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Why Does My Chromebook Shut Off?

It might have happened to you if you own a Chromebook. You are working on something and your Chromebook shuts down all of a sudden without any hint. You are not alone. This issue can affect many of you. And it has several reasons behind it. This post is an attempt to find reasons why the Chromebook keeps turning off all by itself. 

Why Does My Chromebook Shut Off

Some of the possible reasons why your Chromebook keeps turning off can include outdated software or physical damage. Sometimes, a buggy or rogue app that is heavy on your resources can also result in shutting down your Chromebook all of a sudden. Overheating of your device is yet another possible cause for the random shutdown.

Why Does My Chromebook Keep Shutting Off?

If you find your Chromebook randomly shuts down, it can be due to a variety of reasons. Analyzing each of these reasons can help you fix your device and get it back in working condition. 

Possible Reasons Fix
Overheating Avoid prolonged heavy usage, let the Chromebook cool down
Pending Updates Check for pending software updates and install them
Physical Damage Inspect for physical damage and clean debris around the power button if necessary
Troublesome Extensions/Apps Disable problematic extensions/apps and update them to the latest version
Cookies and Cache Clear cache and cookies from browsers
Battery Health Analyze battery health and consider replacing it if necessary
Malware Attacks Use a reliable malware detector, utilize OS security features, and consider Powerwash to reset to factory settings
Inadequate RAM Resources Check RAM usage, remove resource-intensive apps, or consider upgrading RAM


Chromebook is essentially a low-power device. If you tend to use it for prolonged hours, it can overheat. In such a situation, it will shut off to avoid further damage. A few examples when this can happen include hours of binge-watching or using a Chromebook for extensive video and audio editing. 

FIXIf you suspect your Chromebook keeps shutting off due to these issues, it may be high time to avoid using it for operations that it is not meant for and wait for some time to get the Chromebook to cool down. 

Pending Updates

Pending software updates can also be an issue that can cause your Chromebook to shut down all by itself. Software updates are released to fix any bugs and glitches. In such cases where your software needs an update, you may observe ot shutting down abruptly and randomly. 

FIXCheck if you have any software updates pending on your Chromebook. Make sure to keep your device updated to the latest version of the OS. In some cases, you may also need to check out the updates to the apps that you tend to use regularly. 

Physical damage

A physical damage can also be a concern. If any crucial component on your Chromebook as issues, it may force your device to shut down abruptly. The physical damage to the power button or its mechanism can make the Chromebooks shut down. 

FIXInspect your Chromebook and check for any sort of physical damage.  If you find debris around the power button, you can choose to clean the area. 

Troublesome extensions or apps 

Some of the apps and extensions on your device may also be a concern. If your apps and extensions are not updated to the latest version, they can make your Chromebook shut down. It may also be the case with a few rogue apps which may drain your resources. Some apps and extensions are observed to be conflicting or have a bad code. 

FIXCheck if you have any problematic extension or app that may be causing the abrupt shut down of your device. You can disable all your extensions if you are unsure and then check by enabling them one by one and trying to replicate the issue. 

Cookies and cache

Cookies and Chae are designed to improve the performance of your Chromebook. However, sometimes, these cache files themselves may have a few issues, which may make your Chromebook randomly shut down. Cache and cookies can get corrupted and cause issues. 

FIXClearing the cache and cookies can be an easier option to help you troubleshoot the abrupt shutdown on your Chromebook. You can check each of your browsers and clear the cache and cookies on them. 

Battery health

The battery health may also be a cause for the Chromebook shutting down automatically. Over time, your Chromebook battery may develop issues and make it shut down on its own. Another concern can be that the battery has died down and needs replacement. 

FIX Analyse and get the battery checked. If you are looking to replace the battery, make sure to get a battery that is compatible with your Chromebook. 

Malware attacks 

The presence of any malware in your system can also result in an abrupt shutdown. Even when you are careful, some malware makes it into your system through emails or app installs. This malware can put undue pressure on your system resources and make it shut down abruptly.

FIXUse a reliable or powerful malware detector to detect and remove any malware. You can also use the integrated OS security features in your Chrome OS. You can also use the Powerwash feature to remove any unwanted software or malware. But remember that this will bring your Chromebook to factory settings. 

Inadequate RAM resources 

If your Chromebook is running low on memory, it may make the device shut down without your consent. You may be using apps and extensions that may be too heavy on your resources.  If the RAM gets overused and when your Chromebook faces issues with memory allotment, it may shut down with sign whatsoever. 

FIXYou can check the RAM usage through the Chrome OS diagnostics. If memory is an issue that causes the abrupt shutdown on your laptop, you can consider removing the apps that are resource-intensive. If the apps are essential, you can consider upgrading RAM. 

Why Does My Chromebook Keep Restarting?

A Chromebook may keep restarting due to several reasons. Analysing the reasons can help you fix the issues with ease. 

Some of the reasons why your Chromebook keeps restarting can include:

  • Software updates done recently may have glitches or bugs. The updates may also have reset a few settings 
  • A corrupt user profile may be a culprit.
  • You might have hard reset your Chromebook recently
  • Your Chromebook may have a hardware issue.


A Chromebook that keeps turning off suddenly is never something you want to happen to you. But, that does not mean you should switch to another device. Using the tips and tricks above should ideally be helpful in letting you fix the common Chromebook issues, such as your Chromebook keeps turning off all of a sudden. 


Why does my Chromebook turn off unexpectedly?

Most possible reasons for the sudden shutting down of Chromebooks include outdated software, physical damage, or hardware issues such as overheating. 

Are there any settings I can adjust to prevent my Chromebook from shutting off?

Yes, you can apply a few settings to stop your Chromebook from shutting down automatically. You can change the display timeout settings to begin with. You can even consider altering the power management settings.


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