Why Do I Love Blogging?

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Blogging! Blogging! And Blogging! Every one is blogging now days, even if I tell someone about blogging then they also ask me to teach them how to blog and how to make money with it. They just concern with money making.

I just answer them that its not easy as it seems and also If you start blogging only for money then Possibilities of making money is very less because Blogging is all about interest and passion.

Any way coming to the post Why do I love blogging?

I have a huge list of reasons to love blogging but before listing few important reasons from that huge list I want to let my readers know about this blog. This blog had been started on blogspot.com and later I took it on self hosted domain and from then I have been enjoying blogging. You may find more about the blog on our about us page.

Okay now I am listing here few important reasons Why I love blogging:-

I Have Developed Confidence Because of It

I admit that I was very unconfident when I was not into blogging. Even I had the knowledge but still I was very unconfident. I was not able to explore my views in front of other just because of fear that it might be wrong.

Later I started blogging and gradually it got good rankings and Page Rank etc and Other good bloggers started appreciating me for doing good in blogging, even I got so many emails after My site got PR 4 from 0, in those mails people were asking about how I got high PR so fast and all.

These incidents and appreciations had developed confidence in me and now I don’t hesitate to start anything or putting my views in front of others such as in my office meetings, meetings with clients, participating and exploring my own views in Facebook groups etc.

In short, Blogging gave me the confidence I have now.

I Can Use All of My Skills in It

One of the greatest benefit I feel in blogging that I can use all of my skills in it. Suppose you are an SEO in a private firm then your job will be restricted to the SEO stuffs only but If you are blogging about various topics then you can write about all the topics in which you are good.
Why I do Love Blogging!

I am taking me as example I have knowledge about SEO, Blogging, PC tips, OS tips and other tech stuffs So I can use all of them in blogging by writing about these, It means I can use my all the skills in it. Also Few programming knowledge also helps me while customizing my wordpress themes, I can solve small hosting, html, javascript issues on my own.

I do work for a company also and there I find that my work is limited to SEO stuffs only but blogging gives me a good opportunity to explore all of my skills in it and this is the thing I love the most about the blogging.

Got So Many Online Friends, Followers and Recognition

The third thing is that I had very few friends online when I was not into blogging but as soon as I jumped into blogging I developed a big community around me.

The community is full of skilled bloggers and it helped me learning the whole blogging stuffs. Gradually when I learned so many good things about blogging then I started helping other newbie bloggers, which gave me recognition and many friends & followers.

I would like to mention few good friends I got online:-

Durgesh, Zainil, Amit Shaw, Madhvi Priya, Ileane Smith, Adrienne, Praveen Rajarao, Peter Lee, Saksham talwar, Imran saudagar, Naser, Salman, Olawale Daniel, Sugandha,  Jane Sheeba and many more.

The list is too big.

These guys are really great bloggers and I love to discuss blogging, SEO stuffs with them.

Thank you guys for being an important part my life.

Getting Good Earnings

Blogging is one of the best sources of earning good money.  Its good for me to earn extra money which helps me make my dreams come true.  Apart from my day job, I earn good money from my blogs and its always helpful to earn few extra money.

Simple reason is there that Now days surviving in a metro city like New Delhi, is not so easy and the whole salary getting spend in managing my daily life and My medicines and Injections (as I am a Type 1 Diabetic), It becomes too tough for me to do anything extra with my salary But As I started earning from my blogs I had done so many extra things from these earnings.

One example is My Laptop which I bought In May 2012 and done few more good things for my future.

These are the basic reasons for my love towards blogging but still there are so many other reasons such as it improves writing skills, It gives motivation to go ahead etc.

So what’s your reason? I love to hear from you guys. Please Do share your reasons.

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143 Responses to "Why Do I Love Blogging?"

  1. Priya says:

    Really inspiring article and thanks you shared it. Yes its not that easy to earn but at the same time once the track is set then it is very easy to earn with little efforts in due course and thanks mentioning me :)

  2. Peter Lee says:

    Really nice to know that blogging has changed Atish Ranjan to what he is today. I believe you can even publish a book on that topic if you wanted to huh, buddy? :) The fact that you are having a day time job and yet able to manage both TTW and 2012Onwards with great success really inspire me a lot. Not everyone can manage a blog well with a day time job, let alone managing 2 blogs. Nothing seems to be getting in your way even with the unfortunate of being a type 1 diabetic. You’re really a natural born blogger and I wish you great health and all best!

