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Why Commenting Is So Important For Bloggers

Hey Guys, before I start this post I want to wish all of you a very happy Eid. Enjoy the Festival!

Now let’s get back to the post today I want to explore why commenting is so important for bloggers. If you are into blogging then I don’t need to tell you what is commenting or blog commenting but I must want to tell you that It is one of the most used stuff by bloggers.

Every blogger especially newbies do commenting on other blogs on daily basis, and that is good for them.

But did you ever think why commenting is so important?

Is it because it gives you a backlink for your blog?

Yes Ofcourse.

But let me tell you that this is not the only reason which makes it important, there are many more reasons which make the it a very important part of blogging.

There are 3 main reasons and they are as:-

  1. You get backlinks for your blog.
  2. You can build good relationship with other bloggers.
  3. You get fair traffic for your blog.

Lets Explore these one by one:-

1. You get backlinks for your blog

When you comment on any blog post then there is an option to put your website url which is for giving back a link for your blog in exchange with the comment you post on that blog.

Most of the bloggers’ main intention is getting links only but If you are getting a link from a blog then you should read the whole post carefully and write a better comment which can add some value to the post.

I again want you guys don’t post a comment just for links. Comment only after reading the post and write few sentences there.

Don’t spam the blogs by posting frenzy comments. Just make it a habit and post 2-3 comments daily on the posts of your niche. You will notice that by doing this you are able to make 50-60 backlinks per month from commenting which is very good.

2. You can build good relationship with other bloggers

Personally I like this reason the most; this is one of my favourite reasons which make commenting so important.
If you are blogging from sometime then you must be knowing that the importance of relationships in blogging.  Yes, Healthy relationships with your fellow blogger are the base of success in blogging because they keep on sharing your good posts if they do know you.

girl writing blog comment
Image Courtesy: realitatea.net

Commenting is the quickest way to get in touch with other bloggers however guest blogging is also a great way to build relationships.

When you post a good comment after reading the whole post then you might get reply from the author of that post then don’t just leave it. Get back to the thread and keep the conversation going on. In this way you can gradually build better relationships with other bloggers.

3. You get fair traffic for your blog

And after all of the above, you get what every webmaster and blogger wants and needs, Ofcourse The Traffic. Yes, blog commenting gives fair amount of traffic and the important thing is that the traffic you get from it is targeted.
But let me tell you one more thing that if you just go and write “great post” and submit the comment. Then I bet you will not get the traffic you expect from it. For getting better traffic you should write descriptive comment and always try to add value to the post.

I Noticed many times that if I write good comments then I get more hits for my site. So these were the things that makes commenting important because All you need is to get traffic, link and connections and blog commenting gives all of these quickly and in the least time.
Commenting makes easy for bloggers to connect with each other easily and quickly.

What’s your thought on this? Share with us.

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  • Hi another good post, like you said above if you find a good blog then bookmark it so you can go back regularly, I find that if I have gained knowledge from the post then I will leave a comment below. The main reason i started commenting on blogs and blogging myself was for the backlinks to my own site but I now leave comments because I enjoy reading the posts

  • Obviously, commenting is very important to bloggers either you are the one to do it or the other way around. You need to interact and make sure others will notice that you are existing might as well your site is so commenting is one way to tell the whole web that a blog like yours needing some attention to, which means, you are also marketing something that is worth reading for everyone. A blog or site that is not noticeable is like a non-existing blog so better to tell the whole web that they should notice you because you are important too.

  • Hey Atish,

    I absolutely agree that commenting is extremely important for bloggers. I still think too many bloggers accept junky comments. To me, if someone just comes and says, “Great post. I learned a lot” then it shouldn’t be approved. However, these type of comments still get approved all the time.

  • Doing comments is too tedious task. However it is beneficial for getting traffic. The main thing to remember is that we should comment on high pr sites.

  • Atish – All the 3 benefits are well explained above, am sure leaving comments is a must for all of us bloggers these days, we definitely need to promote our articles and with CommentLuv, it has become even more easy to promote specific articles of your choice to get more PR for the same.

