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10 Cs to Write an Unforgettable Blog Post

Do you know, why no one is noticing your each blog post?

Is it not an awesome post? Is it inferior to the posts of other bloggers that are being liked, +1 and re-shared?

Or is it because no one knows you or because your post has some weaknesses? Or it may have a mistake of grammar, wrong information or any technically incorrect ideas.


Surely you need to write a post fully avoiding all such mistakes that may send your post into the hell of loneliness with no any like, click or reshare.

But apart from avoiding common mistakes you equally need to apply all the tips and tricks to create an unforgettable blog post.

Almost all bloggers avoid committing common content writing mistakes. But very few of them put some extra features to create a wonderful post.

Let’s first have a look again at a few common mistakes which you must avoid and make a post free from basic errors:

  • Poor grammar
  • Incorrect spelling and punctuation
  • Difficult language
  • Not focused on the topic
  • Not friendly in tone
  • Having a weak headline
  • Too much lengthy sentences
  • Irrelevant sub-headings
  • Repetition of thoughts
  • etc

All the above mistakes are structural mistakes. One must avoid them to make a post worthy of reading.

How to write an unforgettable blog post?

To create a blog post worthy of appreciation, mention, resharing and bookmarking you need to go a step ahead of just avoiding a few common mistakes as pointed above.

creating great blog post

So these are the ten Cs or you can call them ten commandments to create an unforgettable blog post:

1. Communicate

The art of communication calls for narrating the most complicated things in simple words. This feature reflects the expertise level of the writer of a post.

The ultimate aim of writing a post should be to make people understand a topic which earlier was not described in easy to understand way or it was purely one-sided without coverage of all its other aspects.

So being a blogger you must communicate in as much simple terms as possible. A person with lowest level of IQ and knowledge can understand it without any guidance.

2. Conciseness

Brevity is the soul of wit. It is oft-repeated proverb but still it has a strong message. Nowadays writing a lengthy post has become fashion.

A few enthusiastic bloggers just pull the length of their contents to create a great blog post. They talk aimlessly and ultimately lose their objective into the length of their post.

You can write a lengthy post but you should put much useful information and many strong points in it to keep the level of readers’ interest higher without any variation.

3. Clarity

It means clarity of thoughts. First you must be clear in what you want to say. Then you must not be confused what you want to make your readers do after reading your post.

From the very first sentence to the last one your objective must be in your mind while writing each word of your post. A post without a well-defined purpose cannot be an effective blog post. So first set the objectives and then develop a strategy to write it and achieve your blogging goals.

4. Conversation

Don’t write, nor describe nor narrate, just talk to your readers. Talk impressively and effectively. Your words must be meaningful for you and for your readers both.

It is necessary that they can get what they want from your post and you can achieve your ultimate objective from it. It is possible if your post is not a piece of writing but it is a piece of conversation. Readers keenly give their comments after reading it fully believing that now it is their turn to participate in the conversation. Conversation is always a two-way communication.

5. Correct

The source of information of your post must be authenticated. It is so easy to write on internet but to make it trustworthy is damn difficult.

Your information should be as correct as possible. If there is doubt in its correctness you should mention it to make it clear to your readers that it is not fully correct but a few points are very correct.

Wrong information means saying goodbye to your visitors trust and sending them to somewhere else where correct information is available.

So never be marketing manager of correct information providers.

6. Confirm

Must confirm every piece of information in your post be it data, statistics or comparative analysis of two situations from multiple sources before referring them in your post.

It is likely that a study on rising trend of guest posting to grab back links has a bias opinion because of vested interest of those who conducted that study.

For example, sellers of back links don’t like the method of guest posting to get a link. So they may temper the data about the benefits of guest posting just to serve their own interest.

So must confirm such data from more than one source to assess its impartiality. If you can’t do that even then you can mention such data in your post but directly link it to the study that revealed it.

7. Create

Ordinary people perform and extraordinary people create. This is a universal rule of success. Why all the readers don’t read a post to the end?

After reading the first paragraph of a blog post they fully know is it an old wine in a new bottle or quite new information with strong arguments.

So never repeat the old info. With the power of your observation and analytical skills create some new information to influence the readers go to the end of your post.

8. Conflict

No one likes simplicity beyond a certain level. Contents of the post must be simple but the information inside it must not be as simple to bore the readers. It must have element of interest. It can be created by putting conflict in it. It should not be a conflict for the sake of conflict.

Your blog post must have strong arguments to support the conflicting points to attract more and more readers to read the post from the start to the end and also give comments on it.

9. Climax

A good blog post always has sequencing. First there is introduction of the topic, then important facts and information about it and after that climax. It actually takes the readers to a point where they ask you what to do next. Just after that a call-to-action works effectively.

So climax of the post must be so potent and powerful to influence readers help you achieve the ultimate objective of your post. It may be selling of a product, service or offering email subscription or any other depending upon your blogging goals.

10. Care

Just one word can spoil your whole objective of writing a blog post. It may hurt the feelings of your readers, or hit a strongly established thought of the time or reflect your arrogance because of being a person confident to achieve success.

