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Mark Zuckerberg – The Man of Success

Dreams can become reality for many of us but there is a man on this planet that made his passion an addiction for all of us and hence Mark Zuckerberg evolved as one of the exceptional talents of all time. The man is none other than the creator of a large social networking website that millions of people join every hour every day known by “Facebook”.

Mark Zuckerberg was a student in Harvard College studying computer science & psychology when he along with his college roomies and other friends established “Facebook”, the greatest invention to have happened in the form of a social networking website. Initially the Facebook service was limited to its founders but then afterwards it was expanded to other colleges and now to the point where there are over 1 billion active users using Facebook every month as per the statistics of September 2012 which has increased by 26% over last year.

As per the data gathered by consumer survey 2011, there are 7.5 million youngsters below 13 years of age and 5 million below 10 years of age that are using Facebook. There is a swarm of daily active users 584 million in number nearly and 604 million mobile active users using Facebook on an average as of 30th September, 2012. Mark Zuckerberg simply started a revolution by founding Facebook that was even termed as an intention to revolutionize the whole web by many.  

While what everyone thought was a miracle is actually what Mark Zuckerberg considered cool. He and his college friends wanted to create a hub where people could stay connected with friends; family, closed groups etc. easily. Mark never planned to lead the whole internet into his direction, but that’s exactly what “the man of success” did and achieved back in 2004.

Mark Zuckerberg in his non-descript t-shirt sitting at his non-descript desk runs a gigantic worldwide empire with the world’s largest population after china and India. He owns the company where there a number of computer engineers and employees working tirelessly including him, where they are proud enough to call themselves as hackers.

The walls of the organization is a big home to the word “Hack” where there are numerous hackers working and writing program codes into the night incorporating a lot of competition among themselves. Mark Zuckerberg however mentions it himself that he feels the word “hacker” is a huge compliment for an engineer, it just means to build something very quickly.

Let’s say in one night you just sit down and you start churning out a lot of codes and you have a product ready for you. Well the man of success may just say anything interesting and that could become a tip for many budding programmers of today. All the Facebook engineers including Mark himself stay up all night and they build things, well success surely comes after a lot of hard work! You got to burn your midnight oil if you wish to be on the highest glory of success, passion will fuel your aim like Mark Zuckerberg.

Amidst the great boom that Mark created by Facebook, other things also took place. Whether they were the insider trading allegations on mark or the alleged privacy invasion accusations, which Facebook faced. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Facebook has been so popular ever since that it just brushed aside everything and remained on top. Facebook and Google were also in a collision as stated by many sources over the issue how people find things in both the two that is “Search”.

Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook a knack for all of us, for people from all walks of life. Before Facebook, we could access only publicly available information but after its invention people get personal opinions about everything on web which has been the passion driven success formula for Mark Zuckerberg ever since.

No matter what the controversies say but the truth is that Mark Zuckerberg has done something which makes him success driven, truly the “man of success”.

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  • Hello Mohit,

    Great share! But I would love you to write a review on the movie about Facebook. Also, would love to see the link posted as “Don’t Miss…” as well.

    • hi John
      Thanks a lot for the appraisal. I’m too looking forward to write on “The social Network” movie, it’ll be interesting and for that “don’t miss link”, I’m waiting for the opportunity dear 🙂

  • Very interesting and great to know about the owner of the Facebook. Yes, he is a genius n talented guy, coz almost turned the whole world to his website. Very neatly written by the new member of techTricksworld….Thanks for sharing and am glad reading here.

  • Facebook addiction exist in teenage and also in ages people. Everything has pros and also cons. As we all know access of everything is bad. So, we must not be addicted to anything.

  • Hi Mohit, Atish

    Mark at that time was very well aware of what was missing and wherein Google was not laying emphasis on. He tried to plugin that. His idea really clicked.

    Thanks for sharing this info.


    • hi Sapna

      we’re honored to hear that we have ardent readers and admirers like you who pay attention to the detail in our work. 🙂 thanks a lot 🙂

  • Mark Zuckerberg is really a man of success he almost changed the world of networking and connecting. Facebook is really useful and It’s Mark who helped thousands even millions of people grow their business through Facebook (At least the credit goes to Mark).

    I have been hearing that Facebook is gonna finish in March 2013 from people, but I’m not sure If It’s true or just fake news tough.

    Thanks for sharing an inspiring story Mohit.

    • hi Ehsan Ullah

      yes, Mark is truly genius, an inspirational epitome of a person to lookup to.

      I’m glad that you like the post 🙂

  • i am very inspired by mark zakarbag i watched the movie social networking that is based on markzakarberg thanks for sharing..

  • without a doubt, very successful and my favorite college dropout :D.. his a great inspiration for all young students today and most probably everyone dreams to become like him.

  • Definitely a man of success and I just read how much he has donated to charity. Amazing! I think he really had a vision for Facebook and went with it and worked very hard with little sleep in those earlier years of Facebook.

  • hi,
    Interesting and intelligent to know about the owner of the Facebook. Yes, he is a genius n Great guy


  • Facebook Hackathon has been the dream for most of the developers. The person who painted the walls of Facebook has even got a share from Facebook. No other competitors are really here to challenge Facebook, and Facebook doesn’t bother for the competition too. It keeps on growing from strength to strength.

  • The name Mark Zuckerberg is truly a genius name. He has changed the whole dimensions of social networking killing the likes of hi5, yahoo and several others.

  • Hi Mohit,
    I bet Microsoft and Lotus (now IBM) are wondering why they didn’t give away their products that do exactly the same as Facebook technically, but were sold to business as a client server collaboration system? Not, more likely think Zuckerman has spoiled their market. Having been involved with this where my company built the same tech in 1998 for business where a sale could be $1m a pop to a large corporation, Zuckerman saw if he gave it away publicly and then grew to the 100s of millions of customers at some point it could be sold. So a very different business model “waiting game” that Google pulled off and I guess Twitter will to. The fact the technology is old as far as use in the business corporate area, begs the question “If our corporations thought about the worker as a person who also uses tech personally, rather than as a worker, would we benefit more from this technology in the public domain?”

  • I guess I’m one of the few people that hasn’t watched The Social Network yet. I really need to see his success story in the form of a movie, soon.

  • Hi Mohit and Atish

    Couldn’t agree more with the comments on Mark. When I caught the Social network, it really put his story into perspective – the man is an absolute genius.

    The idea of social networking is evolving with businesses now moving towards what is called ‘social business networking’ with the likes of Salesforce Chatter and IBM Connections coming into play.

  • It’s almost ridiculous how successful Mark Zuckeberg is. Not even Steve Jobs or Bill Gates had the honor of having a movie made from their stories(although a Steve Jobs biography might be in the works).

  • I truly agree whatever Mohit says in his post. Mark has a tremendous internal power. He is a God gifted I must say. Whatever he is achieved in his life till now I will salute for this.

  • A very good posting. This will give us a nice inspiration not to give up easily when we have a dream. All of us have a dream and an ambition to reach. That is why we live. Thank you for sharing this quite useful information.

  • Well no doubt he is genius. I have heard that SUCCESS COMES IN CHUNKS but here the success came in the form of the whole APPLE PIE 😀
    Its success is magnificent and magnanimous.

  • Hello sir, I am a big fan of ZUCK and I truely admire his success rate.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Glad to find this info from you.

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