  • Great post Atish. Yes, I do agree with all of your points. We do get backlinks and can build a good relationship with other bloggers by blog commenting. Thanks for sharing this great post.

  • Commenting is Great way to build relationships. According to me relationship is very important in blogging. backlinks and traffic are the plus points of it.

    Nice post Atish. Keep it up.

  • I completely agree Antish, and I really like #2 the most, building those relationships with people in the niches. I have made some good friends from blog commenting and it really pays off. Another thing that it does for me is keeps me on top of things going on in a niche that I might have missed. Finding the good posts also keeps me better educated. 😛

  • Great article Atish. If people aren’t willing to comment on other blogs and provide valuable feedback then they definitely won’t get very far.

    As you said, it’s not just about the backlinks. Building relationships with other bloggers and getting your name out there is crucial for your blog to succeed. It’s all about getting your brand out there and that requires interaction.

  • Atish, good summary of why commenting is important. Of those you mention, I would suggest building relationships is the most important reason. You can get links back to your posts, but if people don’t feel a connection to what you write or to you, they will move on to the next guy that writes on the same topic. So comment and respond to comments!

    • Hi Leora, Let me thank you first for visiting techtricksworld.

      yes if you don’t respond to comments then relationship cannot be build. Writing better comment and responding to the replies are great ways to build relationships.

      Thanks again.

  • I’ve always been a bit skeptical about the actual impact a backlink from commenting has. The reasons I started commenting was because I’ve always enjoyed reading blog posts, and now that I have my own website, I felt it makes sense to leave a link back to it. I have never thought too deeply about the traffic or the backlink aspect of blog commenting before so thanks for mentioning those points.

  • Building relationships can start by posting one helpful comment, but that is just the beginning, as building relationships online generally takes time for both parties.

    That is why you really need to spend time to do blog commenting, go back and check if your comment gets published and continue to provide value to make people start noticing you and begin to check out what you have to say on your blog.

  • Hi AtishYes, comments are the life blood of a great blog and in my opinion it is a balancing act on timing, acceptance, and the time put into response. You phrased it well.

  • Having a good relation with your visitors is the most important part of running a successful blog. When we interact with the visitors through comments, they tend to have a good impression about the blog and the blogger and that surely helps to generate healthy traffic.

  • Commenting is very important. It helps you to get some link juice and also improve your visibilty in search results.
    And for a new blog commenting is very important as it helps you to get indexed.
    Anyways, thanks for the wonderful post Atish.

  • Hi Atish, Thanks for writing this brilliant post and very informative! I totally agree with you “Commenting” is most important thing for a new as well as old time blogger!
    Looking forward to have a good relationship with you!

  • This is correct, but I think we are forgetting that we need to leave real good comments, I mean, something that supply knowledge to the post, because many people comment things like “great post” or “thanks for this” and actually this kind of comments are like spam. They are not building relationships and they are just looking for a back link.

    So, if you are going to comment, do it well. Thanks for the great article.

  • Thank you Atish for the post. But what i think is now-a-days people outsource comments. Well in my opinion i see nothing wrong in it, but some people find that i should not outsource comments. Outsourcing comments has no benefits. What is your thought on it if you think professionally? Because whether it is you who comment or someone with your name, in both case you get backlinks and traffic, isn’t it?

    • Yes both are fine. But do you think the person you hire will have same thoughts on a particular post as like you? I think commenting should not be outsourced if you want your personal branding.

  • I believe that blog commenting is most important technique to building back-link for our blog/website. I this way your article is very useful for us.

  • First rule, if visitors see lots of comment they will know that the site is valid (serious). But some comment may also be fakes.

  • Commenting enables diverse opinions to emerge and be discussed, adding to the value of the content. This enriches the experience of readers and results in regular visits.
    This is what every blogger strives to achieve – valuable content and loyal readers!

  • Ya.. commenting is very much important for bloggers!!…Backlinks are a must to get PR and even to get good no. of traffics.. Thanks a lot for sharing

  • For a blog owner the comments are an extension of the post itself. If they are made wise the comments should and can add an extra meaning and value to the article. I do not understand some bloggers who still have the comment session off. A blogger goal is to engage the reader in the further development of the article. Seen as the children of the article, the comments create new discussion and new points of view for the main idea.

