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Why Blogging is Not for Everyone?

I got this topic idea from real life experience. Yes whatever I will be writing in this post has been happened with me many times.

As you all know that I am blogging since 2010 and I always face my friends, relatives and others who usually ask “What do you do”?

I reply them “I do blogging and a full time job of online marketing”. They don’t care about my job but they do ask what is blogging all about and how do you earn from it?

I used to answer in short but if someone asks for full detail, I do explain everything.  The worst thing is 60% people say “I too want to make money from blogging”; they don’t tell me “I want to be a blogger”. NO!

Everyone wants to make money quickly and they think making money online is so much easier than anything else.

Blogging is not for everyone
With this aim many of them start a blog and after sometime they end up with nothing because their first purpose was to make money which is almost impossible in the very beginning. And they don’t have patience to wait for the right time.

I would like to tell everyone that if you want to make money from blogging then you should think to make a great blog first because then only you can make good money.

Blogging is only for those people who are very passionate about it, hardworking, and can do everything to build a nice and informative blog.

Second thing I want to tell everyone that making money online is good but not that easy as it seems to be. It needs a lot of hard work, patience, sleepless nights and consistency.

Many guys started blogging with my help and most of them ended up with nothing as their motive were not to build a good blog. Their aim was to make a blog which will be filling their pockets from the day they start blog.

On the other hand many guys, who had the passion for blogging, did well too with their blogging and now making good money through their blog.

I just want to tell all of them to understand first what actually the blogging is? Then only start a blog.

Once you build a good blog, cash will be flowing in your bank account naturally. If put efforts to build a good blog, you will be getting reward in the long run.    

Don’t take me wrong. I am not against money making because I am making money too from blogging but I just want to say that first do hard work and then think for money.

This full post can be summarized into points as:-

Blogging is not for you if:-

  1. You don’t care about building a good blog.
  2. You are not hardworking.
  3. You have ego problem.
  4. You are not helpful.
  5. You are not friendly.
  6. You don’t like to read or write.
  7. You have no patience.
  8. You’re not consistent.
  9. You expect to earn money from the day you start blogging.

Blogging is for you if:-

  1. You have passion.
  2. You’re hard working.
  3. You’re very friendly.
  4. You are helpful.
  5. You don’t expect money until you build a better blog.
  6. You take interest in writing and reading.
  7. You’re very consistent.
  8. You have patience.
  9. You don’t have ego problem.

That’s all I wanted to say. If you have the same mentality then do change it today and Think to do better first. 🙂

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  • Hi Bhai,

    I agree with all your points ppl start blogging as if they will make money from the very first day.. And I can see these days they are doing blogging just for money. Their main intention is to make money rather to solve the reader’s problem.

    But some ppl like me start blogging not for money even don’t think about money after spending 1.5 yrs in Blogging world but ended just because of consistency according to your 1st Nine points. And I want to add another point I don’t know about others but for me the other problem is Time Management.

    As I’m a girl and live with my family You know better about me and my problems I’m not going to discuss them here.
    Well, Whatever It is I’m trying to sort out everything and I know I will do one day.

    Thanks for the Write up this Article for who thinks Money can be earned very easily by


    • Making money from blogging is not a bad thing. thats fine. everyone wants to earn and there is nothing bad. The thing is blogging is a different type of work. You have to think to make a good blog first then only you can be earning well later in future. Thanks Suggi for your comment. Keep coming.

  • Nice and simple post Atish for the bloggers.

    I feel it is an essential one, coz most of the bloggers started blogging just to make money.

    If they have all which you’ve listed above under “Blogging is for you if”, then will make money certainly.

    I blog to share my knowledge and to enhance my writing skill. For me, it is a good stress reliever too. I feel god that am making little money with it.

    I don’t know about others, am doing perfect blogging after your guidance.

    Thanks for writing this post for the bloggers Atish 🙂

  • I’m 100% with you on this, Atish! I stumbled upon some articles about how to make money from blogging but sadly the point “building a good blog” was often times not mentioned at all. People should realize trying to make money from blogging is not as easy or as quick as most claimed. I believe John Chow took a long time to be what he is now today, it was never easy for him in the beginning. At the end of the day, focusing on building a good site is still the most important as a blogger.

  • Hi Atish,

    I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve written here 🙂

    I hear SO many bloggers do just what you mentioned, without really concentrating on their blogs or providing quality content. And if you don’t do that – if you are not blogging for your readers or to help them, then things don’t work out.

