What is CRM and Why It is Important?
Business is all about managing the customers and having a good relationship with them. The term may be self-explanatory, but most of us may not be aware of what exactly what it stands for. Let us check out what exactly CRM is and why it is so important in your plans for an enhanced customer… (1 comment)

10 Startups Utilizing Blockchain Technology in New Ways
Startups in the cryptocurrency world are exploring new ways of creating impact in the world. The last few years have been characterized by various applications of crypto technology in the financial world. As technology grows though, experts have realized that technology has the potential for many other industries. The following are 10 startups that are… (1 comment)

Do You Need an Embedded BI Solution
When it comes to analytics and business intelligence, there are several drastic changes that are happening over the years. People improve, and they are now getting faster internet connections. Nowadays, consumers expect that they can have everything available at the snap of the fingertips. Many companies develop powerful BI tools to cater the constant thirst… (0 comment)

What is App Advertising and How Does it work?
In 2017, over $101 billion was spent globally on mobile ads. This huge figure was more than five times the amount spent on the same mobile ads five years earlier. With billions of mobile devices in the world, this figure is expected to keep increasing in the coming years. What does this imply? The mobile… (1 comment)