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A Mini-Guide To Use Google Plus For Business/Blog

If you’re a blogger, an internet marketer, a business owner or a person who curious about what all the fuss over Google plus is, then this post is for you!!!

I have been using Google plus since 2012 and now it become the biggest traffic referral source for my blog next to Pinterest. My Google Plus follower count keeps on increasing and in less than 6 months, the relationships which I’ve formed with fellow and influential bloggers are invaluable. I’ve crafted many blog posts related to Google Plus by sharing my knowledge and experiences. Now, I took this guest blogging opportunity to consolidate all significant Google plus stuff at one place which would educate you to become a pro in this prominent social network. Let me come up with basic things that you need to know about Google Plus.

Google Plus For Business

What is Google Plus?

Like Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus is an exciting social network which has been introduced by Google in the year 2011. It has simple interface with awe-inspiring features. Like Twitter (unlike Facebook) anyone can follow on you on Google Plus and they can see your shared information (If shared publicly) without requiring your approval.

Google Plus has over 540 million active monthly users as it meant to be a dynamic convergence of the Google’s important services. Google Plus app is available for smartphones and more than 20 million unique mobile monthly users are present on this top social network. Besides, almost 70% of the business brands have Google Plus presence and thus you might be wonder with the esteem of Google plus! If so, you may check the below reasons for the fame of Google plus.

Top 10 Google Plus Features

Google Plus is a feature-rich social networking service with great level of flexibility in terms of control and engagement. The possibility of integrating other Google products is one of the admiring features of Google plus and you would ease smooth navigation between them. Apart from this, below are the exciting features of Google Plus that formulates it to befall trendy among business owners.

1. Circles

To organize your followers on Google Plus into distinct groups according to their interest, location, or other relevant categories, this helpful feature can be used. You may add any Google Plus user to your Circles and share preferred stuffs with them. People in the circles are like subscribers who see and engage with your content.

 2. Stream

Stream will allow you to post your new updates on Google Plus. It is similar to Facebook wall which contains all the content shared by the people in your Circles. In simple words, we can call it as Google plus’s control center with navigation icons like Home, Profiles, Photos etc. It has the settings feature with variety of option to customize your Google Plus account.

 3. Hangouts

If you wanna interact with group of people, you may use this video chatting service of Google Plus, Hangouts. It has content sharing option and you may share images, Gifs, Emojis up to 10 people at once. This full HD video conferencing has SMS support too. Thus it is an excellent feature of Google plus for business to conduct meeting with workers.

 4. Ripples

Ripples is an interactive graphic feature of Google plus which would let you to check who has shared your updates. With this unique Google Plus feature, you may find new and like-minded people to follow. This option is hiding under the down arrow (right-side) of your Google Plus post.

 5. Photo Editing

Photo editing is the most commendable feature of Google plus which would let you to customize your images. To give a try, open any of your photo in Google plus and edit as much as you want. You may make basic and creative adjustments to your images with a range of editing options.

6. Privacy

Google Plus has exceptional privacy and safety features. I mostly like three of the below features:

  1. You can hide the parts of your personal Google Plus profile from global access.
  2. It is possible to restrict the visibility of your Google Plus circles, so that no one can able to see who your friends are.
  3. Likewise, you can confine the visibility of individual posts.

7. Data liberation

It is the supportive Google plus feature to pack up all your data. Just like Facebook, you can download all your information from Google Plus with this option. To do so, just click the gear icon in the sand bar and choose “Data Liberation”.

8. Mentions

Mentions is the fresh Google plus feature which shows the Google Plus posts where you have been mentioned or tagged. Earlier, you had to manually check the tagged posts through notifications but now, just you need to click the “Mentions” tab at the top bar of the Google Plus to see the posts where you’ve linked.

9. Communities

To find the people who’re interested in the same stuff you are, Google plus communities can be used. It is similar to Facebook groups where you’ll be allowed to get connect with others, who’re interested to get involve with specific shared interest. Even though it is open to the world, you can mark the communities private to keep your data with enhanced security.

