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Why is antivirus protection important for your computer ?

Internet is not a secure place! If you visit a phishing website or download uncertain files, you PC will acquire hazardous computer viruses. Some viruses are distributed through emails, free programs, pop-up messages etc. Besides, if you insert removable media like CDs, USBs and DVDs which get infected with virus, it may put out your files to delete or corrupt. Sometimes, dangerous malicious software would completely damage the system, compromise security or erase important information. So, it is essential to have good Antivirus software to detect and remove viruses before they do harm for your system.

Types of Malware

To understand the importance of Antivirus protection, you should know about the different types of malware (Malicious Software) which has ability to disrupt your system.

  1. Viruses – Computer viruses are of different types. They are quite hard to detect and they hides in the existing program files to spread to other programs like biological viruses.
  2. Spyware – It’s a way to steal your personal information like address, passwords, bank details and much more.
  3. Trojans – It is a trickery program which does not replicate themselves like virus but they can be just as destructive.
  4. Worms – Worms are standalone virus which spreads themselves automatically to other networks.
  5. Rootkit – It is being installed by a human which is difficult to find.
  6. Keyloggers – It is same as spyware to collect your financial and personal information.
  7. Adware – companies create pop-up ads with less dangerous effect which needs your support to get installed on your system.
  8. Backdoors – A spam programs by hackers can be called as backdoors and they will be installed for unique purpose.

Not only these, there are some more existing unsafe programs like Wabbits, URL injectors etc. which could cause you to lose some important computer files.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus is a program which makes your system clean and secure from harmful virus, worms and attacks through scanning process. It detects suspicious websites and files that contain malicious programs before they enter the computer and block malicious tracking software from being downloaded to your system. Automatic virus removal is a simple process, and it is also very extensive.

When we update the Antivirus program, it updates their virus registry. These updates are important because new viruses are released every day, and they can go undetected if the virus scanner is not up to date. A generic anti-virus checks the database or virus signature and a heuristic anti-virus uses heuristic algorithm and checks malicious character in virus behaviour by different statistical and other advanced means.

How Antivirus Software Works?

Antivirus software scans your computer in different ways to detect and clean the malware.

Traditional Antivirus programs use Signature-based malware detection where it scans the files and compares specific codes against the signature database. If it finds duplicate file, it will either delete or quarantine file, based on the program configuration. This type of program needs regular updates and its scanning process doesn’t require internet connectivity.

Some Antivirus software use Behaviour-based malware detection where it monitors the program instead of software build. This type of scanning is called heuristics which has ability to block new viruses. If it detects any abnormal behaviour, either it will let you know or stop the suspicious program.

Other new Antivirus programs use cloud based scanning where client software runs on desktop and establish a connection to the server in the cloud. This type of Antivirus software needs internet connection to check what is happening across your network. It may use the combination of above techniques to find the suspicious actions, block the relevant program and report the incident to cloud.

5 good Antivirus Software I am listing below that you can get to safeguard your PC

Final words:

There are a lot of hackers in world, who every minute makes and spread millions of new viruses. The main purpose of those hackers is to hack and collect your undisclosed information like your social login credentials, email or ATM password, your bank account info and lots more private information.

Other attacks are just for fun to destroy systems. But this is really going to be serious at sometimes. You must have also seen, sometimes in your window that your antivirus stop working, your files automatically deleted, your internet connection becomes very slow, task manager disable, even sometimes your window crashes. All these are effects due to such malware programs.

So you need to install good Antivirus software to detect and remove viruses before they do harm for your computer. Be clear that only installing an antivirus is not sufficient for your security. You have to update it regularly.

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  • >cant say like that..
    avast, norton, avg, avira..etc..etc..
    all r good..

    bt i hd heard that, in most of the antiviruses, we can stop da programme 4 sometime(whenever we want)..

    but we cant do this is avg..

    so @ times..attackers code the virus in such a way that @ 1st it wud stop ur antivirus n them it will do itz work..

  • >i never knew soo many uses of antivirus..n from the above comment it seems that avg is the best..i need to change my antivirus………….

  • Kasperskey is a good antivirus programme from the all of above given antiviruses. but also it has some faults. so please let us know what is the most effective antivirus program from yours view.

  • hi I’m, looking to buy antivirus protections for my lab top should I pay some one 84$. to in stall for me I’m, learning please help. do know what to do.

    • Hello Linda,

      You can just buy Antivirus from AVG or any good company and read their guide to install. If you face any problem installing the same, do write to me on my email, I would love to help.


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