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Gmail’s New Look

Wow! I just changed the look of my Gmail Account & I am already in love with it. Just now when I logged on to Gmail, I found the option to switch on to the Gmail’s new look. This option was on the Left Hand Side, Bottom of the page.

It has got amazing new HD themes & even the toolbar is looking nice. Its new search box seems very friendly. I hope you all will enjoy this new look of Gmail. Do post your views about the Gmail’s new look. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • I got mine yesterday! I love it too. I also love the new themes that they have. I usually don’t like change but this change was really great.

  • Oh my.. I thought the new look was ok yesterday.. but I wasn’t “sure” about the way the messages are displayed. The more I check my email, the more I can’t stand it! I have a HUGE monitor, and I still can’t see but a few messages at a time. I’m used to being able to see, at a glance, at least half a days worth of mail. Now I am just seeing a couple of hours worth, and it’s annoying to have to scroll and scroll to take it all in.

    In other words, the spacing is too far apart and the font is too big- maybe if I was blind as a bat (which I am with my glasses OFF but not on lol) I’d appreciate it but, I don’t even want to go into email anymore.

    Now I’m probably a minority in that I have that much activity in my mail box but, it’s a part of my business. I think I will end up redirecting email out of gmail now and into my squirrel mail address for my website. Oh well, such is life! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh thats sad but I think in the new interface you can decrease the display size. You can see a button on the upper right corner just click there and see there are options to choose other sizes too.

  • I never even noticed the button until I read this post. I agree, much better.

    Thanks for posting

  • The new look is pretty sleek. I heard that the google design team is headed by a former apple designer. You can see the influence in the way their interfaces look.

    • Hi Sarah, it means a lot for you to comment here on this post. You are welcome. BTW: Concerning the feedback for the new look, some percentage of people are complaining of one thing which I know you can correct before the official release, which is HIGH BANDWIDTH CONSUMPTION. Think of people in other part of the world where their internet connection is very slow, that means they will face a lot of challenges before they can access the gmail – which we know is the number one fastest loading mailing clients ever.

      Olawale Daniel

  • I personaly hate the new look. I can’t read my email nearly as easily as I … on second though, I just can’t read my email. I have to switch to a boring solid color theme to see my text, and even then I am annoyed by buttons with random symbols instead of easy to understand words. The button placement is worse now that it’s above the ad bar rather than nice and close to the top of your email thread.

    There is way too much wasted space on the screen now, even in the “compact” density mode. The new conversation style emails are harder to read in my opinion, though this probably won’t bother me much because I’ll get too tired of scrolling in my inbox looking for my mesages to read them.

    The new look is more than just a problem of aestetics, it’s a readability and usability problem. There is nothing to section off different areas of the page. It’s nice to see pretty background, but if that’s all I wanted to do, I would look at my pretty background of my desktop, in Win7 it even transitions magically to a new one every so often. BUT when I want to read my mail, I want an interface that will let me clearly SEE the information on the screen and not waste my pixels.

      • I wish the old format was not temporary. I agree with Jeff completely. The interface looks like a child designed it or is made for someone working at a fast food joint.

        If this is what google is putting out all the mail will be redirected to another service a PITA but better than me being disgusted to check my email. For me, google failed miserably on the new email. Typically, I am good with changes in the tech world.

        Oh well, we get what they give us, either get used to it or pick something new.

        • @ John: Its not that way. In this 21st century of competition, Consumer is the King! ๐Ÿ™‚ You being the user of Gmail, you have all the rights to give suggestions to the Gmail team. Do send your feedback to Gmails developing team.

          Also check all the above comments on this post, Gmailโ€™s community manager, Sarah Price, has commented on our post. And a discussion is going on here too. Do post your feedback as a reply to Sarahโ€™s comment.

