6 Ways to Kill a Blog in the First 60 Days
It takes years to build a good blog. But it only takes 60 days to ruin something that could have been a good blog. It’s hard to track exactly how long the average blog will last because most unsuccessful blogs aren’t taken down. They’re left live (but not active) out in web space purgatory. However,… (0 comment)

How To Choose The Right Domain Name?
Address is crucial to find someone’s home and to get your home found by others. Similarly, in the world of Internet, websites do have addresses that are generally built of: http:// or http://=> Short for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. www => Short for World Wide Web. It is optional as you can have a website… (130 comments)

The Benefits of Starting Your Own Blog
Blogging has been one of the trending topics in this decade, and it seems to be evolving more than ever. You can see a multitude of different styles of blogging today, including video blogging. Despite the introduction of new types of blogging, the classic Moreover, the classic text-based blogging is still a tried a true… (19 comments)