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What startup businesses should know about Ruby on Rails?

For most startups, there are usually several priorities when it comes to deciding on technology and development. First among these is reliability; being able to do what it’s supposed to be essential for launching a new product, and that goes for everything from website design to the product itself. Because of this, Ruby on Rails, or Rails, has become one of the most popular frameworks for app development in use today.


Ruby on Rails isn’t an entirely new system, and that’s one of the reasons for its reliability – it’s been battle-tested and had its bugs squashed many times since its launch in 2005. One of the main benefits it brings is that it’s very efficient – both in use and in development time. It has many plugins and modules available right from the start, which means that development teams don’t have to spend so much time creating new elements – or troubleshooting them. It follows standardized conventions and formats, which means that it’s easy to unpick what’s going on and upgrade over time.

ruby on rails

Modular and scalable

Its modular structure also means that different components can be worked on separately knowing that they should combine easily when completed. This means that with different teams working on different elements, development time can be hugely reduced, and redundant code is far less of an issue.

Modularity is also the key to another of Ruby on Rails’ great benefits – it’s scalability. In simple terms, scalability is a technology’s ability to handle increased loads as user numbers go up. Although for many businesses that ability to handle increased numbers is dependent on a large variety of factors, from supply chain to staff numbers, with a framework like Ruby on Rails it refers more precisely to the ability to handle things like database queries and user requests. By dividing the workload among different modules, and having the ability to switch out modules to handle these larger loads without massively affecting overall stability, Ruby on Rails has a built-in capability of handling larger numbers when you need it to.

Battle tested

Lastly, there’s that legacy of being a mature and well-tested system. There is a huge community of Ruby on Rails consulting and development experts and enthusiasts working in an open-source environment. There are thousands of developers around the world trying to improve, customize, and test modules and gems (libraries) all the time; it’s a literal industry within itself. This means that when you want Ruby on Rails to do something, there’s a much better than average change someone has already tried it, made it work, and made sure it will keep working.

There are more modules than you’re ever likely to need, and with a proven track record (and a large number of users invested in the system), that situation is only going to improve over time. Because it operates as an open source software development community, the whole community operates as an expert testing site for new innovations and improvements, making Ruby on Rails one of the most stable and secure frameworks being used today.

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  • Hi Atish,
    It’s really good to read about Ruby on Rails. It is good to know that the system is not a new one and it’s tested well. As mentioned and that’s one of the reasons for its reliability for this system. Also, it is interesting to know about the inbuilt plugins and modules. That itself helps the users to spend less time developing more elements.
    Thanks, Atish and Shelly for this well-explained post of Ruby on Rails,
    Yes, indeed Ruby + Rails brings out Super Power!!
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    ~ Phil

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