    • Thanks Peter For you comment. Its too tough to manage blogging with day job but I think if you have the passion for anything then you can do it smoothly.
      By the way, My friend Cum Bro Zainil is there to help me.

  3. This article is really Inspiring me and I really Wish u Good luck and Lots of Success in your life.! and i Thank to God that he bring me in contact with you. and my Blogging Carrier is just started because of you only You are my Idol, My Big Bro,My Sir.. every thing and thanks for being in my Life :) and its such a Pleasure and Honer to have you in my life :) and thank you so much for mention my Name :)
    My Sweet Sir G :)


    That’s good article and the points are very inspiring. i think have learn one or two things. thanks for sharing.

  5. Darshan says:

    I was about to quit blogging last night, because I did not know that there are many ways to build traffic.

  6. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Great post Atish. Blogging came up as a wonder which has changed my whole life, it has made me what I’m known today by people. It’s my passion, and it has provided me fame, money and of course – determination or will power to work hard to become successful. Thanks for sharing this great post Atish. BTW, tell Zainil that he have won our recently hold giveaway, however I have also contacted him via e-mail :).

  7. Andrzej says:

    Hello Ranjan Atish
    An interesting article describing the origins of blog and its development.
    I congratulate perseverance in difficult moments of doubt.
    Never give up in pursuit of the goal.
    The world is full of good people, like You, praise you for this.
    I wish you much happiness and health.

    Greet Andrew from Poland :)

  8. ankit says:

    very nice article and quite inspiring for newbies

  9. Nirmal Kumar Pandit says:

    It is right that most of the people love to post on site. This is craze about the blogging due to that
    I have seen most of the person like it too much and it is a passionate to deal with their readers.

  10. Amit Shaw says:

    Hi Atish

    Thanks for mentioning my name brother. Even i feel good that i got a friend like you. I am really lucky. I too love blogging than anything else :)


  11. rakesh kumar says:

    The point you mentioned here that you can use all your skill in it, is the most appreciable point i think and this is the reason, i do write blog post. Though money is also a great reason.

  12. Richard says:

    thought provoking blog, I’m glad blogging changed your life and you gained new friends through it, hopefully it will have the same effect on myself, good luck for the future

  13. Jack says:

    I love blogging to no limits because I can put out all my emotions, thoughts and ideas in my posts or articles. It is the best way to rejuvenate and get stress free when we write down stuff. Blogging makes me feel independent and gives me a new way to develop and maintain my long lost love for writing.

  14. Neha says:

    Hi Atish,

    No one is so talented like you. I don’t like to write. i always think how bloggers write the post. Its good to have passion about something and getting success trough your passion is just amazing. Keep it up.

  15. Praveen Rajarao says:

    Atish – Nice article and thanks for including me in your list of blogging friends. Does mean a lot to me.

    Yes, blogging is a part of my life too, and I love to put my thoughts out in my blog. It gives a lot of satisfaction and pleasure when you share stuff and others read it and share their opinion on the same. Makes me feel like I have touched another soul.

  16. Thanks a lot for mentioning me Atish. I have lost many of my college friends due to blogging but have gained many good online friends. :)

  17. Vishwjeet says:

    Really awesome article. I like it. Nice work Atish

  18. Adrienne says:

    Look at how many people you’re helping now Atish! Great work and so very happy that you found your way to blogging and aren’t just making those contacts and helping others but actually able to make some extra money from it. That’s what most people aim for with no clue how to even begin. They definitely want to learn from those who are getting good results.

    Thank you for your post and for mentioning me as well. I’m very flattered and it’s been a privilege getting to know you.

    Enjoy your week now.


  19. Great post!
    It is amazing when you start putting down the written word you find out you are more clever and knowledgeable than you gave yourself credit for.
    Besides people actually want to hear what you have to say. I have a friend that before I started blogging we used to go for walks at lunchtime just to get away from the place we both worked at. On those walks we both gave each other as we called it “therapy sessions” so we could go back and cope with our dysfunctional work environment. That I found was inspiring for both of us. I have taken a lot of those thoughts into my blogs.
    You don’t have to have a degree, just life experiences can go a long ways. It is applied knowledge which you can’t just read about in any text book. I would much rather learn from someone who has experienced something than someone who just has theory and never lived it.

