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The Future of Writing Services: AI, Blockchain, and Beyond

Globally, the essay services market has been growing at a CAGR of 8.9% since 2021. This trend is expected to stay constant up to 2030. Its key driver is an increase in the student population in universities. Online university education has increased the demand for essay writers for hire. The high adoption of technology across the world has significantly impacted demand in the writing sector. It will significantly impact the positive growth of the sector. Technology has availed essay tools that increase quality and the time a writer spends on research. AI and blockchain are the top technologies influencing the writing service sector.  They offer improved security, credibility, and transparency in online paper writing.

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The Rise of AI in Writing Services

The use of AI tools can offer transformative benefits in the academic writing sector. University students order papers and expect quality outcomes based on their course. Professional writers use a variety of AI-powered tools such as:

  • Plagiarism checkers for ensuring the papers are original and meet course standards
  • Grammar checkers that ensures the grammar flow is correct
  • Dictionaries for checking the meaning of complex words
  • Citation generators for creating citations
  • Note-taking apps for recording notes
  • Content creation apps for creating quality content in the shortest time possible

When writing a Ph.D. essay, a student should consider the total words and citations required. The essay should be free from errors, and plagiarism, and based on credible research. It is necessary to read essay samples to understand structure flow and style. On this website here, you can check Phdessay samples on different topics. You can also order various services such as custom writing, editing, and plagiarism check. 

The use of AI in writing offers an academic writer many benefits. They write quality papers that meet the expectations of a teacher. A student can order their essay while on campus and does not need to leave the class. Many other benefits of AI for writing provides.

  • Better efficiency and more completed tasks in a short time
  • Enhanced creativity in writing 
  • Availing essay writing services at a cheaper cost
  • Correct citations and elimination of plagiarism
  • Elimination of errors, risks, and innovations

Although AI is useful in essay writing, it has limitations. It has no creativity skills like humans and cannot generate new ideas. AI relies on sets of training through big data. A human being must program it with instructions to follow. A writer still needs to use his own creativity to come up with new ideas and arguments. 

Blockchain Technology and Its Impact on Writing Services

Blockchain technology is used in the IT, education, financial, and writing sectors. In education, writers can use it to track orders, task distribution, and payments. A student may decide to write a book and use blockchain to track its sales progress online. It boosts transparency and the credibility of the entire essay creation process. 

It provides a decentralized platform where students can conduct secure transactions with writing services. Managers can easily trace who wrote a paper and its quality if a student complains. It helps with the secure and seamless distribution of tasks within the writing services ecosystem. Blockchain in the academic service sector faces both challenges and opportunities. 


  • Setting standardized sets of procedures. Bringing all stakeholders in the sector to agree on standardized procedures is not easy. 
  • Scaling challenges. Blockchain technology is still developing and scaling it is still a challenge.
  • Cybersecurity. There have been data security and privacy concerns. Once data is stored in the public ledger, it is impossible to remove or modify it. Research is dynamic and needs to modify reports from time to time. 


  • Data security: The university administration and students can store their papers securely in the blockchain. They can publish rights to their content both on campus and away, and certain about its security. 
  • Increased productivity: Academic writers can generate more literature for university students. A tutor can reach more learners, and increase lesson quality, and delivery. 
  • Enhanced trust and ease of publishing: Students trust writers more and they can publish their content with ease. They retain intellectual rights to their literature or book even after leaving university.

Beyond AI and blockchain: Emerging technologies in writing services

The education and academic writing sector are major beneficiaries of disruptive technologies. Apart from AI and blockchain, the two sectors use other technologies such as:

  • Augmented reality to immerse students in the writing services environment. In the future, it will help attract more customers and promote brand awareness and interaction.
  • Big data to analyze and understand the latest trends and developments in the education and writing field. It will help track student behavior when interacting with online writers. It will detect patterns and help minimize fraud. 
  • Mobile technology makes it easier to connect and communicate with customers. It will help bring IT technologies closer to the hand of writers. It will make the interaction better and enhance service delivery. 
  • Chatbots offer greater collaboration and communication. They will help automate functions and grow the writing service market significantly. 
  • Natural language processing for translating language when writing an essay, book, or other papers.

These technologies will help make writing services more accessible. It is easier to interact with the services through diverse ways such as telephone calls, AR, chats, and emails. The writing services will be able to respond to communication in real-time. The efficiency of the services in supporting the education sector will improve. 


The recent growth of AI and blockchain have created a lot of research gaps in the research sector. In the education sector, professional essay writers have access to a variety of AI-powered writing tools. Combined with AR, NLP, chatbots, and mobile technologies, professional writers can deliver more quality literature on time. Reliance on technology comes with limitations. The writers might not generate the perfect papers that meet university standards. They still need human input to generate quality academic papers. There are also ethical issues regarding bias, privacy, transparency, and accountability. 

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