11 Best YouTube Tips and Tricks for 2016
YouTube is undoubtedly the best video sharing website where all of us spend a lot of time watching various videos be it movie clips, funny video clips, movie trailers or any other types of videos. We can even create our channel on YouTube, and upload videos. We do have a separate channel with the name… (16 comments)

StickerRide could bring order to the on-vehicle ads industry in the US
StickerRide, a mobile application and on-vehicle advertising channel, has announced plans to venture into the US market starting with the vibrant city of Los Angeles. The entry of StickerRide is seen as a long overdue measure to give the on-vehicle advertisement market the digital update it so urgently required. So what is all this StickerRide… (0 comment)

10 Best Wifi Range Extenders in India
In today’s internet savvy and the social media-oriented world, everything runs on the internet and to keep things in sync; you need a good internet connection all the time. Internet is everywhere in our life. You want to shop; internet is there. You want to talk to your friend; internet is there. You want to… (8 comments)

Pyrus releases an innovative solution to email and message overload challenges
Pyrus’ latest innovation is a blessing to the busy executive who is constantly overwhelmed by endless streams of emails and messages. This latest launch from Pyrus is a team communication tool that will revamp workplace communication and enhance productivity. The app effectively eliminates the need to have different tools for group chat, email messaging, and… (2 comments)

10 Best Skype Tips and Tricks for 2016
Skype is the best tool to make audio calls, video calls and instant messaging. However, there are many other features it offers. When you are on call you can share your computer screen with the person you are on call with by using its Share Screen feature. You can send and receive files easily using… (24 comments)