API Testing Tools: Reasons Why You Should Invest in Them
Application Programming Interfaces have become crucial elements for software development. So, it is essential that developers and programmers regularly perform API tests. By testing APIs, you can determine whether each one meets expectations for functionality, performance, reliability, and security. You can then easily identify any issues and fix them. Unlike GUI tests, API testing does… (0 comment)

Why PC Parts Will Be a Lot More Expensive in the Future?
The prices of PC parts have been very volatile over the past few months. COVID-19 halted the production of some parts like SSDs and GPUs, which caused the prices for these components to go up. Once production returned to normal, the market wasn’t absorbing the available supplies as quickly as it used to. There is… (0 comment)

What is “WebGL hit a snag”? How to fix?
In this article we are going to talk about WebGL hit a snag virus. It is actually not a virus but an error but it so annoying that many people call it a virus The full form of WebGL is the ‘web graphics library’. WebGL is used in web applications and is a graphics API,… (0 comment)

Why You Should Repair Broken Tech Instead of Buying New?
Nothing lasts forever, tech included. Whether you drop your gadget, spill water on it, or it gives in to wear and tear, your electronics will eventually need some replacement or repair. Deciding on whether to fix or replace your tech can be a pretty tough decision. The big question is, should you buy a new… (0 comment)