 10. Pin your posts

Pinned posts is another new feature added on Google Plus. With this feature, you can choose any of your Google Plus post to pin on the top of your profile or page. So, if you want to highlight any of your important post on Google Plus, click the downward facing arrow on your Google plus post and choose “Pin Post”.

Pin your post in Google plus

Not only these, Google Plus has few more amazing features like Sparks (to find out your fascinating content), +1 (similar to Facebook like), Auto Hash tagging and so on. Let’s continue the talk on importance of Google Plus for brands.

Why Google Plus for business brands/blogs?

If you’re a local business or a blogger who doesn’t have Google+ presence, then I’d say that you’re missing out something. Yes! Through Google Plus, Google can track your every move. Some of the benefits of Google Plus for business are:

  • Possible to build loyal fan base for your business.
  • Customers can leave their reviews/gratitude.
  • More likely to connect with customers through organic search.
  • Integrated with most of the Google services.
  • Impacts are measurable.
  • Easy and safe data sharing.

Thus having a good presence of Google Plus for business/blog would give your brand a face. Here is a helpful guide to integrate Google plus for business purposes.

The more information you add about your business, the more search engine benefits you’ll get. After creating a perfect Google Plus profile, make sure to form a community to share your business updates and build engagement with your followers through Hangouts.

Use Analytic tools and Insights to understand how deeply people are engaging with your brand. Encourage them to leave their reviews/ask them compare your brand with competitors and actively respond to their comments. Hence you can make use of Google plus to market your business updates to a wider audience and increase your online visibility.

You might ask me on how to get greater visibility through Google plus and here are my executable tips to follow get engaging followers on Google plus.

Tips to get great visibility on Google Plus

Google Plus plays a vital role in digital marketing as it embraces a huge part of social background and thus it would give a greater online existence to your blog/business. Your profile picture and cover image on your Google Plus profile are more important and hence use high-resolution pictures for both. Get vanity URL for easy to remembrance and here is a helpful guide to claim your custom URL.

Don’t blindly add people to your Circles according to the social media advice “The more number of Google plus followers you have, the more you’ll be considered as an authoritative by Google”. Only connect with attentive supporters who are ready to engage with your Google plus posts.

Be sure to check the “Visibility and Sharing options” in the settings are turned on. As I specified early, the more you filled out your data, the better you’ll be find on online searches. So, don’t forget to include “brief Tagline” “Full introduction” and “Bragging rights” (with 1-2 keywords) on your Google plus “About” page.

If you’ve contributed content to any website, include your contributor details over there. Below are the 5 effective tips to build awareness for your brand.

Add helpful people as followers

You might think on adding helpful Google Plus followers to your circles, right? First use your personal profile to build relationship with the like-minded people or customers and engage with them through valuable information. In your G+ account, Click “People” à “Find People” to add well-matched followers.  Also, you can use the Google Plus search bar with keywords to get connect with companionable people. For example, if someone searches with the word “Devoted Blogger” they could easily find me as I used that word in my Google Plus “Introduction”.

Add helpful people as followers

Besides, add Google Plus button on your blog/website to persuade your visitors to follow you. After adding helpful followers, you may promote your Google Plus business page and ask them to share your details on their network.

 Share remarkable content

 After optimizing your Google Plus profile and adding loyal followers, plan to post great business content for them. Now, you may widely use your business page to share in-depth information according to the interest of your audience. Write attractive headline and attach images to your post.

Try Google Plus Events feature to connect with entire audience and send invites to take part in webinar, hangouts or any other business related event. These activities would let you to establish your brand name on Google Plus.

Use Google Plus features & tools

I’ve already discussed the useful features of Google Plus like Ripples, Sparks, Hash tags, Communities, Hangouts etc. Making use of these Google Plus features will certainly help you to get more interaction with the people on the same wave length which would boost your Google Plus visibility.

Likewise, utilizing some functional Google plus tools (Which I’ve described below) would allow you to have a better understanding about Google Plus and as a result, your reliability will get enhanced.

Profile citations

Google Plus profile citation plays a vibrant role in improving your brand visibility. Yes, when preparing content, you may include any reference links from high authority websites (related to your business) and find out the Google Plus profile of those authors.