    Yes, for those who are keen to make money through their blogs, it’s a great medium, but to concentrate only on making money and not care about other things as you listed below, will not get you anywhere. I agree about being consistent, and giving your full-self when you blog – you need to put your heart and mind into what you write, connect with your readers, reach out and connect with other fellow bloggers – and all this DOES lead to sleepless nights for sure. I think if you want something, you need to put in all your efforts – it’s in giving only that we receive, and the Blogosphere is just one such place I’d say.

    Speaking of myself, I still have to ‘earn’ from my blog, or perhaps that was never my aim for blogging, which was only to help people in the best way possible. Yes, the little I get from the advt, goes to maintain the blog, though I just might think of earning now from it. Yet again, I am pretty content even if I don’t because I don’t run after making money presently from it.

    Thanks for sharing this advice with all of us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • I always feel happy to see your great comment on my posts. Exactly, money making is good but not focusing on quality is going to ruin everything. So quality matters first. 🙂 Thanks for coming by and I am glad you found it useful.

  • The problem with blogging today is that it is always pitched as something that would give you passive income, and a quick one at that. So maybe that’s why a lot of people want to make money online before even knowing how hard it really is done.

  • Hi Atish,

    I agree with you, those people who are just out to make money and not give real value to the reader will never succeed. The more internal content you have, the most will resonate in your posts!

    There is a whole new wave of Bloggers in the year 2013 in India, I think we will need an Indian Blogger’s forum or something to bring all Indian bloggers together!


  • Hello Atish,

    Thanks for writing this post. I hope everyone, who’s interested in making lots of money quickly via blogging or just by writing articles, reads your post.

    I can’t tell you, how many such individuals i have met. They have annoyed me so much that i no longer tell anyone that write. Either people want to know how much I’m making and how they can do the same or they rudely ask if writing is a real profession. I must be doing it just to pass my time. I hate it when people think writing is not a profession.

    Anyways, i think, it’s better not to write/blog if someone doesn’t have a passion for writing.


    • Priyanka,

      Same happens with almost all the bloggers. they keep on being asked how much they earn but no one knows how hard that blogger worked to achieve the same. 🙂 Keep coming.

  • Hi, Atish,
    I think blogging is all about making relationship online, building friends and sharing good quality contents over internet. It definitely needs handwork, passion, consistency and the most important patience. Money is secondary.

    If we are missing these vital ingredients in our blog and blogging, it means blogging is not for us.

    Thank you very much for sharing a very wonderful and true blog. 🙂

  • Blogging takes a lot of time, effort, patience and consistency to get there, and to succeed. The problem lies in the starting point itself – most bloggers jump into blogging just because they too want to make money online. While there is nothing wrong with this notion, they don’t think about anything else but quick money.

    And ironically most bloggers (that contact me for a consultation) want to make money blogging but they don’t have a clue how to make money! They think that publishing a few blog posts and posting a few ad banners will get them money. Nope.

    And it does take more than hard work to succeed – you need to work smart!

  • I was in hurry but landed here while seeing this post shared by Harleena on Facebook. My unstable mind made me to read this post and I realized. I not giving proper time and missing something for my blogs.

    I agree with you editorial, And I would like never go with the shortcuts. It takes time to have a great blog that will convert your words into money.

    Bu t most of us lose the motive of blogging and try to generate revenue first which is not possible. because a person can not get a fruit until he plants a tree and wait for the season of the fruit .

  • Some great points Atish. Blogging is very much like gardening. First of all, every newbie blogger need to work hard in developing your blog(just like growing a plant). After that you need to improve and maintain its quality. You need to be patient with your blog just like a gardener works on his/her plants every day. You will reap its rewards (sweet ones too if you have a good quality blog), no doubt. But it will require a lot of time and effort to make your blog succeed.

  • Hello Brother
    Yeah Blogging demands hardwork, patience, smart work.
    everyday new blogs starts and from them only 10% blogs get success.
    Reason is very clear they all want to rich overnight but success doesn’t have any shortcut.
    We have to do a lots of hardwork if we want to get succeed.
    Awesome article man 🙂

  • Nice article.
    i absolutely agree with your point of view, blogging is not for every one.
    blogging is getting harder and harder and we have to think out of the box to be the last stand of this competition. i have to try my best everyday to maintain my reputation and increase my followers and traffics as well
    thanks for your sharing.


  • FANTASTIC post, Atish – couldn’t agree with you more. I think the trouble is, there are a lot of blogging and internet marketing gurus who make their own money out of peddling the idea that it’s easy to make money online – so they sell their expensive courses to people who are desperate to make a quick buck. Consequently, you end up with all these people setting up blogs purely with a view to making money – and, as you say, if that’s your only motive for blogging, you’re unlikely to get very far.

