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How to Make Your Emails More Clickable?

If you want to be heard in the industry, having a well-targeted email list is a must. Building a great email list is not an easy task; it takes years to build a better list. Someone once told me you don’t get subscribers; you earn them and That’s quite true.

Similarly, when your subscribers open your email, they trust you and your email campaign wins. But, for the majority of bloggers and even some established ones, the problem is not how to get subscribers, but how to get their emails clicked by them?

Thinking about this problem, here I have come up with a post in which you will learn how to get your emails clicked by your subscribers. It simply means that by reading this post you will learn to make your emails more clickable. So here we go:


Here I am sharing the checklist which must be done in order to make your emails more clickable:

Test your email before serving them onto your readers’ plate

They say first impression is the last impression, I say, for emails; every bad impression is the last impression. If your reader finds an email obtrusive, poorly designed, or short of the promise it makes in the headline, the readers will never open the future emails or may even unsubscribe. [Read why people unsubscribe from your blog?]

It is therefore advisable to have great email design and cool looking graphics that ensure your emails are opened upright the next time you send them.

Be a person, not a company or an automated emailing robot

Many times we make a mistake and think that sending an email as if from a company will make it look powerful, but the truth is people love emails from friends and not corporate. Hubspot conducted several split tests and came to a conclusion that says changing the sender’s name from a company official to real names increased the click-through rates of email by 3%.

You can also run a split test by actually sending half of your audience with one format and others a second format to see what works for you.

Hack the preview test of your emails to your benefit

You will be surprised but this one thing alone can enhance your email click-through rates like never before. Your email preview text is the line that appears just after the subject line of your email message. It is mostly of 50 characters or less. Most people forget to edit it in their newsletter service and therefore Gmail (or any other email client), pulls of data from the email body.

You can actually use this preview text to create a call to action, to create a sense of urgency and much more so that your subscriber will be forced to open your email.

Create a sense of urgency

We all get tons of emails in our inbox daily. Emails from colleagues, emails from coupons and shopping sites, and emails from online jobs and money-making sites we never subscribed to. Do we open all emails; certainly no.

So, which are the emails that are supposed to get more clicks? 

We generally tend to be more attracted to email newsletters that demand action from us. Or those that have a preview text that emits some sense of urgency.

Here are some examples of emails that demand emergency action and get a maximum response:

  1. John Doe: Uh-ho your prescription is expiring.

This line creates a sense of urgency and tempts the email reader to open it.

  1. Mari: Your daily dose is getting stale.

This is time-sensitive and the reader thinks she has been not updated with the latest daily dose and should read it before it is stale.

Use time-sensitive emails

We are all taught to do things that need priority. Using time-sensitive emails will make your audience that they have no time to open this email at a later date, they should click it now.

Suppose you send an email that reads, “Last chance” or “offer ending this weekend” your subscribers are more likely to open that email.

Sometimes, an easy and moderate line like “limited time offer” or “Special off only for you” might make the email more personalized. This is one key email marketing strategy that most successful brands use.

Keep brief, keep to the point

One of the major factors in getting your email picked up and read it its precise body. The more the text you write the more the chances of losing your point.

Moreover, most readers are busy and can’t wait long for you to come to the point. That’s why email newsletters are sometimes called your marketing ad copy.

Keep it short and precise!

When your readers get your point with short and up to the mark lines they will also most likely click on the links you provided and other stuff you intended them to do.

Give users the option of reading your email there way- either in plain text or in HTML

Did you know some email clients still won’t support HTML rich emails? When your subscriber opens up your email from a non-java based mobile browser like opera mini, they will not get your rich HTML the way you wanted them to.

When you are sending emails, in order to get high open rates, you should not ignore any reader. It is better to give them the option to choose from what they like to read.

If you are having some sort of tracking URLs like the UTM tracking etc., be careful not to leave the links as it is. Long URLs often are considered spammy and the readers might be scared to open them.

You can shorten your email URLs using URL shorteners like bit.ly or goo.gl.

Use call to action buttons

Most email marketing software has specially designed call to action buttons. You should include at least one call to action button at the end of your email hinting the reader what she/he is intended to do after the email.

