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What Made Me Write an EBook?

If you have noticed, recently every blogger has started writing an ebook and publishing it on renowned sites like Amazon, Smashwords, Apple etc and allowing their readers to download the ebook for free or very nominal charge. Is every blogger turning out to be an author then? What influenced these wonderful writers to write more than a few hundred words and make a book out of it? Writing an EBook is not an easy task, it always made me wonder how anybody can hold on to an idea or a plot and build a story around it and at the same time, have a suspense created so that the reader is hooked on until the end.

Why Write an eBook?

I am no different than these writers, I too got hooked onto writing an ebook last month after I read some wonderful writing experiences from my blogging friends. But I really did not have any idea what I would write about or why will I even write a book? Who will have the patience to read a book from a writer who is unknown like me? Will anybody give a sparing thought to even glance through it if not read it completely?

That is when I started thinking about the advantages of having a book in your name. What not you can achieve by that? If you are having a blog and have kept on writing unique articles for sometime now, did you also realize that all you have to offer in your blog is your content? If you do not own a product or if you are not a professional in a service industry, there is nothing else you can offer your readers.

Will this still keep them hooked onto your blog? Or will they fade away after a while and follow other established professional bloggers out there? There is no dearth of bloggers in any niche, if not you, there are thousands of others who write articles about the same topics. Maybe even better than you…who is to decide?

When these thoughts cross your mind, that is when I realized that I have to offer my readers something unique which will be in “my name”. That thought made me feel stronger and stronger towards writing an ebook and offering it on my blog. That is the least I could do to keep my readers come back to my site and still get something new from me.

My First eBook Writing Experience

So it was decided, writing an ebook and publishing it was my first priority and I gave up everything else on my plate to concentrate on this task. But immediately after that, I began to wonder what will write about? What can I write for more than couple of hundred words and still manage to keep the reader hooked on?

Blogging has been my second career since more than 2 years and I have cherished every moment of this new found venture of mine. So, why not share what I have been through since i started my blog? That was something I could actually imagine writing about and making a book out of.

Without much delay, I decided on a title – “How To Stop Worrying and Start BLOGGING“. This title was aiming towards those new bloggers and some non-bloggers out there who have not made up their minds to start a blog or have just started and already calling it quits. So, my target audience was fixed, and I came up with the TOC – Table Of Content for my book.

Once the TOC was in place, all I had to do was to write a brief summary about the topic and maybe stretch it to a page or two. The idea worked great, and within a matter of couple of weeks, I had my first 30 page eBook ready to be published!!!

How To Stop Worrying and Start BLOGGING

Publish & Download my eBook

I had already created a profile at Smashwords, which is one of the best publishing sites for new authors, and I had no second thoughts in any other publisher websites. It was one and the only site I had in mind due to the various reviews and recommendations I had read from many first time authors.

I got my cover page designed and my word document formatted as per the publishing guidelines, and there I was, ready to be called an Author!!! Looking back now, it really makes me feel proud of my achievement, my book has given me complete satisfaction in what I wanted to offer my readers, and how it has finally turned out to be.

Once my book was reviewed and published, any reader can easily download my ebook in any format he chooses. Smashwords provides multiple formats of my book and also make it ready to Premium Publishing with major publishers like Barnes & Noble, Sony, Amazon, Apple etc. My ebook has made it’s way to couple of these publishers and it should be available in a matter of days. Below is a screenshot of where my book will be published and when I can expect to download from those sites:


As you can see, my ebook has been shipped to Apple, Diesel and Kobo, with others in the pipeline. However, you do not have to wait to download my ebook anytime you please from Smashwords using the link below:

!Download my eBook!

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Over To You

I would love to hear from you as to what you think about writing an eBook and if you have already read my book, do give me your valuable suggestions for improvement. I am surely planning to get started on another book, and all the suggestions you give will be helpful for making it even better.

Please do leave a comment below and share your thoughts. Thanks for reading and downloading my ebook. Happy Reading!!!!

Note of Thanks

Atish Ranjan is the first person who has downloaded my ebook and given me his feedback. I am very grateful of his expert comments and suggestions as always. He has also published some of my other guest article How To Make Money From Adbeans. Wish to thank him for accepting and publishing my articles here at TTW and I am honored to be part of this awesome tech blog.

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  • Very nice to see your presence here with the complete details of your Ebook Praveen sir!

    Its really fascinating to read about the reason of writing the Ebook and your writing experience.

    Many thanks for sharing these with us 🙂

    Yeah, I already downloaded it n read your whole book, it was nice!

    Also, am really thankful for mentioning my name in your Ebook. Am feeling proud of myself now.

    Congrats sir! Wishing that you should achieve a great blogging success in the near future.

    I never forget to contribute my magical articles for dailymorningcoffee and techivy.

    @ Atish, thanks for sharing this pleasant post in TTW!

    • Nirmala – Your guest post on DMC was a good one, and I had several readers like and share it as well.

      Thanks for all your wishes and glad you liked the book. It is good when a blogger is proud of his or her work, it means we can expect more quality stuff from them. Hope the same from you.

      Your articles are welcome at my sites.

  • Alok – If you are interested, you can see the first 10% preview at Smashwords without having to buy the book.

  • Excellent on publishing your first eBook successfully. I referred to your article, it looks absolutely fantastic.

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