While sharing that content in G+, mention the authors and they might post your business article on their network and thus it would perk up your social visibility.

Use your G+ profile URL extensively

Link your Google Plus profile anywhere it is allowed on the web like digital signature, forums and other social profiles. Leaving your G+ profile link while perform commenting/writing reviews on other web pages would widen your online presence.

Furthermore, you may request your supporters on other social networks to follow you on Google Plus and encourage them to share your details.

Optimize search result

To give your business a boost, include keywords and relevant links on “About” page of Google Plus. It is essential to include the data that searchers want to know about your business. Make use of numbering/bullet points to list your business details.

Google Plus social network has search engine benefits which will help to rank your particulars higher in search results and show on Google Maps. Researches show that the +1 of Google plus has more influence of SEO and thus the more no. of +1s for your content would assist your page higher in Google search results.

I hope that you’ve learned the tips to increase your online presence with Google plus and let’s move to discuss some marvellous Google tools for your business/blog development.

10 Amazing Google Plus Tools to Improve Your Business

If you want to optimize your Google Plus presence and create brand awareness, you need to integrate some useful tools to it.

1. CircleCount

CircleCount is an amazing tool which will let you to better understand Google Plus by tracking your activity. As it provides a database of influencers, you can make important connection with this efficient Google Plus tool. It counts the circles in which you’re included and has some metrics to measure your influence. This helpful tool has much more amazing features to calculate the effectiveness of your content.

2. Steady Demand

Steady Demand is one of the best audit and analytics tools for Google Plus. You can do audit for free but to get complete analytics including competitor details, you should get its pro account. To effectively manage your brand page, get new customers, community management, authority building and so on, you may get this Google Plus booster.

 3. AllMyPlus

AllMyPlus is a helpful tool to monitor your Google Plus account and you need to sign-in with it. Its dashboard displays relevant information and you can get data about your competitors. Moreover, you could arrange the posts according to the most +1s, comments, reshare etc.

4. HangoutMagix

If you often need graphics to work together with your followers/customers, you can create/edit hangout graphics for free through HangoutMagix and upload them to Google Plus Hangouts through its Toolbox.

 5. DoShare

If you’re creating a Google plus post but wanna share it to your Circles later, you may install this handy chrome extension. It supports hash tags, sharing to circles & communities, multiple Google login, automatic numbering of public posts and create polls on Google plus. Having distraction free rich text editor and scheduling unlimited posts are the notable features of this best Google Plus Chrome Extension.

6. Replies and More

Replies and More is one of the favourable chrome extensions to add extra functionalities to Google Plus. Reply to author for easy mentions, desktop notifications and additional sharing options to Twitter/Facebook/Email are some of the spare features which could be added by this awesome chrome extension.

7. Circloscope

If you want to grow your Google Plus circles, Circloscope will help you to find the Google plus engagers that you need to follow for your brand. This astonishing Google Plus tool can be installed for free as Chrome extension and you may also buy its premium version to mass adding and removing of people.

8. Friends+Me

Friends+Me is the best Google Plus tool to maintain and grow your social influence. It is free to download as chrome extension but it has limited features. Its pro version boasts awesome features like Google Plus Post & Repost scheduling, link shorter, hash tag routing and much more.

9. Recommended users

Recommended Users is a great website to find interesting people to follow on Google Plus. It has wide variety of suggested categories with a decent list of elective Google Plusers.

10. Google + Optimizer

Google + Optimizer would enhance your Google Plus experience. It is possible to modify & arrange your Google Plus stream as per your wish and add extra content or remove unwanted content with this Google plus tool. Moreover, it has constructive features like Auto save, Quick share, Bookmark and filter by hash tags.

Google Plus Key board shortcuts

For easy management and to speed-up your experience, Google plus supports keyboard shortcuts.

*word* –> Bold Text

_word_ –> Italics Text

_*Word*_ –> Italics Bold Text

J  –> To navigate posts down

K –> To navigate posts up

/ –> To make search

These are my widely used shortcuts; Press ? to know more short keys of Google Plus.