Your call to action button should also include an “alt text” as we do for images in out blog posts. This will ensure your subscribers see a text in case the call to action images doesn’t load.

TIP: You can use Vertical Response’s free CTA button generator to create a personalized button.

Don’t overwhelm your readers with too many social sharing buttons

Word of mouth and social sharing are two things that can effectively boost your email marketing campaign.

For social sharing, you should definitely add social sharing buttons to your email template. But here, don’t add 32 social buttons, use three or four to the maximum.

If you are confused, do split tests. Send some emails with a set of social sharing buttons and then send another set with other social sharing buttons.

You will then know which social site is mostly used by your audience.

You can also use a survey form to ask what elements and social buttons your readers want to see. This procedure can do wonders because the readers get what they want.

Do not put all your readers in one basket

If you are running a multi-niche blog or deal with products related to more than one group of people then read this mindfully.

All your audiences might not have the same priority and interests. Some readers might like the motivational posts of your blog while others may be hardcore techies.

Some of your readers might be women interested in lifestyle while others might be social media marketing guys.

If you send the same gossip or luxury emails to hardcore techie subscribers; they will unsubscribe you.

Hubspot Inc does an excellent job here. When subscribing to the blog, they ask you if you want to subscribe to the marketing newsletter, or to the sales newsletter. In their offers pages, they also survey your position and industry in order to future provide you with related and relevant emails.

So you can personalize the subscription option and give your readers exactly what they want. This surely going to boost the number of clicks.

Express that your readers want you and not the other way around

Many times, sending many personalized and cheesy emails might make your audience think you need them.

Thought this is sometimes good but not always. You should learn to make your emails appear in a way that it is only meant for the profit of your readers.

One nice hack by Ana Hoffman is that she places here unsubscribe link right at the top. This shows she is not after you read her email.

Psychologically, readers think if she is not afraid to lose us, her email might be substance and read it mindfully.

Make it easy for your readers to share the heck out of your email

You can use readymade sharing templates like clickable links within your email newsletter so that it becomes easy and the reader is not worried. You can use free tweet generators like “click to tweet” in order to get your links and text tweeted the way you want them to be.

An “email to” link is very beneficial in order to make your email reach more people and hence more click through rates.

Use power words

Certain words always create a powerful impact on the reader. These words may be positive and negative. As an email marketer, you should use power words in your email subject, email body, and call to action.

Words like these are always meant to get your emails clicked:

  1. Hurry
  2. Best
  3. Fabulous

And buying words like:

  1. Only (use for money or cost-related things like $500 only.)
  2. Cheap
  3. Discount
  4. Freebie etc.

In case you want more there are 80 power words to help you write a better email newsletter for lowering bounce rates.

Avoid using spam words

Email clients like Gmail are nowadays highly spammed and so they have strict spam detection algorithms set. Sometimes, even our reasonable letters might land in the readers’ spam box and might be a major setback for email click through rates.

To avoid using spam words don’t include or use synonyms of words like Loss (often used by weight loss niche people to spam inboxes), Donate (no flourishing business asks clients to donate, do you?), words in capital, etc.

Here is a huge resource of spammy words that would otherwise land your email in your reader’s spam box.

Offer incentives but don’t bribe

Who doesn’t like freebies, we all do. But, what about a company that always offers something inside the email but the body still fails to add value.

Once in awhile offering something is okay but offering cheap gifts or discounts may not always make the reader feel loved.

They can smell something fishy and might start looking at why you are so generous.

Talk as a friend but don’t forget your brand’s voice.

All email newsletters should sound friendly and not corporate. The reader should not at all feel overwhelmed at your technical wordings.

In order to get high open rates for emails, you have to make the reader feel ease. Then you can talk business and the reader will feel you are at a dinner table.

But, in an attempt to become a friend, don’t mess with your brand image. If your brand is authoritative, speak as it should be. If your brand is funny to make the email fun, but don’t crack below the belt jokes.

Strengthening Your Email Marketing for B2B

Business to business (B2B) refers to partnerships, business connections, or dealings with other businesses of companies. Email marketing is a vital tool in developing effective B2B marketing strategies to help you realize your goals. 

Creating B2B strategies is a combination of great content, proper email delivery, and not neglecting the technical aspects of email marketing. If you want a B2B strategy to be successful, proper communication through sending high-quality emails is crucial.

