16 Questions To Ask Google Assistant For Hilarious Replies
On September 20th, 2016 means just 2 days ago, Google launched its feature pack chat messenger Google Allo which may or may not compete well with WhatsApp which is already very popular and well-branded messenger app. WhatsApp is very popular and giving it a tough competition can be a tough task for Google but let’s… (22 comments)

Protect your Google account with USB Stick
Passwords are not safe now. You may be thinking that you have a 2-step authentication process and your account is safe. But, think again. Is it really safe? Google has come up with a new gadget to save your accounts and make them more secure. How does it works? First of all, you will have… (4 comments)

Google Announces the Features of Google Messenger!
Search giant, Google Inc is allegedly in the process of making its own messaging app to compete the trendy message app, WhatsApp. It is being announced that the company is in the earlier stages of the app development and likely to be launched by next year (2015). 🙂 There is no official announcement about the… (11 comments)

Google Authorship Eliminated from Google Search Results
OMG! Have You Heard? Google Authorship Eliminated from Google Search Results! Today, Google proclaimed that it has eliminated Google Authorship from the search results. To be precise, the search engine has dropped all the authorship functionalities from the search results and webmaster tools. The Google Authorship experiment has finally ended giving the final result that everyone… (14 comments)