  20. Blogging helps us learn a lot of things and gain knowledge on various topics we might write on. It is true that every topic we write on, may or may not be familiar to us but we still choose to write on it out of our personal interest. The research on such topics helps me know more about that particular area of concern.

  21. Hi Atish,

    I have been blogging for over 2 years now. I took it up as a passion only initially. Money started flowing later. It needs a lot of hard work and dedication to become a great blogger. I am learning everyday due to blogging and that itself is a motivating factor for me to continue indulging in it endlessly.

    Sanjib Saha

  22. Bhavesh says:

    thanks for sharing…this post is really inspiring for newbies like me…and i agree with all the point……!!!

  23. Thanks for your sharing, actually,nowdays blog is one of the most important part in our dairly life.We can share everything even with our emotion.BTW,i am very appreciate with all your point.

  24. winty says:

    Glad to hear that blog can bring so many benefits for you. I also think that blog is all about passion and interest. so just insist on your blog post, i know you will get more from it.

  25. Vivek Singh says:

    According to me u r a pro blogger and since we all know that u will get a No. 1 ranking in Blogging in India Soon…:)..

  26. Elena Anne says:

    You’re so right. Follow your interests, use your talents, engage meaningfully with people and make money: a perfect way to earn your living!

  27. Richard says:

    I have just started blogging and have found it very addictive. The more blogs I read the more ideas I gain for my own blogs. I’m not interested in earning money through blogging, just to give advise to others who are interested in the same industry.

  28. Jane says:

    Atish, very nice post! I love blogging because just like you I have gained self confidence. My writing has improved dramatically. I am able to help people whom I have (and never will) met face to face. I have so many virtual bros, sis and friends which is amazing.

    Above all, I am able to develop an authority in a niche – something that have never happened to me in the past :)

  29. sanjay says:

    The first reason the I started a blog was to enhance my english skills, since English was not my first tongue. Now I just keep on posting tutorials and other PS tips as I am enjoying every single minute of it.
    And I love the way that I am learning so much from sharing, and I am forcing myself to learn even more so I can share the great stuff to my readers.

    I think we all agree to that :)

  30. Ubaid says:

    Yes i do love blogging ! and it feels like complete waking up opening my laptop and then thinking something interesting then expressing my self to world ! it feels i love blogging !

  31. Amit Shaw says:

    Hi Atish,

    Blogging has been a passion for me since 3 years.It was a hobby first and became my profession today. A good blogger is the one who devotes ample time to write personally on a topic of global interest and also maintains his blog, consistently. Writing for a blog should be an activity of interest and dedication. Nobody is out there to motivate anyone to write. Motivational factors arise from environment and instincts.


  32. Ajay says:

    At beginning i started my blog for fun and later got addicted to it as the blogging field fascinated me. I kept posting the articles and my readers feedback’s attracted me. Slowly, i improved my self in writing, designing and commenting. Finally, i learnt a lot in my blogging career. So, i love blogging.

  33. Mike Howg says:

    Thanks for the great article. I’m somewhat new at blogging but it’s something that I really am enjoying. Even though I’m not really making any money from it I still like writing and working on my blog.

  34. Edwin says:

    Hey Atish, this is a great article. Everyone knows how hard it is to stay consistent with blogging. I myself have my ups and downs too. What’s also good is the community. You will see others with blogs that get updated with great content and that will drive you to do better.

    Also something many bloggers do to make money aside from putting up ads is to contact companies to review products or do sponsored guest posts. This allows the blogger to get products that he or she really like and the company gets a review. This is a win-win for everyone and works great, especially if you can tie some products to the niche you are blogging about.

    • Yes Blogging is win-win to everyone. I really agree with you as you said when a blogger see other bloggers updating their site then they also get motivated and again start updating his site.

      Thanks Edwin for stopping by. Loved to see you here. Come again.

  35. Ali says:

    Great Post Atish
    I also love blogging to engage myself and surely it is the way to get more popular in the world of internet and making friends.
    Thanks for the post

  36. Valery says:

    I like blogging too! As for me it’s ideal work. You can do what you like, earn money and make new friends. Hope, I’ll reach my goal with blogging. Thanks for good inspiring article!

    Best regards,

  37. Mark Brook says:

    Hey Atish,
    First nice work with this blog / Article you have write yes every one right now trying to do blogging not to get experience in writing or helping every one but for the money I have read some comments here also and I can only say that after your hard work money comes to you by its self so for those who want to make blogs should read this and article and after that they must keep continue with writing.