  • Hey Atish, I would say that the comments are what make it a blog and not just a website, worryingly google has started to warn webmasters who are allowing the content in comments to come close to the line on their terms of service when that site uses adwords, its been reported that they have gone as far as suggesting people turn comments off.

  • Great post! I love commenting on other blogs. It is nice when we can get backlinks or traffic from it but like you I also like how we can meet other bloggers and build relationships with them. It is such a simple way to do it. I am always visiting other blogs and looking for new ones to follow 🙂

  • Commenting also acts as a quick view or look into someone elses blog or site. Does their writing style or knowledge intrigue you to follow through and read more? Yes it does serve as a backlink etc for the author but i think the more important aspect is to help build a relationship with other visitors and give them a peek or insight into the person commenting. Which in itself could lead to more traffic. Commenting also adds more information to be shared on the post topic at hand and in many cases can be more informational and important than the original post itself.

  • Thank you for a great article. I think commenting is also important because the blogger can get good feedback from the readers. It helps them see what work and does not work for their readers. For newbie bloggers its very encouraging to see people are interested in your blog and interactive. It’s a great way to interact with your readers.

  • Hi Atish
    thanks a lot for the great article,i agree with you that blog commenting is the best way to increase fair traffic and get good backlinks…hope that i got the best result

  • Blog commenting is one of the best way to interact with other bloggers.when you make a comment on others blogger blog,there will be a option website.you can give your blog url.it make a backlinks and helps to increase traffic on your blog.

  • Hi Atish,

    First of all I would like to Thank you for wishing for Eid 🙂

    Now going back to the post, I must say that commenting strategy is the best way to be in touch with fellow blogger. Comment exchange between both the blogger not only make good relation but also forces the other blogger to keep visiting to your blog for latest updates. This sometimes include to be listed in getting backlinks in article body if that particular article matches our blog.

    I suggest everybody to start commenting now as my blog PR and Alexa has improved a lot only because of Commenting.


  • When i started my blogging career, i didn’t know that commenting was important, i though i’ll write a post, publish and i am done.

    But, there is much more involved when you aim to be a successful blogger, its not just the writeups, it is the connections and relations you build with your fellow bloggers.

    Every newbie should read the above post.

  • You’re absolutely with 3 main reasons of blog commenting. Blog commenting is effective way to get backlinks & its has become a important part of online marketing ! I appreciate your this article for commenitng & I would like to follow up your this article disucussion.

  • Hi Atish This is very Informative and very interesting Post! As we know that commenting is so important for bloggers. Blog commenting are based on 2 things like to get the Traffic, good back link.Blog commenting is great effective way. that is why blog commenting is so important for
    all the bloggers.Well thanks for sharing this post.

  • Nice article, Most of blogs having nofollow comments, I want to know that is commeting on nofollow blogs can have any advantages except some traffic? As you kow by default wordpress have nofollow attribute.

    • Nofollow links don’t add any value in your link profile but yes atleast you can get traffic as well as build relationship with host blogger.

  • I agree, blog commenting is very important. It helps to increase PR of the blog. The article was very informative. Thanks for this interesting post.

  • Hi Atish,

    Like you, I think building relationships with other bloggers is the most important reason for commenting – it’s a great way to build genuine, organic traffic that’s based on the fact that people are really interested in what you have to say and want to engage in a conversation with you.

    We’re fortunate that such a satisfying aspect of blogging is something that also helps to build traffic and backlinks – win, win, win!


  • I agree, commenting not only help in PR but also help the reader to view the same article with different perspective.

  • Great knowledge for new bloggers.Commenting is a very good way to getting traffic as well as making good relation with other bloggers.It just not give you name but also give you PR ;).So always trying to 10-15 comment daily

  • Commenting is not even important for bloggers but it is equally useful for business site owners as well. I know how much benefit I am getting by blog commenting. Its just awesome. Thanks for your post Atish.

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