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What To Do When You Are Out of Ideas For New Blog Post

No Idea What to write! Yes, there are times when a blogger has no idea what to write next. It’s natural to every blogger, it happens. We are humans, and we don’t have something to write all the time But a post for the blog is as necessary as food is for our body. So there is no way out; You have to think for blog post ideas to write your next blog post.  Sometimes you start thinking and quickly get an awesome idea to write something But there are situations when you fail to get ideas after brainstorming on 100’s things at the same time.

So what to do when you are blank and out of ideas?

Believe me when you are completely out of ideas then you can not concentrate on one topic and you just keep on brainstorming on so many topics and ideas simultaneously which comes to a failure at the end. So I suggest whenever you are in such situation then just turn off the PC or your laptop and go for a walk with friends. It will refresh and rejuvenate you, and you will forget that some time ago you were out of ideas. Now Forget about everything and try to do these:

Read Magazines

You might be wondering that why I am suggesting you to read a Magazine? Very simple, The magazine would not be having the same topics you are looking for but there you might uncover things that you did not know before and which might help you get ideas.

Don’t read magazines that are completely out of your niche. Suppose I have a tech blog then I will prefer to read tech magazines, computer security magazines, etc. If I blog about SEO, then I must want to read magazines which contains information about search engines and Search engine optimization tips and techniques.

blog post idea

Don’t just look at the topics in magazines, try to read them thoroughly. It will help you get lots of ideas to write not a single post but multiple posts.

It’s my personal experience when I had just started blogging then I managed to read PC magazine, computer active Digit, and many other books. They are full of ideas. But as I get very less time to read books I prefer to read Google News (search engine, technology sections). It gives so many ideas to write my next post.

Social Media

Social Media is another great resource to give you a hell lot of ideas to write your next blog post. Millions of people keep on sharing their ideas, images, and many more thing. If you try to notice them, then you might be getting ideas from them. 

Suppose someone wrote a quote and shared some social site and who know while surfing on that particular social site, you encounter with that quote and when you read that, an Idea just comes up in your mind and you are ready to write something new?

Explore Related Blogs

It is one of the most used methods by all the new and experienced bloggers because it’s the most efficient ways to get ideas. There are nothing much to do here. Just try to read blogs that are having the similar topic to your blog niche.

I always try to read my favorite blogs in my free time and there are times when I get 2-3 post ideas by reading just one post. So if you try to read few excellent blogs, then ideas come to you naturally.

I suggest you to make a habit to read 2-3 blog post daily on different blogs. It will improve your knowledge, and there will be fewer chances of “run out of idea” situation.

Read Old Posts Of Your Own Blog

This one is just one of the best ways to generate more blog post ideas. Just think when You were a newbie and started so many things about technology, blogging etc. After years of experience when you go to those posts, you might feel that you can write them in a much better way now. So it’s good to read your old posts and if you find there is anything missing then just try to write about the same topic with more details, more information and with more facts. 

In this way, you get ideas to write a next blog posts as well as you are giving your readers a well-researched post about which you wrote some time ago as well. This also leads to reader’ trust in you.

Watch Tutorial Videos

Aha! This one is cool and my favorite one. Reading blogs, old blog posts and reading magazines can irritate your eyes sometime because you need to read the small texts. So try watching tutorial videos that get ideas for new blog posts for sure. 

For example, On Techtricksworld.com I use to write about SEO tips,  I try to keep watching Matt Cutts’ Videos about the Google’s new implementations, algorithm updates and all so that I can update my readers with the best information about SEO. 

Join Forums

Join various Forums, and participate actively over there. You will get tons of great ideas for blog posts. I have tried it in the past, and this works like a charm. The only problem is participating in Forums does take a lot of your time but it is worth spending time if you learn something new every day and also get ideas for blog posts.

Wrapping up

I think these are the surefire ways to get great ideas for your not only next blog post but so many posts. 

That’s all from my side, and now it’s your turn to say what’s your favourite ways to get ideas for the new posts. 

Share your ideas in the comment box.

