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How Business Intelligence Influences the Decision Making

Business executives have increasingly become interested in a concept known as “business intelligence,” or simply BI solutions. Haven`t heard about it yet? Let us provide you with an example:

Typically, the word “diagnostic” is used in medical terminology. A patient who visits a doctor’s office and complains of pain provides this health care provider with some information. Clinical exams may be requested by the doctor in return, which would yield even more details. The expert then analyzes the information and draws a conclusion to address the patient’s issue.

 A precise diagnosis is what business intelligence can provide for your organization.

What is Business Intelligence?

The processes used by your business may be streamlined, which can result in savings and boost productivity as well as quality, doing so, one will require access to the data that these processes collect.

Don’t forget that it is not very effective to just speak about process improvement when you are unsure of what needs to be changed is not very effective. To do this, you must first accurately assess data pertaining to your production operations and compare it to other evaluations of the market, the cost of each procedure, or even the effect it has on the ultimate cost of the product. With the help of business intelligence, everything is possible.

Understanding numbers is crucial since they represent the “language” of true entrepreneurship. By automating this activity, company executives will always have accurate reports at their disposal, enabling them to make adjustments with less risk of error.

Business intelligence

How Can BI Help Your Company?

Systems like business intelligence may benefit a firm in a variety of ways. Below, we’ve highlighted this tool’s primary advantages:

Foreseeing trends

ERP software, which keeps track of a business’s operations, may foresee market trends. This is due to the fact that this data is evaluated along with a variety of other pieces of information, such as market data. As a result, your company may anticipate, for instance, the need to spend money on employing staff because it already has information which includes a projection of a rise in sales.

Create realistic targets

A market study that disregards internal variables won’t provide outcomes for your business. In this case, a corporate executive will wonder why, given how well the industry has performed generally, their company has had minimal growth. Business intelligence provides reports that take into account your company’s actual position in order to assist a firm in setting effective objectives. This gives the entrepreneur the possibility to set the company up for the current market environment.

Take advantage of transparent data

Any firm needs credibility to attract investors and preserve its stability, but in order to develop reliability, it’s crucial that the organization obtains trustworthy data. Business intelligence greatly reduces the likelihood of fraud and human mistakes throughout the information-generating process because of its automated methods. This gives the information legitimacy in the eyes of decision-makers and creates a more dependable and successful business environment. Due to their ability to persuade their followers that these actions are vital, these leaders will be able to ensure that their followers will have faith in their judgment when faced with difficult decisions.

How to Choose Business Intelligence?

Knowing which Business Intelligence tool is the finest is essential because there are several on the market. For this, a few things must be taken into account, which we will go through below:


When it comes to analyzing your company’s data and subsequently assisting in the creation of plans, this kind of technology must be nimble. It will be quite challenging to implement the strategy without this ability.


It is crucial to consider what the organization can pay when shopping for this kind of technology. Recognize nevertheless that this does not entail selecting a service that is less expensive and has fewer features. It’s critical to strike a balance between the tool’s pricing and its feature set.


The system needs to be usable by the user and accessible so that no time is lost when carrying out the functions. Of course, assistance from professionals in the operation will still be required even with a straightforward method.

Examples of BI Solutions

We have selected a few examples so that you are aware of the many sorts of business intelligence that are currently available on the market:

Google Data Studio

Anyone with a Gmail account may use the free program called Data Studio. Its user may connect it to other Google applications like Sheet and AdWords without the assistance of the system. Its capabilities include swiftly gathering and transforming raw data into reports and dashboards, producing up to 5 reports with unfettered modification or sharing.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics offers real-time segmentation, diagnosis, and installation of all marketing channels, which is one of its many benefits. The target demographic for the campaign may even be identified thanks to the extensive level of information throughout the entire process. Additionally, it provides an automated system that enables the creation of warnings at any moment. Additionally, it has fundamental functions like reporting and sharing via email and mobile devices.

Microsoft Power BI

The capacity of this business intelligence technology to swiftly create dashboards and reports is its key selling point. It is feasible to come up with an idea in under five minutes. Additionally, it is a system that permits connections to other programs, like Facebook, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, SharePoint, Excel, and Google Analytics. Users may view a variety of business indicators with Microsoft Power BI, which also offers real-time updates and accessibility on a variety of platforms, including PCs and smartphones.


Tableau provides a framework that prioritizes usability with the aim of facilitating data accessibility. As a result, it may be used with sheets, Hadoop, SQL databases, and the cloud. Despite all of this compatibility, the VizQl system is the system’s key selling point. This service enables users to drag and drop any existing data into the reports or dashboards created. As a result, the user may quickly organize the information whenever they want. Additionally, it provides an internet platform that enables data access from any location.

Why is It crucial to use business intelligence carefully?

Business intelligence is a highly important tool for your company’s data companies, but you should utilize it with extreme caution. Contrary to popular belief, business intelligence cannot and should not be considered the primary analytical tool accessible in companies since, despite its effectiveness, it might offer inaccurate data for decision-making.

In this situation, it is crucial to thoroughly analyze the data’s source before making judgments based on what the BI shows. Information that is lacking in businesses includes data on costs, expenses, and their effects on procedures, goods, services, distribution routes, and clients.

As a result, they need specific handling by pre-modeling, which means that a system other than BI must have an effective cost and result handling in order for the analyses to be truly successful. So, before producing reports and analyses, effective modeling needs extra consideration due to its unique characteristics. After all, a lot of these documents could even include false information and put managers’ judgment at risk when making decisions.

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