Influencers to follow on Google Plus

Following are my top picks Google Plus influencers that you need to add your Google Plus Circles to get handy updates:

  1. Mark Traphagen
  2. Jesse Wojdylo
  3. Martin Shervington
  4. Yifat Cohen
  5. Denis Labelle
  6. Mike Elgan
  7. Janna Nystr
  8. Stephan Hovnanian
  9. Peg Fitzpatrick
  10. Mike Alton

10 Rapid Fire Google Plus Pro Q & A

1. Q – How to share your Google Plus posts on other social networks?

A – Just click the options menu (Downward Arrow) and click “Link to Post”.

2. Q – How to perfectly optimize your G+ posts?

A – Every Google Plus post is considered as individual webpage. So, use keywords to write attractive Google Plus post title in Bold with less than 60 characters. Add intro line with 130 characters with keywords and hashtags. Include some more quality content if needed n use eye-catching images.

3. Q – How to add value to your Google Plus Post? 

A – Influential Google Plus users have more weight than standard users. Thus, mention relevant influencers in your post and inspire them to interact with you. Also, embedding your G+ posts on relevant sites/blogs will add authority to your posts.

4. Q- How to leave your footprints to enrich your credibility? 

A – A great thoughtful comment on highly visible posts (relevant to your niche/business) would gain you more exposure and help you to catch new followers.

5. Q – How to add effects to your Google plus photos/make movies from your photos & videos? (only for G+ Smartphone App) 

A  – Through Auto Awesome feature. Look at the helpful guide to do so

 6. Q – How to share your posts beyond G+?

A – Simply type the email address (not Gmail, any) in “To:” text field.

7. Q – What is the difference between Blocking and Muting people?

A – You’ll not see posts and comments from the blocked profile.

       You can access the posts of Muted profiles but won’t get their notifications in your feed

8. Q – How to check who shared your Google Plus Posts?

A – Use Ripples in down arrow of post (I’ve already explained in Google Plus features)

9. Q – What you should not do on Google Plus?

A – Resharing other’s posts without any comment

       Not responding to the mention/shares of your content

       Unnecessary tagging

       Sending email notification for every post

10. Q- How to become a Google Plus Pro?

 A – Connect with the above Google Plus influencers to get helpful updates and execute them. Also, use Google Plus daily.

Final Words

Google Plus has been growing at a surprise rate and becomes the essential part of social media strategy for every business. Getting started on this social network is simple but mastering its full potential is really an art. I’m not a Google Plus expert but trying to use it effectively to enhance my online presence.

Have you been using Google Plus for business? What are the tips and tools you’re following to improve your band’s credibility? I’d like to know your views on Google Plus, use comment section to discuss with me.

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  • Hi Nirmala Mam,
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  • Hello Nirmala madam, there’s an error in the POST.

    The mini guide should be written as ultimate guide. lol This is one of the best posts I have read on the internet. The style of writing and especially what you have covered on Google plus topic is everything someone would want to know about the social media platform.

    I mean if someone has a friend who is new to the era..just hand him the URL or PDF of this post. I swear he will become a better G/plus user than the already present people. I honestly did not know about the Pin it feature as I never ever use the desktop version. Their android app seems to have all the other features but this.

    I had always read your posts on in your blog. I also know you are active there and I also knew this post would be awesome but still I was just scrolling down down down and gulping the awesome writing style and the tricks. As for influencers I think I follow four to five of them..

    If you don’t mind I would want to know the time you took to frame this post up. Not for anything but for inspiration.

  • Google+ is indeed a good social network in fact it is much better than Facebook in some ways. The guide you have presented on this blog is really amazing. I am now tired after reading this in depth post. Great write up Nirmala.

    • Thank you so much for spending time to read my post Mark White 🙂

      Yes, I know very well that readers will get tired after reading a long post and hence left some Google Plus topics to cover. Seriously planning to write another comprehensive guide for Google Plus with screen shots 🙂

      Glad with your appreciation, stay tuned.

