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Paypal Limitation: How I Got the Limitation lifted from My Paypal Account

This is a story of how I got the limitation lifted from my PayPal account. This happened when I started using PayPal, and since I am from India, we have to add our PAN number to the account for tax purposes. And, PayPal accidentally flagged my PAN as invalid. This limited my PayPal account, and I was not able to receive or send any payments. That was frustrating. However, I was able to discuss this with them over a call and got this fixed, and the limitation was revoked. I thought to write it down here so that if you see such an error in your account, you can try it out the same way to fix it.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a US-based fintech company that allows an online payment system that allows you to send and receive money around the world. You can link your bank account to withdraw money to your bank, and also for making payments, you can add your Credit Card or Debit cards.

It is one of the most used ways to send or receive payments worldwide, and it is pretty popular among bloggers and publishers. We as bloggers use it a lot because most advertisers from different countries only support PayPal as their payment mode. Although there are many other such services as well including Payoneer, most of us use PayPal.


When I started blogging, I was not even aware of PayPal or any such services because I never thought to earn from blogging. I started blogging just because I loved the whole thing in which you can share your knowledge online that is available for everyone. But, gradually I came to know about advertising, Adsense, and other monetization ways.

When I got my client from the UK who was interested in advertising on my site, he asked me for a PayPal account so that he could send the payment. Then I created an account over there and started using it. I have done everything as per instructions such as submitting my PAN card number, adding bank account details, and verified it. I started receiving payments as well until one fine day, I received an email from PayPal that my account was limited. The frustration started as such a thing was too new for me, and also, a few hundred dollars was there in my PayPal account which I was not able to withdraw because of the limitation.

Below is the full story of how my PayPal account got limited, and what I have done to get the limitation lifted.

7 months ago my PayPal account had been limited, and the reason given was “Your PAN is invalid”. I was frustrated to know that my PAN was fake or what. Then, I visited the Income Tax website of India and checked my PAN number. I came to know that my PAN card is valid, and there is no problem with it.

Then, I started searching about this PayPal issue. Upon my research, I came to know that this problem is widespread among Indian PayPal users, but it was very new to me at that time. I was not sure exactly what to do and then I started researching here and there online. I found that we need to contact PayPal and explain the issue.

How Did the Limitation Get Lifted?

So, I decided to communicate with them on this issue, and then I came to know that I needed to send the proofs as well. So I have sent them all the proofs in JPG formats such as PAN Card, and Voter ID card.


After 3-4 days, I got a reply from them that they are reviewing my account, and they also assured me that the limitation will be lifted from my account soon. I waited for a long time, but nothing happened as per my expectations. Whenever I emailed them, they replied the same thing that they were looking into it, but lastly, my problem hadn’t got fixed.

Finally, I decided to call them. I again emailed them once and the next day called them. It took 15 minutes to tell them about my account and its limitation status.

They assured me that they had triggered their system for re-verification of my PAN.

Lastly, I got an email just yesterday from PayPal with the Good News. They wrote to me, “You can now receive payments into your PayPal account”. I couldn’t believe that calling them worked so fast. I logged into my PayPal account and noticed that the limitation had been lifted. Yahoo!!!

I have written this blog post because many Indian people face this issue. So, just don’t panic, contact them will all the proofs and then call them to discuss the issue. Try to be polite while talking with them rather than showing your frustration to them.

You can wait after emailing them, but in my case, emailing didn’t work out well. So better consider calling them after sending all the proofs in .jpg format. If everything is fine, the Limitation from your PayPal account will be lifted within a week.

Hope this Article will help you!

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  • Hey Atish

    Nice post but I don’t know when did Paypal start supporting us it’s 2012 and still we are not supported by Paypal so it’s very hard to use Skrill and alert pay with paypal alternative and pay a highly transaction amount on that.

  • Great Share Atish. I always love to read Experienced share article.
    I heard so many times about Pan Card problem. Now they can solve there problem easily 🙂

  • There is a reason for PayPal to have limits for new accounts. They prevent frawds and illegal transactions. But still if you want to make a serious company you have to present the papers needed. Don’t forget that Paypal is like a bank. They need information about you!

  • That’s weird. I don’t have problem with emailing them whenever I have any issues with my PayPal account. They usually respond within 3 working days and solved my problem. I mean PayPal is one of the most efficient online services that I’ve been using, they had never let me down before. Anyway, glad you managed to pull it off eventually Atish.

  • This is cool no one wants limitation on the paypal account.Thanks for the information about it.

  • With allmost any company/service or even in personal life, Calling almost always gives results faster than emailing. Emailing is not as confronting and personal as a call. Also you have more chance of a positive reaction, as the person on the other side of the line has less time to think of an excuse and many people are a lot braver with turning people down in an email.

    Glad you got your problem solved Atish. Let the money come in again 🙂

  • Congrats Atish for Get your paypal back.and thanks for sharing this post .it will help to them who is facing this problem .

  • I think paypal is not doing work faster..All tortoise are working there.
    From the last two month i am calling this people to remove my limitation.
    My account is showing verified, but it is limited due to PAN card name not matching with my bank account.. The thing is in my bank account my name is mention as SAMAR KHAN and in PAN card it is SAMAR KHAN BASHEER KHAN…
    At the time of opening paypal account i thought i have to fill details according to my PAN card, that was big mistake from my part. For this i send them my PAN card copy and bank statement 1 month back…. Till now it is not resolved…
    Plz help me what should i do…?

  • Excellent post and very nice information about paypal limitation. They prevent frawds and illegal transactions..Thank you it was very helpful.

  • I have the same problem with PayPal for last few weeks. I already sent them three mails, attaching all the documents, they asked for. But till now the problem is not resolved.

  • My paypal account is limited from last 6 months and till they are review my account ! I have submitted all documents but till under process . Thanks for your experiences .

  • This is very good information. I got limited, but PayPal says it is a permanent one and that I cannot get it lifted. Do you think it is safe to create a new account or buy one from sellers such as Auction Essistance?

    • Hello Nuzzo,

      It depends where you are from. If you are from India, and limitation applied because of your PAN, you can get it lifted. By the way what is the reason they gave you for limiting your Account?

  • We had several experiences about limitation. If you use Paypal to often in personal type transaction, then you have a big possibility to get this limit. However, you can lift your account by providing legal documents in open case section.

    Many times this case caused by fraud transaction.
    But in our case is not a fraud. They want profit. This company wants money. Paypal wants us to use their apps more in business transactions. Not in personal transactions. Why ? Because Paypal got fee from each successfuly transaction.

    This is just our story. From our experience here in Indonesia.

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