So care is the only remedy to avoid any kind of a situation which may hit the objective of your post and you get nothing after publishing it.

If you apply these 10 Cs while writing your next blog post no matter what niche you have, you will easily achieve your objective of making it unforgettable.

Now Your Turn

So, just start writing the one right after reading this post and you will feel the difference in your way of writing.

But before writing your next post, give your comments to let me know how much I am successful in achieving my objective of writing this post.

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About the author

Mi Muba

Mi Muba has been blogging for the last three and half years. He manages his blog Be A Money Blogger. He earlier contributed more than 1,000 posts in two UK-based popular blogs as ghost writer. You can meet him at Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


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  • Hi Mi Muba, and welcome to Atish’s blog 🙂

    Good to see you on the other side this time with a wonderful post as well! I loved your 3 C’s and it reminded me a few posts where I’ve also used a few C’s, though differently 🙂

    You are absolutely right – such an unforgettable post should be clear, and written in a conversational style that gives value to your readers. It should be created correctly with care and the essence of your post should connect and strike with your audience, isn’t it?

    I don’t think I could add more to your list – wonderful indeed.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend, both of you 🙂

    • Hi Harleena

      Good to see you everywhere around the blogosphere sharing and caring as it has become your brand apart from your awesomeness as commenting queen and writing pro.

      Your appreciating this post means a lot to me as it is an open secret that one of your blogging prowess is also contenting writing that not only it reflects at your blog(s) but in your freelancing also.

      I think I must have read your post which you referred in your comments and all the thoughts which develop into our mind base upon our observation, studies and practical experience.

      Thanks a lot for your great words and also resharing this post at social media.

      You too have a wonderful week ahead.

  • Hi Muba,

    Almost you have achieved the objective of writing this post.

    I like all this 10 commandments. This are must to follow by every bloggers before writing their content.

    “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

    “Ordinary people perform and extraordinary people create.”

    “Post is not a piece of writing but it is a piece of conversation.”

    “A good blog post always has sequencing.”

    I like all this points and i put this in my mind. I never forget this and try to implement for my blog.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    You proved yourself as a Ghost Writer.

    • Hi Raaja

      Your endorsement that I have achieved my objective of writing this post is a great source of encouragement for me.

      Thanks a lot for your being supportive and kind enough as always.

      It is good to observe you read this post with this much concentration and reproduced here a few of its important points; that’s equally a great source of motivation for me to work harder.

      Thanks a lot for your wonderful views and also for resharing this post.

      Have a great week ahead.

  • Hi Atish

    Thanks a lot for honoring me as a guest author here.

    Your blog and especially its perfectness in all aspects of blogging has always been a big source of inspiration for me. One can hardly find any weakness here.

    So having been published as guest author at such an awesome blog can be what other than a huge encouragement to continue hard working and being recognized more in blogosphere.

    I would enjoy a lot while interacting with your wonderful blog community here.

    Have a nice week ahead.

    • Hello Mi Muba,

      I am glad to have you as guest! At TTW, I don’t accept guest posts because most of the guest posters are not actual bloggers but link builders and hence I am just inviting the serious and the best bloggers from the community in order to give the best to my readers and also good exposure to those Guest bloggers.

      I loved the post and especially the way you have crafted it into 10 Cs. It is a unique post format for TTW. Thank you very much Mi Muba.

  • Great post Mr. Mi Muba. I loved the way you described into 10 Cs. You made the post attractive with your crafting style. Enjoyed reading it. Content writing is something which should not be ignored but have to practice a lot with having these Cs in mind.

    • Hi Mark

      Thanks a lot for your great words.

      You are spot-on; effective content writing needs practice which makes you a perfect content writer. It is a very popular advice given by the flagship of content writing blog Copy Blogger that there is only one way to improve your writing and that is writing, writing, and again writing.

      Thanks for sharing your great input here.

      Have a nice week.

  • Thank you so much for this post Mi Muba and Thank for giving him an opportunity Atish. Glad to see this kind of posts here. Apart from Tech posts. clear and correct are the 2 points I loved. Blog posts should always be clear and correct. Correct means the information shared in the post must be correct.

    Rest all points are good. I loved reading this.

    • Hi John

      This is another benefit of writing guest post. I saw you around several but first time talking to you here and obviously it will never be the last time. 🙂

      I am glad to know you liked this post and especially its two points which I also like a lot.

      Thanks for sharing your views that really encourage me a lot.

      Have a great week.

  • Hi Mi Muba,

    I would say that it is a great contribution for TTW readers. You’ve explained the things well to write the unforgettable blog posts. Out of all Cs, I’d prefer clarity and care for every blog post. As Harleena specified, nothing could be added in your precise list to produce the memorable blog posts. Keep doing your great work.

    • Hi Nirmala

      It’s equally an honor for me to talk to TTW community and obviously you are one of the prominent ones.

      You are right; clarity and care are the two features of a blog post that helps you convert your readers and achieve your blog post objectives.

      I am so happy to hear such great words about this post from you also after Harleena.

      Have a nice week.