  • Hello Swadhin,

    First, I’d like to thank for your kind words and appreciation, it means a lot 🙂

    Actually, I had Google Plus beginners in mind while crafting the post. Still, there are hell lot of stuff to cover under Google plus, but I skipped them as I felt that they might bore the readers. I already specified in the post, every business/blog should have a great Google Plus presence to get love from search engines. Specifically, every Google Plus profile has some weight and thus following the influencers (related to the niche) matter a lot. I network with so many famous bloggers like Eric Enge, Adam Connell, Rebekah, Wade Harman and much more people and it helps me to enhance my online visibility.

    “Pin Post” and “Mentions” are the new and useful features of Google Plus and thus I included them. I don’t have any knowledge on G+ app for smartphones, yet to install it on my phone. To be honest, I can’t spend time to finish any post at one stretch as I need to take care of my family as well. So, I took 3 days to finish this post (Whenever I get time, I used to write).

    Thanks again Swadhin for taking time to read my post and leaving your views. I know that you’re being regular here to enrich your knowledge, keep it up 🙂

  • Nirmala, a very good blog post!

    Although familiar with G+ and use it in my business, I was not aware of half the tools you listed here. Thanks for providing this great resource.


    • Hi Corrisa,

      Glad to know that my post helped you to know some useful Google Plus tools. To reap the benefits of this awesome social network, it would be good to use some reliable resources to get analytics, follower suggestions and to cross post the Google Plus posts in various platforms. I’m using few tools like Do share, Circle Count, Circlosope and Friends+Me to maintain active followers list and spread my blog posts at several places.

      Your interest in checking my post is truly appreciated, I’d suggest you to often come back here to grab valuable social media, tech and blogging updates 🙂

  • Hey Normal,

    What a great, extensive guide for people that want to learn more about Google+. I use Facebook and Twitter more extensively but this post is a great for me to come back to if I want to learn all that I can do with Google+. it has grown a lot since 2011 and it does make sense to use it if the majority of us use Google to do search. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hello Sherman,

      My name is Nirmala, not Normal (lOl), Just now left my reply comment in Kingged.

      Glad with your appreciating comment, it inspires me to write more. I extensively use Google Plus than Facebook and Twitter and am driving good traffic with it. I focus to get “active supporters” than “more followers” and would like to connect with influential bloggers.

      Still more stuff exists to do with Google Plus, but I’ve explained its essential details to get more visibility. Yes, it is a silent growing network with outstanding features for business.

      Thanks a lot for taking time to write your comment here and Kingged, it is truly appreciated.

  • Hi Nirmala,
    It’s good to see you at Atishs’ blog. Sure Google plus is a very useful tool, though useful in the hand of the master. 🙂

    You’ve shared a great article, that will also stand to be a guide to using google plus.

    You given detailed explanation of all the feature, Google Plus id a place for business and I’ll aswell encourage ever online entrepreneur to take advantage of it it they aren’t.

    Thanks for sharing, and do haderful day ahead you both.
    Merry Xmas 🙂

    • Hi Larry,

      Thanks for adding your comment here. This is 3 rd guest post on Atish’s blog and really glad that am a regular contributor to this awesome blog. I like this blog very much and thus decided to present a comprehensive guide for its beloved readers.

      I’m familiar with most of the useful features of Google Plus and yes, every online business should have G+ presence to yield good credibility.

      Glad with your views, stay tuned here to grab more tech details from here 🙂

  • Hi Nirmala and Atish

    Very comprehensive post. While reading it I was just wondering if you have missed any point to let me mention it. I found no any and I just have to appreciate your way of narrating in a perfect order all the benefits and things to do for its optimization in a very logical way.

    When I started using it I was quite surprised to learn there was no any kind of restriction on it as we find at Facebook where just after opening our account we can’t be hyper active in the beginning to get more and more friends.

    But at G+ we can add as many people as we can to get follow back in return to expand our circles.

    Targeting of circles is a must in G+ to categorize each circle with sub niche to exploit the option of emailing to a small circle.

    Thanks a lot Atish featuring her as guest author to make her share her knowledge with us.