  38. Md Firdosh says:

    I actually love blogging because i can use my free time to earn my pocket money. I also love money because it build up my confidence level & writing skills.Thanks to the author for sharing this article with us

  39. Chetan Vengurlekar says:

    Can you tell us a few points on how to earn money online except blogging. Tried a few options but were unsuccessful. :(

  40. Vinay says:

    You have started a CULT here Atish, dude in your special way u have touched so may lives and give them a lot of hope. A big thumbs up. I am truly impressed & touched by these comments

  41. Hey Atish,
    I feel sad that you are diabetic person.
    You can control it if you go for a jog daily..
    The things that you mentioned here are great !!
    P.S – you forgot my name in the list :(
    Happy blogging !!

  42. Robert says:

    Yeah, unlike most people think about blogging (a tool to make money), blogging brings more things more than that :) The love, the personal developments as well as other factors

  43. Julius says:

    I remember with happiness when I first fell in love with blogging. Writing with passion is a wonderful thing. And having your work appreciated exponentially intensifies this feeling! Atish, you are among the small percentage of people that really get blogging! Cheers!

  44. Blogging is worth to reach your customers and increase your business usability on Internet. But it should be quality. Just posting content on blog doesn’t work. It should attract users to read entire content. It leads for low bounce rate of your website.

  45. Rohit Bind says:

    Nice article bro.. got to knw about u and ur blogging experience & friends..

  46. Guppu Boss says:

    nice story. Its good to know that you have achieved your ambitions through blogging and making living. In blogging you makes lots of online friends that you can’t even make with chatting

  47. RaviSingh says:

    Great post!
    we are blogging for business, however we should try to put some funny things to post. Quality is needed in blogging because readers/customers will definitely come again on that web site.
    Thanks for sharing great article.

  48. Hi Atish,

    I have more than 50 reasons to support the reason for blogging. Of course, I love it and worship it too. I got into this only for fun at the beginning but got serious after I started understanding its value and the learning involved in it.I started earning my living through blogging and then I decided that this is where I need to grow.I enjoy myself thoroughly in this.


  49. Growing my personal and professional connections as well as sharing knowledge and learning new things – these are some of the most valuable aspects of blogging to me.

  50. Jon says:

    Great post. I, like you, absolutely love blogging. I especially agree that blogging is a great way to use all of your skills and build confidence.

  51. Tharun says:

    Recognition and Earning are of my top priority…Well i guess you’ve already earned them both!
    Great post admin…Long live Bloggers!

  52. Me too Atish, Blogging definitely helped me to improve my confidence and also to connect with like minded people. I am curious to see how many blogs there are online these days. I wish I would have started blogging much sooner though. :)

    • Justin, If you are too curious to know how many blogs are out there then Please don’t think about it. It must be beyond our imagination. every second person do blogging now days.

  53. Aakash says:

    Hello Atish,
    Amazing article! you have done a great research … and the facts and tips are really informative. Blogging really help me to building the confidence and also to connect the brilliant people.

  54. Mark Brook says:

    I am totally agreed with your article Atish Ranjan as in blogging we can achieve and use our all skills as I use my design skills and my experienced. I use blog just for fun or share my day to day experience with this world.

  55. neha says:

    Awesome Post Atish! Really I am impressed with you. Nowdays blog is one of the most important part in our daily life.We can share everything even with our emotion. also think that blog is all about passion and interest. so just insist on your blog post.Well thanks for sharing this information.

  56. Cudjoe says:

    As for me, blogging makes me to express myself and has certainly build my confidence level.
    It makes me feel at ease whiles truly inspiring others.

  57. Nirmala says:

    Nice, neat and inspiration article Atish.. It is very hard to know about your health problem, so please take care. Am a blogger, having blog for beauty, health etc. with low traffic. Suggest some good ideas to increase the traffic and improve those. Thanks for sharing and requesting you to keep writing..

    • Nirmala,

      Thanks for stopping by. I don’t have any regrets about my health issue. I will keep writing in future. Why don’t you sign up in gravatar.com and there you upload your profile image so that whenever you comment on blogs you can see your pic. Currently you have no gravatar. Use the same email id(which you use at the time of commenting) while signing up there in gravatar.

