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WhatsApp or WeChat? Which is your favorite?

WhatsApp brought a change to the way people message each other via phone by introducing free messaging. It was quite interesting to use WhatsApp because of its new added features like video on photo sharing, etc. This app became a rage and was the primary messaging engine with every phone user.

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 However, its success seems to be short lived with the advent of a new app called WeChat is there to surpass its monopoly in the market. WeChat is a rival app for WhatsAp and comes with advanced features. As it seems, the app has been carefully designed to remove all the flaws that WhatsApp had.

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Let’s take an insight into what makes WeChat a better option as compared to WhatsApp:-

  • WeChat allows a maximum of 40 members on group chat whereas the limit is 30 in case of WhatsApp. Thus there is a little added advantage for WeChat users.
  • WeChat allows video calling in case of WiFi and 3g networks. This facility is not there on WhatsApp and this is a very serious advantage that WeChat has over WhatsApp. Thus video chat is another feature that becomes free of cost.
  • WeChat has the ‘hold to talk’ button which allows recording messages and sending them thereafter.
  • WeChat has an option where you can design your own emoticons. Just upload an image of your choice and modify it. That would make a beautiful new emoticon, not like the usual ones in WhatsApp.
  • You can use WeChat to connect to Facebook unlike in WhatsApp. This is the best part about WeChat that you always stay connected to your social media circle. So, WeChat scores a high point with this feature.
  • WeChat has a feature called as ‘Moments’ using which you can share photos with everyone in the world and not just friends. This is similar to making your pictures public on your social media profiles.
    wechat vs whatsapp
  • WeChat has a feature called as ‘Look Around’ using which you can connect to people near your current location. Furthermore, it tells the exact location of the person who is near you. For example it will tell you the details of all the people who are within a radius of 1 km from your current location.
  • The ‘Drift Bottle’ feature of WeChat is a nice pastime. You can throw a bottle into the sea whenever you make a test call or message and any other person around the globe can pick it up.
  • Another great feature of WeChat is the ‘Shake’ feature. This works as follows: If you shake you phone, you will be able to connect with everyone who is shaking his/her phone at the same instant.
  • WeChat is compatible with PC’s and laptops. This will help you access WeChat even when you are glued to you seat in your office. Actually, this is one feature that will definitely give WeChat an upper hand over WhatsApp as this is what WhatsApp was always criticized for. People were unable to login to WhatsApp from their PC’s, at least legally.

So, it is quite obvious that WeChat scores way above WhatsApp in every aspect. Anyways, WhatsApp is in the market already so it may take people time to shift from one platform to another. This might just be like an Orkut to Facebook shft unless WhatsApp modifies its software.

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  • Wechat is best for me, I like Look around feature as it allows to connect with the people near you.

  • I vote for Whatsapp as I am using it for an year now. Never used wechat but with the description you provided about Wechat i think its more of a fun or entertainment element than real communication.. Whereas WhatsApp completely changed the whole idea of SMS or MMS.

  • Hello Atish,
    I am using whatsapp since a long time, i know this wechat has introduced a lot of features but now its impossible for be to migrate to we chat, so i will still go for whats app.

  • WhatsApp of course. Wechat is a chinese app and it is adapted exactly for their network.. So Only WhatsApp. It is like Skype but cooler))

  • i think whatsapp is powerfull social media to connect others which their number placed in our contact. i never use wechat because i think whatsapp was give easy ways to connect my friends

  • Both are good Apps. For just chatting whatsapp is good coz we are using it from long time, and Wechat’s voice, video share features just rocks now a day’s i’m into WeChat.

  • The famous chatting app WhatApp is really getting some tough competition from the recently launched app WeChat. WeChat definitely has some great things to offer.

  • I have used both Whatsapp & we chat. I will vote for whatsapp. I don’t like wechat because of its long procedure of voice messages. And also any one near you can send you the messages even if he is a stranger.

  • I have been using WhatsApp for last 8months, I liked it very much. Whatsapp is fast and does the job efficiently. I have also installed Wechat and use it some times for chat and PTT-PushToTalk feature. But I find Wechat will take some more time to be stable, also being a Chinese product and copy-cat I don’t rely on it much.

  • I agree Atish, WeChat weighs way above than WhatsApp if you go by the comparison. The features of WeChat are indeed very smart and make the entire process of communications too convenient. Thanks for sharing such a detailed post with us.

  • Well, the both are elegant and superb! But comparably, I want to go with Whatsapp. It’s one of most promising option of chatting between of them. The extreme contents and features are really looking informative to know about them.

  • Hi Atish,

    Nice one, as we all know that Wechat is very stronger then Whatsapp in specification and on paper but the truth is popularity is matter.Thanks for sharing .

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