Take a look at these ways to improve your email marketing for your B2B strategy:

  • Content Strategy: Make your content is readable – it should be easy to understand or comprehend. One way to make your content readable is by using headings and subheadings to avoid straining the eyes.
  • Write the personalized email as much as possible, but written professionally because your B2B emails will be sent to CEOs, their employees, and other business professionals. 
  • Authenticate Your Domain: Improve the delivery rate of your emails to companies and organizations through domain authentication. It’ll prevent your emails from going straight to their spam folder and increase the open rate of emails. 
  • Choose the Right Email delivery Service: When it comes to Email Service Providers (EPS), you have plenty of options. Take some time to research and choose the best ESP that can deliver your email requirements. 
  • Good Graphic Design: In the digital age, more than the content, everything else is all about aesthetics. Graphic design has a significant impact on your sales and marketing. Just make sure you know the graphic design trends to keep your graphic designs in your email up-to-date, unique, and effective, such as your business logo. 

Incorporate good graphic design in your email as much as you do on your website to make it more appealing and enticing to readers. 

Over to you

These were the most overlooked but very essential tips for getting high click-through rates for your email. If you want to make your emails more clickable, just keep close to these email marketing techniques and I am sure you will reduce bounce rates for every email sent. Meanwhile, what are your tricks to make your emails more clickable? Do let our readers know your tricks by writing them in the comments.

About the author

Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you with unique, well-researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging. He has in-depth knowledge of computers and tech as he pursued computer science.


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  • Informative post Atish Bro.
    I don’t know why my emails are not clicked by readers.
    But after reading this post I found my mistakes.
    Thanks for this post. Going to implement your tips on my blog email marketing.

    • Hey Hamim,

      I am happy that you have found this post useful.

      Keep visiting to my blog and keep getting such stuff.

      Thank you.

  • Hi Atish,

    Informative post indeed 🙂

    Your post title pulled me right here, and you are right in all that you mentioned. Getting subscribers perhaps isn’t the tough part – it’s keeping them and making them click or open your emails.

    All of your points are spot on, and I think what’s most important is to put yourself in the shoes of others and give your readers just what you’d like to receive in your emails, that’s the best way I test and try things myself.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      Welcome back to my blog again.

      Thank you so much for reading and liking my post. If you understand what your readers want, you are good to go.


  • Hello bro,
    awesome post and an epic guide for anyone who wants to have his email marketing in full pace.
    I loved the sense of urgency tip. Lol its like kicking in the ass of a lazy reader to open up the email or he loses a deal.
    All I think is till you provide value and the right type of content across the list, there will be hardly anyone who will not open your emails.

    Thanks for the wonderful post bro.

    Have a happy week ahead. 🙂

    • Hello Swadhin,

      Thank you for coming by. Understanding your readers’ needs is the best thing you can do. If you send what they love to read then click rate will surely boost up.


  • Hi Atish,

    We need to have a good way to have an open rate on our emails and you have provided valuable information here.
    In a time where we all have email overload, we do have to stand out from the crowd. The objective is to have a killer headline that raises curiosity for people to click.

    I love the power words you mentioned. We do have to be careful about words because the bots can put us into the spam box. I’ve learned that using exclamation points does that. Also the word money. So we do have to think very carefully about those few words we have to get people to click.

    As for the content, yes, make it short and valuable. Always think of who is on our list and what they need. If we have a few lists, we have to segment them and not put them in one pool of emails. Once we do, we can easily have them organized and focused to the list at hand.

    All your suggestions are so helpful. Email is still going strong and the more we can learn, the better!

    Thanks so much!


    • Hello Donna,

      Your comment has added more value to the post. I am glad to have readers like you who always support by tweeting, reading, commenting, sharing everywhere.

      Yes, when you are doing email marketing you have to be very careful as well because your one mistake can cost you loss of many subscribers.

      Using good powerful words helps a lot.

      Thanks Donna. Keep coming to my blog.

  • Atish,

    This is wonderful guide to have the successful email marketing campaign. I’ve bookmarked it for future use.

    Because, I’m not taking a single effort to grow my subscribers. In simple words, I’m not taking care of them. I know its a great mistake, but I’d blame my limited time to blog for this happening.