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  • Yes! If you have no idea on what to write and your brain is just empty, shut down everything and go do something else. Don’t force yourself, the quality of the post wouldn’t be good anyway if you forced it. I like to workout, exercise, let my mind get out of blogging for a while by going to the gym. Somtimes I’ll just make myself a cup of coffee, sit down and check my twitter account for ideas. Twitter is a good place to find what’s most talk about and to get some ideas. Ideas will come once you’re relax. This works for me as far as I’m concern 🙂

  • Very useful point. These point can help in such situations. Social media is in every time. Exploring realted blogs is very good idea. Read old post from your own blog and update them, it is also very good for SEO. Read some related posts and write a new one :). Great sharing. keep up good work.

  • Writing style of blog and magzine are different and they does not provide any links so that you can check their source, So always read quality magzine in your niche.

  • I usally Watch Tutorial Videos on my free time and always love to read my all old comments bcz that is the main source for getting ideas for next post. Yahoo Answer is the best place always try to give some answer on my free time. We should do that on free time. Well Worth Reading Atish. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  • Yeah Nice post and agree with all points… I do same.I am new to Blogger but Still i like these points… Hope when I dont have any content in my mind these points will help me out…

  • I think going through the old posts of your own blog and reading others blog in same niche are the best tips. I loved the post. Nice write up. Specially I loved the line you used in first paragraph as “as the food is need for the body…….”.
    Very truly written. Thank you buddy.

  • Good list. I’ll add one tip to that: Google’s keyword tool. it’s actually helped me out a few times when I didn’t know what to write about – type in the keywords/topics of your blog, and it suggests a whole lot of related keywords that people search for. And, as a bonus, you get to see which keywords drive in most traffic!

  • Great list and a really good tip from Liz as well. I also like to look at Google Analytics in conjunction with using the keyword research tool. By supplementing with the analytics data I’m better able to see where my hits are coming from in terms of search terms I’ve already targeted and am ranking for versus terms I may not be getting a lot of traffic from yet.

  • Did you run out of things to write and came up with this? Great article and I love the tip about watching tutorial videos. I suppose you could also reverse that and make some of your old blog posts into videos too. Something I like to do when I need inspiration is to search squidoo for lenses around my niche, really helps!

  • I find myself running out of ideas every time I decide to write a post on my blog. I usually search Google for news going on in my niche and get ideas from that so I can write a post current to what’s going on now. Sometimes it works, sometimes I end up recreating an old post with updated info + change it up a bit.

  • Great post. I think reading digital magazine or spending some time in social networks may bring a lot of new ideas to write a new post and also refreshes our mind as well.

  • Thanks for sharing your useful tips, they could be really helpful for all the bloggers to get out of stuck. I personally always try to focus on an other thing, to get out of stuck. Sometimes, it’s the only way to get out of our comfort zones to get a wider view of the problem, and then, the solution could be easier found.

  • It’s nice tips cause many times we are just empty minded. no idea what to write for our blog. so reading magzine and social media is really nice way to explore our ideas……..

  • It happens, the skull is empty, a desperate feeling. What I use is that I take the main keyword of my home site and type it into Google. Usually the sub-conscious starts to work immediately and I will get even too many ideas. The sad thing is, that because these ideas are “forced” my feelings are not with and the quality may be not so good.


  • Writer’s block is a normal condition to every blogger. I usually stop writing and go out to unwind. One should not force himself to write under this condition or else he may not write a quality article. For general topic writers, I recommend Google Hot Trends to find got topics. For niche writers, I use Google Alerts, Twitter and my subscriptions from newsletters.

  • Basically, when i get out of ideas, and then i just switched on to some real people to gather some more real time interesting ideas

  • Great post buddy !! To generate new ideas, I often watch videos on YouTube and read my old comments so as to check if I can continue an old post by posting a new part for that particular post !

  • Interesting blog discussion you have! When I’m out of ideas, I scan pictures and current events to gain ideas. I sometimes get informative options from the news and videos. If it still doesn’t work, I relax my mind by having a pause in a minute or by asking my friends of a great topic.

  • I think always trying to write something can overburden your brain. If you try to exhaust your brain, it does not work efficiently and properly. Therefore, tips given in this article are good to follow. Thanks!

  • Hello,

    It really happens ! Great tips. cause there are times that some of us are just empty minded. Sometimes we need to ask from our commenters to gather some ideas, read magazines as you mentioned in able for us to create a new idea .

