different environment. An environment that is created through 3D images, closely being perceived as real. In order to be able to immerse in these environments, users need VR gear such as goggles or headsets. These devices are composed of the actual hardware that is powered by the appropriate software. Aside from this, here are some other facts that you should know about VR goggles.

Components of a VR Goggle

VR headsets, or VR goggles as they are interchangeably referred to, are the gateways into the virtual world. These are usually composed of the following:

  • Content Feeds. The content feeds make up the digital world that a user will enter. Nowadays, the content feed can be encompassed in a single app or game.
  • Controls. The simplest VR headsets allow the users to explore the virtual world through the use of buttons integrated within the goggle itself. However, there are also headsets and goggles that come with a controller. The most advanced one even mimics real-world devices that interact directly with the hardware of the headset.
  • Displays. The display is where the virtual scene is shown to the user. Older versions of VR headsets provide two screens, one for each eye. This has been adopted by some modern VR goggles, but most inexpensive headsets leverage a full smartphone screen to display the scene. According to Oliver, the expert behind FPV Frenzy, a sharper screen improves your flying experience, should you wish to use the headset as a drone goggle. This is because a sharper screen will allow you to see the gaps and gates more clearly as you are flying.
  • Lenses. Much like its purpose in a typical eyeglass, lenses help your eye focus as you explore the virtual world, making it appear like you are looking into a real environment. Advanced lenses even allow for an adjustment that is hugely beneficial in reducing eye strain.
  • Tracking Sensors. Tracking sensors are necessary so that the device will be able to tell whether you moved your body, and when you do, in what direction. This is important because your movement greatly dictates how the content feed is loaded. When the content feed loads according to your movement, the entire environment will feel more real.

Types of VR Goggles

  • Tethered VR Headsets

Tethered VR headsets are usually high-end goggles that are often used in conjunction with a desktop or a personal computer. These are usually connected to the computer via cable connections such as HDMI or USB. Tethered goggles often offer a fully immersive experience compared to other types of VR goggles because of its stable connection to the content feed provider. However, there are now wireless adapters that can be utilized to allow for more movement while exploring the virtual world.

  • Standalone VR Headsets

Standalone VR headsets have built-in processors, sensors, batteries, and even storage memory. Thus, they are independent of a connection to a computer. While they allow for more flexibility and mobility, standalone VR goggles are usually less powerful compared to tethered devices. This significantly affects the graphics of the virtual environment.

  • Handheld VR Headsets

No, handheld VR headsets are not used by holding these devices. These are still worn on the head of the user, however, they got their name because they are powered by smartphones and handheld devices. Smartphones are slid into the headsets and the screen will be right in front of the user’s eyes. They are often compatible with recently released smartphones, which prove to be more advanced and powerful. This is because the apps loaded in these headsets use the smartphone’s camera and built-in accelerometers.

Things to Look for in a VR Goggle

If you are keen on using a VR goggle, there are some things that you need to consider. Apart from choosing between a tethered or a handheld device, also consider whether the VR goggle is compatible with your computer or smartphone. Aside from these, here are some other factors you need to consider.

Field of View. The field of view is the size of the environment that you see through your headset. A narrow field of view will not generate a realistic environment, much like a wider field of view would. Hence, the latter will allow you to be fully immersed in the virtual world. If you will be using your VR goggles for gaming, or if you have a great phone with a high resolution, then you should choose a VR headset with a wide field of view.

Weight. As much as possible, choose a lightweight headset for your overall comfort. This is because utilizing a heavy one will prove to be quite tiring in the long run. Thereby, instead of having an enjoyable experience, what you acquire can be an unpleasant one. Aside from the weight of the headset itself, check also the straps and the shape of the device to ensure that it will fit properly in your head. Otherwise, you may be uncomfortable while you are in your exploration. You also need to factor in whether the VR goggles would fit if you wear glasses.

Cost. Apart from the features of the VR headset, it is also important to consider its cost. Handheld VR headsets are considerably the cheapest VR goggles, mostly running under a hundred dollars. On the other hand, tethered VR headsets are considered as the most expensive ones because of the superior VR quality they offer.

Final Word

The advancements in modern technology brought about the emergence of VR that provides a unique and amazing sensory experience to its users. The VR goggles used to be able to immerse in a VR environment have been revolutionized in a couple of years to create an ultimate user experience. Perhaps it is about time for you to venture out into VR worlds either through gaming or through a hobby for you to be able to have the first-hand experience with this incredible technology.

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