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How to Start Making Money on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans has become one of the most promising options as a side hustle. A huge name for adult platforms, it is known for its excellent approach to subscription-based services. With more than 210 million subscribers, and still counting, it is a powerful way to monetize content.

What if you have recently moved on to the OnlyFans platform and looking for the best options for how to start making money on OnlyFans? Let us check out a few excellent proven techniques to earn good money on OnlyFans.

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Making Money on OnlyFans – The Best Proven Techniques to Make Huge Money on OnlyFans

OnlyFans, as we are already aware is a subscription-based platform – specifically catering to adult content. It is similar to a platform like YouTube, where you upload your content and present it to your subscribers. The difference between platforms like YouTube and OnlyFans lies in the fact that OnlyFans creators can charge a subscription charge to their fans.

This subscription model is what makes OnlyFans a platform like Netflix or similar streaming services but at an individual level. We will check out the best means to help you in making good money on OnlyFans.


Subscriptions are the primary source of earning money on OnlyFans. This is what provides you the prime means of earning good money and that is what creators and fans come to OnlyFans. The subscription charges range between $4.99 to $49.99 per month per subscriber.

To make sure that you are earning a good earning on OnlyFans through a subscription, you need to create fresh content. Another excellent option that can offer a decent experience would include offering behind the scene videos, live streams, digital downloads, and more.

You can also run promotional discounts on subscriptions from time to time to ensure more fans come to your platform.

Direct messages

The Direct Messages are another means to earn money on OnlyFans. You can charge fans for any direct message that they send you. You can set a price for your direct messages to up to $100. Well, that would be the amount if you are a popular content creator.

Direct messages can be an excellent option to go with if you are an expert in your field. You should have specialized knowledge so that people should be willing to come to you. Direct Messages can be an excellent way to earn a decent money for you.


Yet another excellent method that can be helpful in making money on OnlyFans is to earn through tips. Your fans can tip you for your individual posts, direct messages, live streams, and even your complete profile.

OnlyFans creators can also set the specific tip goals for any of your specific posts. In fact, you can reward your fans with any additional content if they reach your goal. You can set a minimum tip of $3. You can even create a tip menu for different content on your profile.

Tipping can be an excellent way to earn some decent income with no specific need to create any specific content. You can set your tips menu for custom content and share the content desired by your fans.

Pay-per-view content

You can also create specific content behind a paywall. This content is apart from content covered by the subscription fees. This is referred to as PPV (Pay-Per-View) content. The PPV content also consists of special photos and videos that your subscribers can buy at an extra cost.

This will include creating curated content that needs special attention. You can create premium content and set a price, and your subscribers will be ready to pay a price to access it.

Promo shoutouts

Promo shoutouts refer to the promotional messages that you share on your profile. It is akin to the sponsored content that websites and magazines publish for a fee. You can stipulate a fee and offer the shoutouts on your profile.

This should be the best option if you have a large fan following and wish to help people to promote their accounts, products, or services.

These apart, you can also opt for other options to earn money which include offering live streams, joining a referral program, promoting affiliate products, selling merchandise and other digital products, and paid posts.

Making Money on OnlyFans With AI – How to Do It?

Before you can move ahead to find the best ways to make money on OnlyFans with AI, it should be noted that OnlyFans has a strict policy against the use of AI to create sexually explicit content. It is advisable to use your own creation for creating content on OnlyFans.

While many creators use AI to create their models and captivating content. However, these creators use high-end techniques and will need a lot of expertise in creating content using AI. If you lack extensive experience in creating such content, we advise you to stay away from the AI hype.

However, you can use AI for several other purposes to help you make your content stand out. Some of the best ways to create OnlyFans content using AI can include:

  • Use AI to create captivating content.
  • You can use AI to get your content ideas that can help you create content in tune with your fans and their liking.
  • It can help you create the best Tips menu
  • AI can help you create compelling bios for your OnlyFans profile.

Making Money on OnlyFans As a Guy – Is OnlyFans Good For a Male Creator?

Well, sexually explicit content is typically created by female creators and such content has more value and is ensured to get more traction. But, is it possible to make money as a guy? Well, yes – there are a few good ways that you can make money as a guy.

It may be noticed that around 2 out of 10 OnlyFans creators are male, but that need not dishearten you. Making money on OnlyFans as a male is not difficult. There are a few areas in which you can make money as a male creator. You can create content without showing your face if you are concerned with privacy. 

Some of the ways you can make money as a male include:

Fitness content

Fitness and getting in shape sells. You can create a profile that sells fitness videos and other content revolving around getting in shape. Showcasing visible abs and chiseled jawlines can be an excellent option to make money on OnlyFans. Fitness has been rated to be one of the best non-NSFW content on OnlyFans.


Gaming can be another excellent niche for the guys to make money as a male. The niche has a powerful and strong audience. You can create content that revolves around gaming content, walkthroughs, or reviews.


This is another bet niche for the male OnlyFans creators. You can share your daily routines, productivity tips, or travel adventures.

Adult content

OnlyFans is primarily about adult content. Even when there is not much adult content that may click, you can perhaps give it a try. A few of the best options you can try would include BDSM, Fetish content, Gay or Bisexual content, and erotic audio.

How Much Money Can You Make on OnlyFans?

Now that we are discussing the best ways to make money on OnlyFans, it should be practical to understand and find out how much money can you make on OnlyFans.

Content creators on OnlyFans can earn around $500 to $1,000+ a month. In fact, there are more than 100 creators who make at least $1 million on the OnlyFans platform.

Do remember that OnlyFans lets you keep 80% of your earnings, while it takes 20% for itself. It says that it gets around 12% of the amount after spending the rest on maintaining the site and processing the content.

Closing Thoughts

OnlyFans offers several means to help you make money. If you are wondering how you can make money on OnlyFans, the tips, and ideas shared above should give you an idea of how to create good content and earn a decent income. The key to making money on OnlyFans lies in being proactive and getting creative as you move ahead.

Make sure to put a great strategy in place. In fact, work with it as if you were working on a business module. That should give you a great experience in taking your OnlyFans account to a great height.

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