How to Nail Microsoft 70-761 Exam?
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Certification is acquired through passing a total of six exams. Microsoft 70-761 is the first exam in this list and is counted as a credit for this certificate. The target audience for this exam primarily includes database administrators, developers, and software engineers. T-SQL is a data language. This exam will help… (0 comment)

10 Ways to Compare IaaS Providers
Choosing an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider can be a daunting task. One way you can simplify shopping and ensure you end up with the right provider is to compare your options. Try these six ways to look at services side by side and find the best solution for your business. Prices and Pricing… (0 comment)

What is Geofencing and How Does it Work?
Have you ever been walking around in a neighborhood and a location-based alert pops up on your device? If you have had such an experience or a related one, you are witnessing geofencing. Geofencing is “the use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographical boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when… (1 comment)

7 Best Credit Cards in India to Choose From
Credit cards have become one of the most important things when running our day-to-day activities. From online shopping for cloth, shoe, and other personal items to making business transactions, credit cards have become the go-to payment option. The recent affinity for credit cards is borne out of its ease of use, among other benefits. As… (3 comments)