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OSRS: Hunting Black Chinchompas Quick Guide

Hunting Black Chinchompas is a lucrative but dangerous skilling activity out in the Wilderness. Located at level 32-36 in the Wilderness, you’ll find these pesky little Chinchompas a great source of income. However, where there’s money to be made in the Wilderness, there are PKers to try to take it from you! 

Being efficient with Hunting Black Chinchompas has various requirements, including a high-level of Hunter to begin with. If you don’t have these, you may want to consider the option to buy OSRS Accounts from Account Kings. Grab yourself a leveled up account so you can make money in-game easily. 

Black Chinchompa Hunting Requirements

To catch Black Chinchompas conveniently, there are several requirements to be able to hunt, and secondly, defend yourself out in the Wilderness. 

You must have a minimum of 73 Hunter to start catching Black Chinchompas, but as at level 80 Hunter, you unlock another trap placement, significantly boosting this method’s proficiency. 

To defend yourself in the Wilderness, you’re going to need equipment and gear that, worst comes to worst, you can afford to lose. This also means you’re going to need Combat levels to defend yourself well, especially Hitpoints and Defense. Rather than fighting, you will aim to survive and get out of the Wilderness to safety. 

Completion of Hard Tasks in the Wilderness Diary makes this method of Hunting much more convenient for banking your catch, as you’ll be able to teleport back very quickly with the unlocked navigational choices with Wilderness Obelisks. 

Tick Manipulation

If you’re not already aware, tick manipulation is now much more popular for Oldschool Runescape training methods. The act of tick manipulation uses another action with faster completion speeds directly prior to the action you want to perform that would usually take longer, resulting in the latter action being completed in less time. For example, using a herb and tar together before setting the trap results in the usual box trap 5-tick action taking 3-ticks. Placing/Collecting your traps consecutively without stopping also results in a continuous placement of 3 tick actions, rather than a new set action of 3 ticks. 

Without the use of tick-manipulation to boost your efficiency, this method provides a lot less experience and profit per hour. In some cases, the use of tick manipulation can almost double your speed. 

Using an ‘alt’ for hunting Black Chinchmpas

A popular method of training Hunter at Black Chinchompas to increase speeds and efficiency is to use an alternate account simultaneously. The alternate account kills

Chinchompas that run too far away from your traps, causing them to respawn at their static spawn point, closer to your traps. This significantly increases the speed that you catch Black Chinchompas as instead of wandering around, and the Chinchompa is more likely to come in contact with your Box Trap. 

Using an alternative account makes the method more tedious, but as it speeds things up and can also hold extra supplies such as survival Brews and Food, it is well worth the effort. As Black Chinchompas are very low level, so can your alternative account, although you still may need to defend your alternate account from PKers too. 

What if you don’t have an alternate account?

If you don’t have an alternate account or would rather not run two Runescape clients to use the above method, you can still range Chinchompas yourself, bringing a bow and arrows with you. It’s advised to use a Range weapon, so you need not run around chasing after runaway Chins. 

As expected, ranging them from your primary hunting account takes away time from actually hunting. Over more extended periods, it results in being reasonably inefficient compared to using a secondary account to perform the luring action. 

Be careful when doing this on your main account. You don’t want to end up accidentally attacking another playing and skulling yourself up! 

Expected Rates + Profit

Without any tick manipulation or use of an alternative account, the base rate is around 140-150K experience per hour at level 73, maxing out at about 210K experience per hour at higher levels. With tick manipulation methods, this becomes around 160-250K experience per hour. When using an alternate account and tick manipulation, you can now see upwards of 265-280K experience per hour at level 90 Hunter and above. 

If you were to hunt Black Chinhompas for 73-99 Hunter, you’d earn around 85M in Gold from selling them. Note, however, prices are always fluctuating. 

Enjoy Hunting!

Hopefully, this quick Black Chinchompa guide has given you some insights into how you can make a significant profit from Hunter out in the Wilderness and surviving while doing so. Black Chinchompas are one of the best consistent money-makers for skilling as well as being the best experience available for the Hunter skill. It is well worth giving it a shot!

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