    Few month back, I tried myself with Mailchimp free version to send mails for my readers but I struggled to do the customization properly. As a result, blank mails was sent to the subscribers and thus some people unsubscribed from my blog 🙁

    I didn’t try again! But, with the help of some tutorials or how to guides, will set up a good email newsletter service soon and will consider the good stuff which you’ve mentioned in the post to make the emails clickable.

    Amazing write-up in a precise format, thanks for sharing your knowledge, Keep doing it!

    Have a wonderful week ahead 🙂

    • Hi Nirmala,

      Glad you liked the post and bookmarked it as well. Thanks for all the social shares you have done. appreciate it!

      See, there is no place of excuses if you want to achieve success everywhere. Mailchimp is very simple to integrate, just need to spend a little time to customize.

      Good luck and I am sure you will choose some great email marketing software. Don’t forget to use opt-in boxes because they are important.


      • Atish,

        You always guide me to lead a proper path and thus I’m here. Or else, I might be somewhere without any identity.

        Agree with you that the excuses should not made if we seek success. Sure, will myself by spending time to customize a good email marketing software.

        I don’t know what is “Opt-in boxes”, but will consider that while fixing.

        Thanks for replying with care, means a lot!

        • Opt in boxes are those which usually added to the site to gather emails. On this blog, I have used SumoMe(opt in boxes) and integrated it with Mailchimp.

  • Hi atish bro,
    This is my first visit to your blog as well as first comment,To be frank this post is mind-blowing.I could understand all the points with ease where I couldn’t at some other blogs,You’ve explained the stuff very well.Your post helps me to take my email marketing to the next level. 😉 🙂
    Looking forward for more from you

  • Hey Atish!

    Great post and a great collection of points..for me the ones which connected were be the person on the other end to make the approach more human and create a sense of urgency 🙂

    These if used intelligently can result in good clicks indeed! Thanks for sharing..


  • Atish this post is definitely going to be helpful for many bloggers as by doing proper email-marketing one can definitely make more money online. According to me, while sending an email to blog readers one should try to be as personal as possible and at the same time one should keep it short and precise. Your tips are definitely going to make some people write their emails in the best way. More clicks may definitely result in better conversion and it may definitely make some people earn more money online. Keep providing such type of amazing tips regularly.

    • Mohit,

      Personalizing the emailers ca be great. Thanks for the input. And everyone likes short and simple things!

      Keep coming bro.

  • Hi Atish,

    Great tips. I have recently started using Mailchimp for my Newsletter service and this post was very helpful.

    Very good point mentioned about not putting all the readers in one basket. This is very important for a multi-niche blog. You will not want to upset your readers with things they are not interested in.

    A short an sweet email does the job brilliantly. You just need to focus on the important points and keep the email precise.

    Thanks for the handy post. Have a good week ahead!

    • Thank you Arpit for visiting my blog. Yes, shorter email with attractive words and sentence can do great.

      keep visiting!

  • hi Atish,

    I want to implements these methods to increase my email campaign.

    thanks for your post …

  • Sharing is caring. Now that`s what I can say is quite helpful information you have shared. I was thinking how to improve email clicks and Now I understand where to work and how to get most of it. Thanks you for sharing such detailed information.

  • Hello Atish,
    I’ve been looking for ways to improve my email campaigns.
    Split testing is what i’ m trying next!

    Great Advice.

  • I think we have think on the readers point of view. As you have mentioned here, the better way of connecting with a reader is to have a friendly approach. However, currently i’m going through some of the articles on your blog and now i’m sure that i will visit your website again. Thanks for the advise.

  • Great tips, Atish.

    Personalization, time sensitive offers, great design and catchy titles, are all pieces of a big puzzle.
    All the points you mentioned are useful to increase the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign.

    At the end, it’s all about giving great content to your subscribers.

    Thanks for the share, mate.
    Have a good rest of this week.

    • Hey Erik,

      I am happy that you liked the post! Yes, personalization is always good and as you said at the end what works is great content.

      Hope you are enjoying your weekends.

  • Hi Atish

    One of the most comprehensive posts I ever read on the topic.

