Moller’s Flying Cars
Mollers Flying cars includes Skycars, Autovolantor, M600 LAMV etc. Potentials of Moller flying car Some of the great potentials of Moller flying car are:- Easy to fly. Vertical take-off and landing capability. Flying can be controlled modestly. Power to weight ratio is favourable. Airframes and engines are safe and environment friendly.    Easily operated by… (9 comments)

Top 10 Indian Women in IT
Technology sector has been a hub for men, for most of its actual existence. This has eventually and slowly changed. The old long story that Technology sector of the economy is ruled by men is now a myth.  The scenario has changed a lot since the last two decades.  More of technologically sound and intellectual… (29 comments)

Sara Haider – Software Engineer at Twitter
A month back we have posted an article about 5 most famous female computer programmers named as:- Sara Haider Jade Raymond Amanda Wixted Tracy Chou Corrine Yu We have already described about Jade Raymond, Corrine Yu and the very first female programmer Ada Lovelace separately. Today I am describing about Sara Haider. Sara Haider is… (17 comments)

Stevie Case – The Video Game Superwoman
Any and every discussion on video games at large is likely to direct each one of us to one and only one name, which is none other than Stevana Case who is now popularly referred to as Stevie Case. She has been recognized as a distinguished personality in the gaming industry all thanks to the… (10 comments)