6 iPhone Fake Text Generator Tools

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Pranking is fun! The fun gets doubled when you prank your friends. Caution: Prank should be mild so that no one gets offended. Surviving in today’s competitive world is not easy, and for that, we all work day and night. That means there is so much pressure of work. In such situation, sometimes making fun of each … [Read more...]

InMotion Hosting – An Awesome Web Host to Work With!

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The website has become the face of the business in this decade. People are tending to search for any business on the internet before making a call to inquire. For a company, it is important to choose a secure hosting online. A dedicated server hosting would be the best choice for any business to live the future … [Read more...]

WhatsDog: Keep An Eye On Your WhatsApp Contacts


With our increasing dependence on gadgets and the internet for communication, instant messengers are becoming more popular with each passing day. Everyone has gadgets like smartphones and Tabs, which can be used for instant messaging using the internet. Instant messaging sure is the easiest way to converse with … [Read more...]

How To Choose The Right Domain Name?

Choose Right Domain Name

Address is crucial to find someone’s home and to get your home found by others. Similarly, in the world of Internet, websites do have addresses that are generally built of: http:// or https://=> Short for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. www => Short for World Wide Web. It is optional as you can have a website … [Read more...]

11 Clothing Design Software for Fashion Designers

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Fashion designing is an emerging field, and its rapid growth is the most unexpected thing in the recent times. You can rely on the weather reports for once but relying on any fashion trend is the toughest nut to crack today. There are times when transparent shirts are in trend and then came the fashion of Lenin … [Read more...]

25 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Movies

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When I was a kid, I was not a fond of movies. I used to watch movies occasionally on TV. But, since I came into the computer field where I have to work for longer hours on my laptop, watching movies has become my hobby as it works like a refresher for my mind. Whenever I feel bored of working, I watch movies to refresh … [Read more...]

12 Good Drawing Programs for PC

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Professional 3D to Pencil-sketching or simple drawing tools or fun with a brush or almost everything related to drawing could be done by the endless good drawing programs that technology has in store for us. We could succeed in developing a masterpiece even out of nothing when you take the aid of the drawing programs … [Read more...]