    A few of the tips you mentioned did show your direct experience with handling this issue as no one can understand them without getting exposure to them.

    Yes offering a lot of things-to-do either they are benefits of different buying options may confuse the readers. So the offer should be simple and focused.

    The main task is to make the receiver open an email and for that the biggest space is the subject line that should be free from confusion, ambiguity and over-optimization. Yes, spam words and restricted words as you pointed out in the post should also be not part of it.

    Yes, if your subject line has a promise it must be very viable promise and not like plucking the stars from the sky type of lofty promise.

    I appreciate your doing extensive research and sharing this all-inclusive post on the topic.

    Do keep sharing more fully blended with your sound blogging experience and expertise.

    • Hello Mi Muba sir,

      I am happy to see you here reading my post and taking time to comment. Subject line, freebies, CTA these are the things which can tempt users to click on your email.

      Thank so much for coming by Sir.

  • Wonderful tips,

    I’ve been thinking to start an email campaign soon and i guess these tips are really helpful for my campaign.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Awesome post. Point number 3 is pure gold. Although our company sends hundreds of thousand emails in a month never though about optimizing that part.

  • My favorite (and often overlooked) hack is the preview you mentioned, Atish. Most people don’t realize how important that first line is.

    Even though my email previews will show my “feel free to unsubscribe” line, as you mentioned in your post (thanks so much for the shout, by the way!), I do use it for branding to reinforce TrafficGenerationCafe.com brand name (that’s the first thing my subscribers – and you, Atish! – see when previewing my emails.

    Another one of my favorite – sending out a personal emails to new subscribers. Don’t always have the time, but do try to do it as much as I can; it’s powerful!

    • Yes, I can understand this Ana.

      Personal emails are good way to build a healthy relationship with your subscriber. Thanks for the visit Ana.

  • Hello Atish, Very well written & great post. It can be very helpful guide to make an effective email marketing campaign. We should consider some points before sending email-
    1. Segment subscribers based on their behaviour, age & locations.
    2. Use an eye catchy & informative subject line, no spammy words.
    3. Write relevant, useful & engaging content
    4. Add clear & actionable calls to action (CTA)
    5. Add social media channels in your email
    6. Before sending email make sure you send a preview yourself

  • Broadcast your messages so that you can deliver surefire messages to the new subscribers. Make sure to write friendly subject lines instead of using corporate writing tone to get more open rates.

    And last but not least, personalization is the key to get more click through rates. Use their names while sending emails. Great insights btw!

    • Yes, Subject lines are greatly important and it should attention grabbing. Using name is a great idea Anil.

  • Hello Atish,

    Nice tips for email marketing. we should have to keep in mind this all point at the time of email marketing. One thing I really want to tell you that your blog is very informative, technology tips, designs Contents are also good. i am new blogger and recently visited your blog.
    definitely your tips may help us.

    Thanks for sharing ..!! keep sharing.. 🙂

  • Very often I send email to user, because personally I do not like to see much more promotional email. Statistics after sending email- 20% page views increased, 1% user reply on email (not bad?). I have 40% returning user on website. Your email sending checklist are great. Thanks Atish Ranjan!

    • User reply is not that important but the important things are email open rate and how many come to the website by clicking the link. Thanks for dropping by Firoz.

  • Thanks for sharing..! This is really nice article about Email marketing techniques.

    Well, to build a great list of people who subscribed our mailing is great dial to increase more online sales and our blog income. For reason is that the most of buyers are return visitors, and newsletters are only the tool for call them back to our blog.

    That is great question, “how to make our newsletters as a clickable email?”

    I would agree with you..? the first step and most important is test our email, to make sure that our email is clickable and no error.

    Not all reader have all time available to read your email, thus you have to make sure that you planned it on the right time.

    You know..? The most thing that you said right is that, the newsletters is yours and not companies or robot. I have unsubscribed many newsletters because the sent me a lot product reviewing and not post.

    A lovely tips, thanks for sharing..

    • Yes Kimsea,

      Many time when you subscribe for a blog, they start sending you deals and offers rather than sending you what you actually signed up for.

      Thanks for speaking your word out here.

  • I do the same That You Told About Im getting good response thank you Atish For this Really helpful post kepp posting like this.

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