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How to Get Rid of Bookmarks Sidebar on iPad?

Well, if you are on an iPad, you would have ideally come across the floating sidebar on your iPad when using Safari or other applications. This can indeed be an exciting and powerful feature on your iPad, but still, you would find that the functionality can be quite annoying in some cases. So, how to get rid of bookmarks sidebar on iPad? Let us check out a few options that can be helpful in those circumstances. 

What is Bookmark Sidebar on iPad?

Safari, as we are well aware of, is the leading browser on an iOS device ever since the first iPhone came into being in 2007. On a larger screen on your iPad, Safari provides you access to an enhanced experience with the bookmarks sidebar. 

The Safari browser comes with an excellent feature on it. It has the bookmarks bar enabled by default – Safari loves calling it Favourites bar. The bookmarks bar is available on Safari just below the address bar. This can be quite helpful enough for accessing your favourite websites. In fact, it can provide you with an exciting option for accessing your favourite websites with just one tap. 

How do I get rid of the bookmarks sidebar in Safari on iPad?

Now that we are aware of what is bookmark sidebar on iPad let us now check how to have access to the right answer for how to get rid of bookmarks sidebar on iPad. Since the bookmarks form an integral part of Safari browser, here are a few right options for the purpose. 

Here are our best tips for your query how do I get rid of the bookmarks sidebar in Safari on iPad – 

Method 1 – Hide Bookmark Bar in Safari

Most of us tend to get annoyed with the bookmarks sidebar on Safari on iPad. If you are checking out the best options on how to get rid of bookmarks sidebar on iPad, the first right option would be to hide it on Safari. 

Here is how you would be able to do it: 

  • Click on the View menu on Safari 
  • You should now find the option  Hide Bookmarks Bar. 

That should do it. You should find the annoying bookmarks bar gone on your Safari browser on your iPad. This should be the simplest option you should be able to achieve the task. 

You can even opt for a keyboard shortcut for disabling the bookmarks bar on Safari. The keyboard shortcut combination for the purpose would be Command + Shift + B. 

Method 2 – Directly Delete an Individual Bookmark in Safari on iPad

You can delete the individual bookmarks if you think you do not need them. You would need to have access to any of the extra tools for the purpose. 

Here is how you can do it: 

  • Launch your Safari browser on iPad. 
  • You should find an icon that represents a book at the top end of the screen. 
  • This is your bookmark. Click on it. 
  • Next, tap on the EDIT button at the top right corner. 
  • You should find the minus sign beside every bookmark that has been saved on your Safari installation. 
  • Clicking the minus icon will remove the bookmark from your browser. 

Delete each of the bookmarks and click on Done

Method 3 – Remove the iPad Safari bookmarks permanently

This would need you to have access to a third party software for the purpose. We would not recommend any of the tools right here, but you can find a few of them. These steps would remove the iPad Safari bookmarks permanently without affecting any of the other aspects on your device. 

How to remove bookmarks from iPad screen?

Well, the above solutions should ideally assist you in how to get rid of bookmarks sidebar on iPad. The steps for how to remove bookmarks from iPad screen should also be easy to handle and let you work effectively with the task of removing the annoying bookmarks. 

However, hiding the bookmarks bar on Safari would be a better option when compared to deleting each of the bookmarks. Removing the bookmarks can remove it permanently, and you will no longer have access to it. In case you need to have access to a particular bookmark, it may not be much easier. 

Of course, you have access to a few data recovery tools that can assist you to gain access to the deleted or removed bookmarks. Do note that not every data recovery tool can recover the bookmarks. You may need to get access to the best data recovery tools for iOS that can recover bookmarks and other settings as well in addition to the regular recover functionalities for your images, videos and other data. 

That would be a tougher path, and as such, we would recommend you not to delete the bookmarks, but get access to a better alternative to hide the bookmarks bar. The tips and methods outlined in the above tutorial should assist you in how to get rid of bookmarks sidebar on iPad. You can even have access to a perfect option of using the right tool that can help you in how to remove bookmarks from iPad screen than removing the bookmarks altogether. 

Before we conclude

Well, that was how you could opt for the best options on how to get rid of the bookmarks sidebar on iPad. We assume the tips here should ideally help you achieve the best results in answering your query and let you delete your bookmarks from your iPad screen. 

Check out those tips and share your experiences with removing the annoying bookmarks bar on your iPad. 

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  • Theres no VIEW on Safari in my iPad Pro 12.9 to permanently remove Bookmarks Sidebar.

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