      About Traffic,

      try to write those stuffs which people really want. I suggest you to upgrade to self hosted domain and hosting if you are serious about blogging.


  58. Sue Neal says:

    Hi Atish,

    It’s strange – I’ve got into blogging quite by accident, as a result of exploring internet marketing strategies.

    What’s surprised me is how much I’m enjoying it – I love the interaction with other bloggers through commenting on their posts and getting feedback on my own site. I really feel as if I’m building relationships with people, and learning a huge amount in the process.

    I’m not monetizing my site at the moment and, although I intend to in the long run, the other unexpected benefits and joys of blogging mean I’d probably continue now anyway, for the fun of it, even if I couldn’t make it pay – I’d really miss it!

    Thanks for a great post,


  59. Hey bro,

    It is nothing but a motivation for a newbie and recommendation for busy person. I really appreciate your hard work and how you manage everything along with your diabetes problem.

    it is very hard to hear that a good person like you suffering from that kind of disease. keep patience and confident bro as you are already. God will fix your disease.



  60. Good to know that there are more people who think like me. Who do not blog ONLY for the sake of earning money.
    I will not deny that you need to earn from a blog as well, to be able to break even. But if you blog solely for earning money, you can never give quality content to your readers.
    Great post, Atish!
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted…Top 10 Sexy Butterfly Tattoo Pictures- Butterfly Tattoo MeaningMy Profile

  61. Zapworld says:

    i Also Love Blogging And I Have Got Lots Of ThingS From Blogging and It really Rose a Confidence iN me and I Also Got many online Friends and Followers.I Love Blogging….

  62. sahil m says:

    Atish bhai , you are really gr8 person
    I admire your love towards blogging,
    keep it up bro
    sahil m recently posted…Let the Blogger Speak – Interview with Gopal Tathe from TechGopal.comMy Profile

  63. Carolyn says:

    Hi Atish, You’re right, what a great article! It’s wonderful to just take a moment and appreciate how wonderful blogging is. It really is our platform to tell the world what we think. And if anyone listens and engages, well even better then!

    You’re right, the friends that we make through blogging are amazing. We can really expand our knowledge by learning through fellow bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing your joy with us, Atish!
    Carolyn recently posted…10 Features My iPhone Has that Your Galaxy S3 Doesn’tMy Profile

  64. hans gant says:

    Blogging came up as a wonder which has changed my whole life, it has made me what I’m known today by people. It’s my passion, and it has provided me fame
    hans gant recently posted…Iconia Pc Tablet dengan Windows 8My Profile

  65. john says:

    Hi Atish,

    Interesting Post that why do i love blogging?, Actually i am not professional blogger but still i love alot. because i am fan of mostly blogger. and my favourate blogger is Atish and Zainil. and when i saw atish who is the best blogger till than i am fan of him and i wanna also make success blogger. and i like alot writing so that is why i wanna . well thanks alot atish to inspire me and keep doing well.

  66. Nirmala says:

    I love Blogging, coz it is a great stress reliever for me.

    I enjoy myself while doing blogging and learned lot of remarkable stuffs with it.

    I got some friends and a good mentor (Atish) through blogging :)

    Moreover, I got good exposure in the blogosphere with my colorful blog.

    As you suggested me last year, now am with a self-hosted domain with your guidance and support.

    Thanks for all :)
    Nirmala recently posted…Top Qualities To Become a Successful BloggerMy Profile

  67. John says:

    Waow! a number of quality comments landed on a beautiful post with great quality. I can see your passion towards blogging and if you have passion you can do great which you are already doing. Keep it up.

  68. Hey Atish, Just read your post and it seems blogging gave you a lot and that is why you love it and you should. Nice reasons.

  69. suklambar says:

    Nice article Atish, I learn lots of things from your blog. Thanks for inspiring and keep sharing your blogging experience with us .

  70. Shivkumar says:

    Blogging! Blogging! Blogging!

    Everyone has a reason for blogging. Some do blogging for passion, some do blogging just to try and learn something new technology like Zoomla, WordPress etc,Some do blogging for money.

    Though blogging is not for everyone still they get to learn many things from blog. This is how a blogging helps to each and everyone, even they do it seriously or just to try something new.

    That’s why I love blogging too. Because it just know to give and give and give loads of knowledge. 😀
    Shivkumar recently posted…Does your Android Smartphone says, “You are now a developer?”My Profile

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