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20 Best Bumble Pick Up Lines That actually Work

Bumble is a social app which has an objective to help one find the perfect match for themselves. The app on the play store has more than 10 million downloads and an average rating of 3.7 from more than 170,000 users.

With quite a lot of people searching for their perfect match on the social media site, it becomes complicated for one to make it click and one wrong move can spoil a great match and reduce it to ideally nothing.

And anyway, one needs to remember the fact that “First Impression is the Last Impression”. When you are searching for your love interest, how can you possibly do away with the first impression? Pick-up lines. Yes, pick-up lines are the perfect solution to your needs. Well, now you need to make sure that you have a few Bumble pick up lines that work! So, here we list a few for you and you can believe us on this, cause we did use them on a few people over time!

20 Best Bumble Pick Up Lines

  1. “Does This Mean We Are Getting Engaged?”

Cheeky right? Well, this can be an excellent ice breaker and can help you have a shot to start by shredding the awkwardness. Also, make sure you have something equally cheeky to follow!

  1. “You Sure Your Friends Don’t Call You Summer? Well, You Are Too Hot To Handle!”

Made you blush? Well, just imagine if you compliment someone on those lines, how easy the way forward maybe!

  1. “What Super Powers Would You Like To Have?”

Accept it, every person have had some wish sometimes in life to have one superpower, and when one discloses it, you don’t only know the answer to the question, but you do also know how exactly the man thinks.

  1. “Your pet is as gorgeous as you are!”

Make sure that the person has a pet in the bumble picture though. We all know how close we are to our pets, and this would help you get a sudden affinity from the person you just did bumble! Enjoy the attention!

  1. “First things First: Italian or Chinese?”

If you are a foodie and you are looking for nobody other than a foodie, then this would work wonders for you. Yes!

  1. Let’s get on a date only if you promise to bring along your hotness!

Tricky, cheesy and funky at the same time hmm? You open up to the best possibilities. If the answer is no, you have broken the ice, and then this can be a joke. If you get a yes, enjoy the date mate!

  1. “On a Scale Of 1 To 10, I would Mark You Angelina Jolie, When It Comes To Beauty”

I don’t think you would need a better pick up line! This bumble pick-up line would do the trick for you.

  1. I bought waterproof lipstick. You wanna help me test them?

Naughty and tempting. Got the nudge, right?

  1. I just forgot my pick up line! You still seem Hot!

He must have driven you crazy! This would work exactly the way you want the opener to be like.

  1. You would wash the dishes, and I would get the bed done after we get married. Deal?

Too bold? Well, if you are sure about him, then why not give him the clear hint and later laugh it off?

  1. How can you be so cute that you don’t need a pick-up line to be praised?

Again a great ice breaker. Would help you connect and allow you to know each other in the best possible way.

  1. Truth or Dare?

No matter what he replies, you get a chance to know more about the person! Possibly the most critical reason why you are here.

  1. We can date unless you did kill someone with your hotness.

How about that now? Makes you feel the urge? Things would not have been better, and you would not have had a better bumble pick-up line.

  1. Swiping left was not an option with that DP!

Cute and straightforward pick-up line, which can easily win over a man. You pamper him and yet not be direct with it. What would have been better?

  1. Can you tell me some of your hobbies apart from being that charming?

You know what you just did, don’t you? Then go ahead and wait for his texts!

  1. Do you have AC in your room? You are gonna melt me down!

Simple, cute yet naughty. Probably the best way to explain the bumble pick up line.

  1. My theory says we would be perfect together? Let’s meet for the practicals?

You might have meant a way lot more than what you said, but we are so sure of the fact that the one on the receiving end should have appreciated your pick up lines at least ones.

  1. Hey! Do you have a HotMale account? You deserve one!

Another in the hot club! A little flaunt at the male ego, and you let him in the clan!

  1. Where are we meeting this weekend?

Cheeky again! Wait for the reply! It might just sweep you away!

  1. I hate that I came across your profile. I don’t find any other guy on Bumble attractive anymore!

What can I say? Try it out, and we assure you that if you don’t get a response on this, then it’s not you but the guy who has a problem.

Bumble can be fun. It ought to be. But then to make sure you have someone to enjoy it to the fullest, you need to make your first move brilliantly. The bumble pick up lines here are not random ones. They have been tested and sent to several users to understand their responses, before listing them out here. But yes, we would like to ask you to please make sure that you choose the bumble pick up lines very carefully cause it can be a very critical decision of your entire bumble game.

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