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10 Best Movies Like The Last Song

Movies are beautiful reflections of reality. It’s all in the hands of the story, director, artist, BGM and designers, who make us live the moment, along with them. There are a lot of movies, out of which a very few of them relate so much to us and our lives. Though some have a sad ending, it would definitely be pragmatic. Such practical pictures that bind to reality are the ones that etch our life and memories. There are times when you imagined yourself as a character in the movie. There are other times when you feel the essence of the story all of a sudden and start weeping or you feel happy or good for the character. So much impact does movies leave on you. One such amazing movie is The Last Song. 

From a book to a movie, The Last Song took its shape as a beautiful picture for the audience. The emotional bond of the movie is really top-notch. With emotional brilliance brimming in the movie, The Last Song is a must-watch movie. A lot of movies like The Last Song connect very fast to the viewers.

What’s so Good About The Last Song?

We have all tapped our feet to The Climb, Party in the USA in the fabulous voice of Cyrus. Seeing her on the screen in The Last Song is yet another beautifulness of the movie. Cyrus plays the role of Veronica Rollie, an unruly kid at the age of 17. She and her brother are sent to live with her separated father. She, at the beginning, has no big affection towards him. But, as the story progresses, she falls in love with Will and unearths the truth. After knowing the truth, she stays there for her father and helps him complete his song. The strained relationship between the father and daughter gets better by their common passion, Music. But, as always, all good things come to an end in a very short period of time, their time of being together also comes to an end, and hence it’s called The Last Song.

Movies similar to The Last Song, help us understand the mistakes in our life, help to rectify them, too. Here is a list of movies that help in making yourself better! 

A Few Movies Like The Last Song

We always require love and compassion to live on this planet. Yes, our choices are not always right and it needn’t be right, either. An external force is required for a stand of self-realisation. Movies are the driving force. Especially, movies related to The Last Song imbue ranges of values in you. Here is the list of amazing movies that you have to watch!

  1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower   
  2. The fault in our Stars
  3. P.S I love you 
  4. All the Bright Places
  5. A Walk to Remember
  6. Five feet apart
  7. Stuck in Love
  8. Keith 
  9. Mary and Max
  10. The Notebook

  1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower 

Born from the book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is an amazing film that motivates people to move on from mental health issues and accept new things in life. Connecting emotionally to the audience is not a cake-eating task. Being shackled is suffering, especially, restrained from being oneself and slaved to sexual abuse, is the biggest trauma one could ever have. Revolving around healing with some restricted romance here and there The Perks of Being a Wallflower shows the importance of love and affection to a victim of abuse. With the past haunting both the protagonists, they share warmth and affection to each other. Movies related to The Last Song always convey deep and strong emotions.

  1. The fault in our Stars

Again, born from the words of John Green, The Fault in our Stars is a beautiful, tragic movie that is the epitome of crude love and affection. The couple suffering from a disorder, striving to live the rest of their life to the fullest by holding each other is something that is adorable about the movie. Hazel grace and Augustus have literally robbed many hearts and minds. We are sure, they will rob yours too. The way they hold on to each other and help each other check their wish list is a heartwarming tale. Never miss out on movies related to The Last Song like this.

  1. P.S I love you

The best movie that teaches you to hold on, to let go, and to live in somebody’s absence. Death can never be accepted easily. Especially, the permanent absence of someone who is really close to you? You must have been there! Sorry for you. Life isn’t still. You have moved on, pat your back! But, how you moved on matters the most. P.S I love you is a great fable that makes you learn to move on and learn the strength in beautifying somebody’s absence. Movies similar to The Last Song tell you, the pain of death and the suffering that it can cause, not just this, but to spread love and kindness to ease off their pain. Popcorn ain’t must to watch this, but you require a tissue packet

  1. All the Bright Places

Wonderful packed in one hour and 15 minutes! All the Bright Places, an amazing reflection of how much love is important for everybody, especially, for the ones who long for it. Violet, the female lead of the movie, couldn’t accept the loss of her sister, and surfers from so many emotional hurdles. Living a life without remembering their past scars was a little difficult for them, individually, but together, they created moments and memories that made them feel better. But movies related to The Last Song, signifies, all the good things end very soon, and so does the life of Finch, the male lead. Yet, Violet discovers and realizes those special moments and cherishes them! Forget not to add this to your list. 

  1. A Walk to Remember

Based on a true story, this is a splendid movie that pulls down all the tears you got. A Walk to Remember is a very emotional movie built upon two characters, Landon and Jamie. Landon, an unruly guy in his school, is pushed to receive the aid of Jamie for his academia. In the course of time, he falls in love with Jamie, but she discloses about her illness after her first date. They get married but they don’t get to live long together. Landon joins a medical school in the memoir of Jamie and is miserable as she didn’t encounter a miracle in her life. One of the best movies like The Last Song, is A Walk to Remember. 

  1. Five Feet Apart

Yet another heartwarming and deplorable tale is Five Feet Apart. Suffering from the same illness, the male and female protagonists fall in love with each other. Being aware of the ill consequences, they try to embrace the feeling towards each other. Stella, the female lead, is on her feet to live her life by her choice. Getting lucky, she gets a lung transplant after much reluctance. He convinces her to take the lung transplant and fulfills her wish to see the lights. He brought them for her. He sets up the lights for her, hands her a notebook of drawings that confess his love for her. Then, he leaves her and walks away from her. 

  1. Stuck in Love

Pain can be expressed in words. The greatest example of this is in the movie, Stuck in Love. The father is a writer and raises both his son and daughter to write out their pain. He has been writing about his pain as a writer. His wife left him for another guy. Nonetheless, when their children start learning about life, they write and publish novels. Slowly does their mother knows and get back to them, finally. Movies related to The Last Song talk more about reality and are based upon practical situations. 

  1. Keith

Movies similar to The Last Song, make us realise not everything is permanent. Birth and death are impending and the loss of a loved one is a disaster. Life in their absence is not easy to accept. Meanwhile, we never know who’s counting their last days. Keith is a movie that describes this suffering.  The movie conveys deep and realistic messages. Never miss watching this with a kerchief.

  1. The Best of Me

If love for a person was a video or a picture, watch The Best of Me! Love is not just being together, it’s about sacrifices and a lot. It is the ability to grow and evolve, individually and together. Dawson goes to the greatest of length for his surrogate father and the love of his life. Though they don’t get married to each other, the love between them is still evergreen. Yet again, when she comes down for Dawson leaving her life behind, it doesn’t work the way we expect. Watch The Best of Me to find out what happens!

  1. The Notebook

Such a noble story is, The Notebook. Given birth to the book, The Notebook, conveys beautiful emotion about love. The couple gets reunited after a very long time and after so many hurdles. At the end, they are found dead together! What’s better than dying together with your partner? Movies similar to The Last Song make us cry out our hearts and eyes. Some movies leave such an impact that you can never forget the characters or the storyline. Sometimes, knowing about the tragedy, we might watch it more than once.

Watch them all soon!

Having known about the best movies like The Last Song, why wait? Grab your tissue packet and sit in front of your screen. Experience the depth and emotion of love! Love at its purest form.

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