    • Hello Mi sir,

      I was expecting your comment and now got it 🙂

      Cheers with your uplifting response for my guest post. Yes, Google Plus has not much strict rules to follow but I’ve heard that Google may block the Google Plus users for specific reason (I guess if we do spamming with it). Categorizing Google Plus circle is an art, it has to be done perfectly.

      P.S This is the 3rd time I got featured by Atish as a guest blogger on this active blog and here I’ve contributed my very first GP before 2 years 🙂

      Thank you so much for your support through commenting and sharing 🙂

  • Hi Nirmala and Atish,

    What an awesome post that is jam packed with so much value. I have been wanting to get engaged with Google Plus and now after reading this, I feel I have the confidence to move forward. I have an account but did not realize it had so many features nor have I used if effectively.

    You have given me the blueprint. Not only am I printing this article but I am also bookmarking it because I know I will need to revert back to this awesome content while adding Google Plus to my marketing arsenal for 2015.

    Thank you for sharing one of the most comprehensive posts I have seen this year.

    • Hi Nate,

      I really feel good that my guest post has nudged you to use Google Plus. I’d say that you will grab countless benefits by using this awesome social network for your brand. Few day back, an influential blogger conducted a poll on the topic “Which social network will stay active on 2015 and where you want to focus your business/blog activities?”. That poll ended with the winner of Google Plus with huge no. of votes. Most of the businesses prefer to use this platform due to the existence of its amazing features.

      Many thanks for bookmarking this page for future reference. Also, I’d be grateful for taking time to share your views, stay tuned 🙂

  • Hi Nirmala and Atish,

    I don’t think you did the justice to the title by calling it Mini post. This was a pretty extensive guide. Although I do not us many social networks extensively for promotion or connections (yet). I have learned many new things on this post.

    Not many people realise the power of Google plus. It is much more than just a social network with the features and authority that it provides. Google has also changed its role recently and working hard on making t more valuabele in future. So, I think it really is a good time to get started on Google plus right now.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing Guide Atish

    • Hello Navneet,

      Still there are more Google Plus stuff to explain and thus I’ve written the title as “Mini-guide to use Google Plus”. I see! I didn’t come across your comment anywhere on the Blogosphere and thus, I feel happy that my post made you to write your remarks here.

      Social presence is indeed needed for blogs/businesses to gain more exposure. Moreover, Social cues plays a decent role in search engine rankings and I experienced the same. Out of all, networking with same wavelength people would let you to earn good credibility. So, I’d suggest you to use social networks to get connect with like-minded people and promote your blog/business.

      Yeah, you’re very exact, Google Plus is more than a social network. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and am thankful for it. I hope that you don’t mind in taking my suggestion 🙂

  • Hi Nirmala And Atish,

    Awesome most, After reading your post on Google+. I came to know the importance and features tools of G+ and also, G+ is very important for business branding.

    Before, I had thought G+ is not so efficient than FB and twitter. But I read your post, this is really make sense of blogger should be more interactive G+ too. To be frank, I don’t know whom to add and also if I add some people, they are not adding me return. This make me very annoying and frustrated. But it is no more, you’ve given a tips of influential people on G+, I’ll add them and also help full people as followers.

    One question: Like in twitter shows the no of followers/following. In G+ is shows only Followers and no of views , isn’t ? . Is there any restrictions like twitter up to 2000 following only we can make/more than that. ?

    Any automate tool that you can suggest for more number of followers. like Tweet adder ..

    I say this is really a gem post for new bloggers in blogosphere and will be help full guide for them.

    Thank for giving a wonder full info,

    • Hello Siva,

      I’m very much glad that my post made you to recogonize the importance of Google Plus. Every digital marketer should have an upright presence on Google Plus to get good exposure and brand name.

      You can add upto 5,000 G+ profiles & pages to all of your circles. But there is a daily limit for how many people & pages that you can add to your circles. Suppose, if you’ve reached the limit, you need to wait a day to add more people/pages.

      Adding people through automation tools would be pointless. Don’t get frusturate! If you share vlauble stuff on Google Plus, people will add you in their circles, then you may add them back. Engaging with your followers is more important and thus (as I’ve specified in the post) you need to add people who are really interested to read/involve your posts.