    • I agree with all of what you are saying, Jeff. What are they trying to do to something that was this great? It makes me want to trash my whole account and then spend another 3 years looking for a good e-mail handler like I initially did when finding g-mail. Why, why, why do they have to change a good thing? I use this gmail account for my main job and one personal rental business. I tried the new look and could barely do anything at all with my e-mail. and… I have been a computer systems expert and programmer for 30 years. The usability and speed of handling e-mail when from great to that it just plain sucks and I feel like chucking my laptop out of the window once again. It would be easier to get a job wrestling alligators!

    • @ Rijin: do send you feedback to the Google team.

      Also check all the above comments on this post, Gmailโ€™s community manager, Sarah Price, has commented on our post. And a discussion is going on here too. Do post your feedback as a reply to Sarahโ€™s comment.

  • I agree with Jeff, the new Gmail look is just awful! All new look haters please make sure you report your comments to Google Team, you can do this while reverting to the old look.

    • Yea actually.. you can send a feedback to the team if you are not pleased with any of the features.

      Also check all the above comments on this post, Gmail’s community manager, Sarah Price, has commented on our post. And a discussion is going on here too. Do post your feedback as a reply to Sarah’s comment.

  • Great news from u…… Nice to here more updates from u. here gmail community manager also interacted with ur post… Looks awesome…..

  • Thanks for your giving nice information on g-mail account. I have an account in g-mail. I enjoyed myself with g-mail account.I really like to see the g-mail’s new look.

  • I totally agree with Jeff and John, the new look of gmail is a disaster, pure fail. too big, ugly buttons (especially that compose one), too cozy even in compact mode. It is not user friendly at all. I am using ms outlook. It is something what I call efficient. The new gmail is the opposite, worse than any of the competitors.

    I have tried to get used to it for 3 days, but I can’t accept it and it is pathetic that i just can switch back tem-po-ra-ri-ly to the old look. A survey to the users would be useful I think. And of course show us the results if you dare ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I have always quietly admired a lot of things about Google and loved my Gmail until the new Gmail look was rolled out. I have made a few attempts at liking the new look, tried all seetings and themes, but had to revert to the old look: the new look makes me naucious (the way one would feel wearing someone else’s prescription glasses). Seriously. Looks clumsy, sloppy and just tasteless. Won’t be surprised if millions of users find themselves looking elsewhere. I’d hate to leave Gmail, but the new look made me think and look at my options. Please rethink/thing again.

  • I’m not very impress with the new look especially those buttons above the emails (Archive, Report spam, Delete), those icons look cheap to me and the themes don’t look as good as the old version’s. Maybe I’m just not used to the new layout. Anyway, when time goes by…., I think I’ll get used to it.

  • Guys Gmails community manager, Sarah Price is following this post.. so do comment here your views about Gmails new look..

    also send your feedback to Gmail team..!!

  • Thats great look. I am just loving the new design. But the problem is I became used to with old design. i think It will take time to get used to of this new look.

  • I don’t like the new version of gmail. Aesthetically, it looks horrible; the bars have gotten fatter and everything looks weird. Also, the symbols annoy me because now I have trouble finding the buttons for things. Some people say the new functions are worth it, but I don’t really think so; the old ones made sense to me and the small changes I’ve seen don’t offset the obvious horrors of the aesthetics. There should be an opt out option because I-and a lot of people I know- prefer the old one.

  • Amazing! How did you manage to get all the people in the world who actually “love the new look” to read this one blog?

    “Clean & streamlined”, “cool”? Oh, come on, own up, you’re the designers, aren’t you?

  • I think Eyestrain hit the nail on the head.. You all are the designers. Nobody likes this incredible pile of fail that Google is foisting on us. The old look is โ€œClean & Streamlinedโ€, the old look is โ€œcoolโ€. The new look is hard to read and completely unintuitive.

    The little icons are dumb. I read words, not pictures. All the white space gives me a headache. I could go on, but there is no point because nobody listens anyway. There were thousands of complaints on the google forums, but they’ve all been deleted, humm.

    The only option Google is providing is to switch to another provider.

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