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10 Ways on Creating a Social Media Video

Nowadays, people like to use social media to spread the word about any promotion they have. In their promotion post, they always put videos to get some interactions. These videos are easy to make with some basic video tools. The following are 10 ways on how to create a social media video.

10 Ways on Creating a Social Media Video

  1. Write a Script

First, you need to write a script for the video. The script should cover all the topics that you want to discuss in the video. You can write a word for word script instead if you have no confidence that you can keep on talking based on the points you jot down. It is best to use a short sentence that is easy to understand in your script.

  1. Straight to the Point

Social media video must be straight to the point because people will just be scrolling down fast on their browser when going through the posts. This means you should avoid wasting time talking about things that are not the main message in the beginning. Instead, the video should have a provocative beginning, for example, you can open the video with a personal and straightforward question. Directly after asking the question, you can assure them that watching your video can provide them with the answer. The script should be focused on the opening statement. Before uploading, always playback your video and check if you make any uhms and aahs in your speech. You can use the trim tool in the online video editor to delete the unnecessary parts in your speech. Click here to learn more about it.

  1. Create a Storyboard

After you have prepared the script, you can plan out the storyboard of the video. When creating a storyboard, you must ask yourself the materials that you need, such as stock photo, animation graphic and animated captions. Creating a storyboard will help to map out what content you need to include in the video. 

  1. Go Soundless for Mobile Viewers

You can optimize your social media video by removing the sound. On Instagram, there is the option to turn off the sound in the video by tapping on the volume icon. However, on other social media platforms like Twitter. Therefore, make sure you use a video editor to mute the audio before uploading.

  1. Get a Good Microphone

However, if you decide to include voiceover, make sure you use a good quality microphone. The quality of the sound can affect the quality of your entire video. If you are recording with a DSLR camera, you can buy a microphone that you can plugin directly. If your camera doesn’t have a microphone port, you can do the voiceover afterwards on an audio recording program.

  1. Display Subtitles in Video

You should add subtitles, which are text scripts on the words that the actors are talking in the video. Most of the major social media use English as the main language. So, if your video has actors that speak a foreign language, you should put subtitles. You can also put subtitles on a long movie to help people follow up on what the actors are talking. In YouTube, you can upload your subtitle via the YouTube editor.

Alternatively, you can choose transcribe and auto-sync option to use automatic transcription for the subtitle. You can also add subtitle by using a third-party video editor. If you are adding subtitles with a video editor, make sure the font color and style is simple. White Arial fonts work best for subtitles in the video. Other font styles that are readable include Heveltica and Verdana.

  1. Optimize Video for Every Social Media Platform

It is important to optimize the video for different platforms. On Twitter, it is best to keep the video to 45 seconds long. If the video is for Instagram feed, it should be ideally 30 seconds or less. If you are making an Instagram Stories video, it should be at least 15 seconds. Snapchat videos should ideally be 8 – 10 seconds long. As for the video format, vertical video is best for social media like Snapchat and Instagram Stories. However, on Twitter, and YouTube, you should ideally upload landscape video.  For the best results, you should create a custom video for different platforms. 

  1. Add Soothing Music in the Background

In almost every video you play on YouTube, you can hear some nice soothing music in the background. In Instagram, you can add music to your story from the music library. It has song tracks from all three major record labels after Instagram has partnerships with them. To access the music library, you can tap the smiley icon and then tap the music icon. But, if you want to add music to your video on other social media platform, you must use a video editor to add them.

  1. Get Your Viewers to Take Actions by Including Call to Actions

You will want to include a call to actions at the appropriate time in your video. The call to action is telling people to take some sorts of actions like sharing your video on social media, comment on the video, subscribe to your channel or visit your website. The more shared your video content, the higher the views your video will get. Call to action can increase engagement through commenting. Videos with a lot of comments are often popular and pop up on top of the followers feed.

You should not just let people watch your video and then click away. Instead, plan the journey for the viewer’s so that they can take actions that will help your video content to rank. In the meantime, also don’t forget to check your analytic stats and keep track on the number of users that are following your call to action. This allows you to measure the video ROI effectively.

  1. Add Movement to Your Video

Social media video must have some movement to attract the attention of the audience. You can include animation footage to explain what you are talking about in the video. You can go to sites like Adobe Stock and Video Blocks to find stock animated video footage to use in your video. They have a decent collection of footage for subscribers.

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