      Thanks for asking your doubts, it shows your passion in learning the G+ features. Keep reading on this awesome blog 😀

  • Hi Atish,

    A great post by Nirmala, this is all what the beginners need to get started.

    I think, post formatting in Google+ makes it more interesting and eye-catching. So far, I’ve used bold, italic, strike-through and bullets in Google+ post (using specific Google+ markups). And these amazingly increased the post conversation.

    Moreover, using images, links and hashtags can also improves the post efficiency. I persoanlly believe Google+ is a must for internet marketer. Just some proper strategies can make impressive results.

    • Hi Abrar,

      Thanks your adding your comment 🙂

      Yeah, I had Google Plus beginners in mind while crafting the post. Good to know that have been using post formatting feature in Google Plus which lets you to deeply engage with your followers. Well said! You’re right, Google Plus presence is more essential for internet marketers. Keep showing your presence here to grab innovating tech, blogging and social media stuff 🙂

  • Hi Nirmala ma’am,

    What an amazing guide. This should actually be an e-book. You have covered almost all the aspects of Google+. And to be honest I love Google+ more than any other social media platform.

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing post ma’am. I am bookmarking it. 🙂

    I have seriously nothing to add to the list.

    Rohan Chaubey.

    • Ahh..Thank you so much for your kind praising words Rohan 🙂

      Yes, I’m planning to write an eBook by interlinking the concepts of blogging and social media. Like you, I love Google Plus the most than other social networks and hence trying to use its awesome features in an effective way.

      Glad you’ve bookmarked my guest post, hope you’ll be starting to use some amazing Google Plus tools to gain more exposure 🙂

  • Nirmala this is an awesome post by you regarding making use of Google Plus for business. If advertisers and internet marketing managers will read this post of yours, then they will definitely give more importance to Google Plus. This guide is going to help newbies in understanding the importance of Google Plus and how to make use of it in the best way.

    • Yes Mohit!!! My ultimate goal is to provoke everyone to use Google plus and to reap its benefits. Some people seem mad in getting wide Facebook presence and even I came across few bloggers who promote their blog posts in 50+ FB groups. This awful activity would irritate other users. As you said, having upright Google Plus visibility is crucial for digital marketers.

      Thanks for attaching your positive comment, keep visiting here 🙂

  • Nirmala,Thanks for posting valuable article, I drive traffic through Google plus using communities, circles, etc. I will follow your above guidelines to boost traffic.

  • Thanks Asem for following my instructions on Google Plus. Good to know that are driving traffic through Google Plus communities & Circles. Share valuable data, follow influential people and engage with their posts to get great online visiblity. Stay tuned here to learn more useful info 🙂

  • Hello Nirma !

    I have always tried to convince myself that Google plus is one of the best social community to share your content as a blogger and a place to get more customers for your business. Like you said, it is all about connecting with the right people that could make this possible..

    • Hello Simon,

      Thanks for sharing your opinion and adding me on your G+ Circle 🙂

      Yea, Google Plus is the best social community to network with like-minded people and customers. I’d say that it is the easiest way to create brand awareness and hence following the right people is more essential to grab its advantages.

  • What a guide to Google plus! Superb NS! I did not know the photo editing facility till now. All the tools you have mentioned are very useful and some of them are new to me that I intend to try them out. Keep blogging. Cheers.

    • Hi Badri sir,

      You’re the great inspiration for my blogging path. I feel happy with your appreciation, means a lot 🙂

      I’m really glad that you came to know the photo editing feature of Google Plus through my guest post and I’m sure that you’ll love this feature, just try it once.

      Utilizing some tools for Google Plus would enrich our experience and we could understand the Google Plus, our followers & competitors in a better way. Cheers my post invoked you to try these awesome tools.

      Many thanks for taking time to leave your views and share the post 🙂

  • This post is for everyone who is novice and don’t know about Google+ and also who are still using it. Personally, I loved the Idea of Hangouts, one can easily communicate with the people present in their circle.