  • Hi Mi Muba,

    Writing an unforgettable post is not that difficult but the challenge begins when one have to write it in a way such that people love to read it fully. I agree that most people don’t even bother to read it whole. The reason can be many, so we have to create a blog post that in new in its own way even if the information is old. You have explained good points to be taken care of.

    • Hi Aditya

      You mentioned an important point and I am so impressed by the clarity of your vision about content writing.

      I agree with you that it is so easy to write a post following all the requirements to write an effective post but creating the one that people love a lot and read it fully is really heck of the task.

      Here the writer needs to put the human element and come out from stereotyped way of narrating facts and figures only.

      Thanks for sharing your views.

      Have an awesome week.

  • Mi Muba,

    Very informative post.

    Often I have noticed the tendency where in bloggers tend to lengthen the post landing up in the midst of nowhere often and then concluding with a thought.

    For a parenting blogger like me who tries to learn as much technical knowledge from techie bloggers this becomes a big turn off if the post lengthen without any value add to provide.

    Hence my takeaways are clarity, communicate and climax ensuring a good content as well.

    • Hi sangeetha

      Very nice to meet you here at Atish blog and I hope I would earn from here a big amount of more new online friends. 🙂

      Devil is in detail. This is a famous proverb. But I will slightly modify it as “devil is in unnecessary details”. So length does not matter; it is the value in the contents that decides if the post should be small or long.

      So glad to hear your wonderful views about this post.

      Have a great week.

  • Hi Mi sir,
    welcome to this wonderful blog of Atish bro. And what a post! It will thoroughly help the newer once and the veteran bloggers who by emotion and experience might have forgotten the principles of writing. I have seen many blogs making out the point so clear even with 300 words and many (even I sometimes) try to write a post and make it hopelessly long and then realize that I have diverted from my objective of the post.

    These 10c’s will surely help everyone. Its definitely one of the pinworthy posts. 🙂

    • Hi Swadhin

      You are very right Swadhin; length has nothing to do with the quality of the post. It is actually value that decides the length of the post.

      At several A-list blogs I hardly find any post more than 1000 words and they are the trend setters in content writing.

      Yes a post with incomplete thoughts and info can’t create a good impression.

      Thanks for your valuable comments on this post.

      Have a great week.

  • Fantastic suggestions, Mi Muba.

    For me, it’s not a problem find a good tone in my writing, or even care about readers.
    It’s my way of being: gentle.

    I guess my challenge is improving my English skills.
    I know I just need time and practice.

    I guess that keep writing is the solution!

    Thanks for the great share at Atish blog.
    Have an awesome week!

    • Hi Erik

      Good to see you here as we off an on meet online around at so many place.

      It is your prowess in internet marketing that you feel no problem to adopt good tone and care about readers.

      An expert internet marketer has always been gentle to his customers.

      If someone communicate in English what he wants to say it is quite good for him as you expressed your viewpoint here very clearly. BTW improving my English is also one of my aims as a non-native English speaker.

      Exactly, practice makes a man perfect.

      I think the best solution is to keep writing.

      Thanks a lot for your thought-provoking comments.

      You too have an awesome week.

  • I never thought these things before writing blog posts. Will try to implement these 10 Cs on my website.
    thanks for this advice.

    • Hi Subodh

      It is good to know you found new things in this post. I am sure you will feel the difference once you apply these tips in your content writing.

      Thanks for your comments.

      Have a nice week.

  • Hi, Muba . Nice post.
    I am also blogger and try to follow all above Cs that you have mentioned.
    My main focus is on good tone and care towards readers.
    Every blogger must follow all this 10 Cs inorder to build Good post.
    I have seen new bloggers try to write blog , start with excellent words and endup with meaningless post. such bloggers can improve there post by following this Cs.

    • Hi Pritam

      I am sure following these tips one can easily create quality contents with a little efforts. Just regular practice is required as it is in any other field.

      You are right; selection of right topic is equally important to serve the real needs of one’s target audience.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your great views.

  • Hey Mi Muba,
    Nice post and Yes, some time blogger use difficult words to make good impression on readers but doing this is not a good option. I always keep ion mind that just keep it simple and grammatically correct. Thanks for sharing these tips with us.

    • Hi Sudipto

      I also observed many bloggers have wonderful info to share and they are very consistent in blogging but just to impress others they use heavy words and hit the flow of their post.

      Thanks for your great feedback on this post.

  • Very useful post and a lot of things to not for myself. I was just wondering how to bring conflict (like you mentioned in the point #8) info my posts if I write about technical stuff. I will definitely consider this, however if I write a tutorial on Joomla or WordPress it is quite hard to bring in the conflict. Any suggestions? 🙂

    • Hi Grue

      You are right it also depends upon the topic of the post to either bring conflict in it or not. But you can create some interesting by putting conflict in headline of such post. For example to write a post on wonderful features of WordPress you can give a headline “Are all WP users insanely mad”.

      Thanks for sharing your valuable opinion.

  • Very informative and useful post. People needs to aware this things. I hope in future you will give us more information.

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