    You’re right to point out that blogging requires hard work, dedication and lots and lots of patience – it seems to me that one of the main reasons for your success is the fact that you’ve stuck at it for all these years – you’ve worked hard and you haven’t given up.

    You make some really important points in this article – great stuff.

    • Thanks Sue for reading my post. I always appreciate your visit and thoughtful comment. I am not so successful yet, its just the start.

      I am very glad that you liked my post. 🙂

  • Now days, I am also started blogging is full time. You are right, you need to have patience while doing blogging because In the world there is no way to earn money quickly.

    If you work smart then you will get money automatically.

    If you earning with only adsense and starting full time blogging, it become a silly decision because you never trust on adsense. You need any other source to make money online.

  • Thoughtful topic Atish. I am not a blogger yet but I do hear many times in comments where I read that they want to blog. I guess you are frustrated being asked this kind of question multiple times.

  • I can’t say more than agree, totally to all of your points Atish Ranjan. I also asked by some friends about how to make money that way since I post my email screenshot about incoming payment on Facebook.

    My simplest answer is do you have a blog?

    If they say yes and the blog already filled with contents, may be I can just direct them, but if they don’t have one and don’t like to write I just told them to stop thinking about it again 🙂

  • Hey Atish,

    For me, blogging is not for everyone because people thinks of making money only. Blogging is tough and making money is harder. So, the most important is to always be patience and … focus! the more focus you are, the better the chances of be a better blogger.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Atish,
    I liked your points, especially number 9:
    blogging is NOT for people who expect to make money overnight.
    Get rich quick is just a utopia and / or rip-off.

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

  • Excellent points Atish, blogging is all about sharing what you have learnt so that it could be helpful for others. As you said there is no mistake in making money out of your hard work, it will only help you to put more efforts and build quality content. Blogging cannot make you rich overnight but it can guarantee you a good network of friends, knowledge and yes if you are patient you can make money too.

  • Believe me I started blogging for money only 🙁
    But then I realized I need to have more patience and content on my site for it. Thanks to blogging only now I know at least 10 ways to make money online without investing real money in it.

    Good points Atish.

  • Hi our experience matching little bit. I started blogging from 2010 onward with great success in Adsense earning and traffic source through blog promotion in search engine. However, the funda which we had use to promote our sites or blogs in search engines were changed and hence our blogs does not fighting the new trend. I experienced this and again working on the new way of search engine algorithm and promotions.

    Now blogging is my passion, not just to generate money, but it is a part of my life which gives a lot satisfaction than my primary job.

  • Hi Atish, I don’t want to be rude by saying that blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you don’t have any intention to be helpful with your blog and look at it as a means to earn money, you are dearly mistaken.

  • Thanks for the great advice. I have a fledgling blog, and while I’m not out to make money with it right now (I’m just getting used to how things work and trying to find my niche), I wouldn’t mind making money with it in the future. I agree with what you said, and think that while there is a lot of opportunity to make money on the internet, I wouldn’t say that it is easy.

  • because i am from small village atish.And in village it is very difficult to explain about about blogging and about who i am?..They think i am sitting alone in room wearing pajamas(Lower) and tshirt doing nothing.

  • Hello brother,

    I completely agree with your points.

    In my one year of journey in blogosphere, I frequently come across people who are doing blogging with there first intention to make money from blog. And they end up with nothing. I too have faced this same question, “What do you do on your computer daily?” I try to explain them some of them get my points and many of them make their faced as they think I am wasting my time and just increasing my electricity bills and internet bills.

    But I don’t care about that instead I take their view and try to do better everyday to show them that I am not wasting my time. And I am sure that the day will come when I will be able to explain them that really I was not wasting my time.

    Thanks for sharing your views.

    • It happens Shiv, Even when I started blogging without knowing the fact that money can be earned through blog then one of my classmate said that why are you wasting time in these stuffs you should focus more on studies. I said just wait and watch! Few years later that guy asked me hey how you are earning and I can see everywhere over internet. Hows it possible? I too want to do it?

      It happens with almost every blogger!

      Thanks you stopped by here Shiv.

  • Hello Atish
    Yes you are right and i agree with you blogging is not for everyone, is not all about just write an article is need heard work , concentrations and the most important part is patience. Thanks for sharing your beautiful views with us .

  • HI aatish,

    i really liked this article soon i will be sharing it on my facebook profile. I am sure that the informative you shared through your post is useful for my friends and all readers.

    i will follow your blog everyday to see your new post.

    thanking you

    Akshay Naik

  • Hey Atish.
    Such a nice post bro. I was really thinking about this title from so many days. But I was not getting ideas for the content. You cleared my doubts man.
    Want to say only two words for this post – Simple and Informative.
    Hope we will get some more amazing articles in future too.

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