    Thanks for sharing this,


  • I call it the Blogger’s Block 🙂 Everytime I am in this situation, I take it as a wake up call to leave my writing for a while and go out – do something fun and totally unrelated to blogging. I always feel rejuvenated after I unwind and as I sit back to write again, fresh ideas do flow from my refreshed mind.

  • You offered us so many interesting ideas and thoughts, that I have to think a little bit about this stuff. Generally saying, I agree with everything you mentioned, especially about explore related blogs.

  • Whenever your mind become blank and not get any idea for new blog topic just try to think what have you do on internet today or yesterday. Find topic by thinking about your last visit on internet and website. You will definitely get new topic for blog.

  • I’m always losing may focus every time I’m ready to write my blog topic .So i forgot what to write. I just read may recent post to have an idea. Sometimes google and yahoo are always there to save being blank..:)

  • Such a very nice article. There are truly times that we run out of ideas for new blog post. Spend more time to explore on related blogs may help a lot because you can gather more ideas for a new blog post.

  • I often run out of ideas what to right and by often I mean everyday then there are days when I think of tons of things to write and forget to write them down!!

    Great post many thanks

  • Clearing your mind from worrys added to what’s already pointed out is the right way to get fresh idea about what you need to write, because its really not easy to get so much idea in one day even if you are a guru in that niche, i only add some little sleeping to get myself together each time i run out of idea.

  • When all esle fails, do some article swapping with other sites. I do that whenever I get writer’s block on my site.

  • Where ever it come to an end of road with my inspiration I know i have to take a small break. So it’s exactly as u wrote, first it’s need to clear the mind of anything and stop to create and point your self for learning.
    In order to set up a fire, first you have to collect to woods.
    I like your article and I wish you as much inspiration as you want and need!

  • I think the best thing to do if you are out of your mind and creating your next blog is to explore with someone else, outsource idea can surely help to spark your mind to create something new…

  • Heya Atish Bhai,

    Nice post with so many Info by you and your commentators !! You have added all such point which we can follow easily as well as in a very short tym we can get an Idea!

    I would like to add one more point by reading other’s not only blog posts but their comments on that post we can work better and got so many ideas for our blog.

    Same thing happened with me right now as I go through your post as well as comments in the post and for this thing i like one thing in your blog we can subscribe comments too in any post after commenting in it and all comments are directly come to our mail box.

    I would say we all should check it before submit comment so that we can get others thought on the topic as well as good Ideas too! 🙂

    One of the Nice post on TTW no doubt!


    • Thanks for reading one of the old posts. Yes you are right comments are always a source of ideas. Infact, I would Like to say that reading anything in your niche can give you idea to write your next post. Thanks for your valuable addition Sugandha.

  • You have rightly pointed out that there are situations when the blogger has no topic to write on….But you have written as to how a person can get inspired from his surroundings…Nice post…

  • Hi Atish Ranjan,

    What a nice ideas that stands the taste of time. You said it all. Your points are quite correct and helping to speed up a dull blogger!

    I use to read magazines for my daily post; like-niche magazines and unlike ones. No knowledge is a waste. I could remember getting a great information about a lazy athlete in a sports magazine. I used the ideas to teach the lazy writers how to spark up their writing skills on a guest post sometime ago.

    I love reading novels, it teaches me how to write a free-flow lines of words. Words that are appealing to the mouth and well arranged. Am sure, this also helps.

    Keep the good work going. Have a nice day.

    — Joseph Chikeleze.

  • Great ideas from you Atish when we feel drying out of ideas. This state can also be called “Writer’s block”.

    I experienced the same one or two times and yes, it’s really a tough situation when we don’t know what to write.

    I have very few ideas to get escape from this situation. Yes, like reading magazines and visiting other blogs, it is worth to walk around the blogging communities like Kingged and Bizsugar. I’m sure that you’ll get some new idea to write.

    Also, we should practise to visit 1-2 new blogs daily and have a look at their blog posts. There we might feel that a particular blog post can be written well. So, I have a notepad to note such blog posts to present in my style.

    Hope my ideas will work for the bloggers who experience writer’s block 🙂

    Your tips are always worth reading, I’d love to implement them. Thanks for updating this old post, have a great week ahead 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your views Nirmala. Yes it is also called as Writer’s block.

      Glad you liked the post.

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