    Here in the post you left the poll feature that Google+ have just introduced. And Google is adding more features in the coming time so wait for more good to you.

    • Hi Aditya,
      I’m agreeing with your views on Google Plus and yes, poll is an awesome feature in it. Thanks for mentioning about this exciting feature of Google Plus, we can widely use it to gather opinions from our followers. I too love “Hangouts” which can be utilized to establish a good connection with our visitors/clients.

      Cheers with your valuable comment, it is truly appreciated 🙂

  • Google Plus’s becoming the best place to drive real Google Searches to your blogs. Apart from that, using Google Plus improves your personality and reputation in various online ventures in which you are currently engaged. You’ve described everything nicely in the post. It will encourages many people to use Google Plus more effectively! Thanks for the share! Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree with your first point Jayden, because there is no proof that Google plus drives organic traffic to our blogs. I’ve specified some study show that the Google plus’s +1 has more influence on SEO and thus the more no. of +1s for your content could help your pages to hold high rank in Google search results and it is either be true or false. But following influential Google Plus users would help us to progress our visibility and reputation as you said.

      Thanks for getting time to read my post, I feel good with your praising words. I’ve crafted this post to inspire the people to use Google Plus and understand its benefits. Have a great week 🙂

  • Hi Nirmala Mam,
    I first time read your article. Thanks for sharing this article here. most of the things I learn first time with the help of your guest post. I am also using google+ to share my blog post. It plays a very important role to boost traffic on your blog as you describe each and every feature in a good understanding way.


    • Hello Naveen,

      First I’d appreciate your keenness in checking my post, thanks 🙂

      Glad you have learnt useful things from it. But, keep it in mind, sharing only your blog posts would not let you to gain more exposure. You should add dynamic followers, share useful stuff for them, make use of some Google Plus tools to get involved, engage with your followers by taking part in discussion and connect with experts by mentioning them in your blog post & sharing their posts on your Circles.

      Yes, making use of Google Plus features is really an art and they can be efficiently used to increase the blog traffic. Keep showing your presence here to advance your knowledge 🙂

  • If you wanna get good credibility, don’t ignore Google Plus. Its features are splendid which would let us to create a memorable brand name for our business/blog. Start using Google Plus by adding active followers and sharing beneficial information for them.

    Thanks for your kind appreciation, keep coming to this blog to learn innovative stuff Ogiti 🙂

  • Hi Nirmala,

    I have been using Google Plus for long time, but in all honesty, most of what you shared here in this post about G+ I never tried or even notice them.

    Though, apart from sharing my articles on the platform, I haven’t spend time engaging like I use to do on Facebook and a bit on twitter. The tools you shared here are really awesome, it shows you’re indeed a Google Plus active user.

    Thanks for educating, it’s really a useful post…I have many things to tried out after reading.

  • Shamsudeen,

    Not only you, most of the bloggers and internet marketers are doing the same mistake ‘Just sharing the blog posts/business info’. Adding active people to your circles, engaging with them through comments, sharing their data on your network, connecting with famous personalities related to your niche, understating Google Plus with the help of some awesome tools and much more activities should be performed on this vibrant social network. If you do so, you’ll recognize its benefits.

    Yes, I’m an avid user of Google Plus and thus expanding my presence and getting loyal G+ followers. Thanks a lot for getting time to read my post, I’d would appreciate your efforts in trying out the Google Plus features. Stay tuned here to grab a lot of beneficial stuff 🙂

  • Hi Nirmala,
    Such a huge and long post about Google Plus, i am using it from last six months, but don’t know all the details like you, by reading this article l learned about Data Liberation and pin features of Google Plus, this article definitely help people to increase their brand visibility, thank you very much for sharing such a good article.

  • Hi Siddaiah,

    I’d like to say “Thanks” for your praising words 🙂

    Cheers, you’re now familiar with the two useful features of Google Plus. Yeah, it is more likely to build a brand name through Google Plus, if we promptly utilize its features and tools.

    Thanks again for showing interest in reading my guest post and commenting as well. Keep following the tips which I’ve listed in the post to enrich your visibility. You may often visit here to grab some useful data.

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