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What Happens When Someone Calls You On Airplane Mode?

We tend to keep our phones in airplane mode at times due to some reasons. One good example here is when you are on a flight. Sometimes, when I record some videos using my phone, I put it on Airplane mode so that no calls should come in the middle of recording.

Ever wondered what happens when someone calls you in airplane mode? Will the call go through, or will it get rejected? Will you get a notification about the call when you are out of airplane mode? Let us try finding out. 

What Happens When Someone Calls You On Airplane Mode

Under general conditions, when someone calls you in airplane mode, the call goes straight to the voicemail. The caller can share a message on the voicemail. However, if voicemail has not been configured, the caller will get a Not Reachable message. 

What Happens When Someone Calls You on Airplane Mode?

There can not be a single answer to the question. What happens when someone calls you on airplane mode is based primarily on whether you have configured voicemail or call forwarding on your phone. The call will go to the voicemail if you have configured it on your phone, or it will go to the designated number if you have enabled call forwarding on your device. You will not receive any notification when someone calls you on airplane mode until you turn off the airplane mode. 

However, if you have WiFi or internet enabled on your phone and the call is made over the wireless connection, your call will be received. A few good examples of this connection would include Facetime or WhatsApp calls. But, once again, most of the smartphones do not support connecting to the internet when in the airplane mode. 

What is the Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode is also called in-plane mode. Simply put, airplane mode is a mode on the phone which prevents your phone from connecting to any network that may be travelling in the air. This includes every type of signal – which includes  Bluetooth signals, cell tower transmissions (cellular data), and wireless or Wi-Fi connectivity. 

The airplane mode is the simple option to help you turn off receiving all the signals in one go. Instead of having to turn off each of those signals one by one or separately, you will be able to disconnect all the signals in one go. 

Why is Airplane Mode Required?

Your smartphone emits radiations that are very powerful. These devices work specifically through the emission of radio waves and electromagnetic interference or EMI.  When inside an airplane, these powerful signals and radiations can disturb the normal functioning of the equipment in the cockpit of an airplane. 

The airplane and its cockpit consist of several pieces of electronic equipment that communicate through electromagnetic waves and radio waves. Similar waves from your smartphone can disrupt the proper functioning or communication of the electronic components in the cockpit. They can also severely affect the control system of the aeroplane. All these factors will communicate to disrupt the proper maneuvering of the airplane. 

That is why the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stipulates that the passengers need to turn on airplane mode on their personal electronic devices (PEDs). The list of PEDs will include e-readers, smartphones, computers, handheld gaming consoles, and smartwatches.

Does Airplane Mode Stop Incoming Calls?

Yes, the airplane mode blocks all incoming calls. As long as your phone is in airplane mode, it will have all the wireless communication options on your device completely disabled. This includes the ability to receive calls or make any calls. When someone tries to call you when you are in airplane mode, he or she will reach the voicemail, get diverted to a forwarded number or will get a “not reachable” message. 

The airplane mode completely disables the phone’s ability to connect to the cellular or WiFi networks or even to the Bluetooth. This will mean you when you use airplane mode, you cannot make calls or receive calls, connect to the internet or even send texts. 

How to Reach Someone on Airplane Mode?

There is no way you can reach someone when they are in airplane mode. You will not be able to reach to them through incoming calls, texts, or other notifications. However, you can reach to them through other modes such as email, WhatsApp text and an VoIP call. 

You can consider leaving a message through the platforms such as WhatsApp, and You may also look to leave a message on social media so that they would get the messages when they turn off the airplane mode. In any case, instead of leaving a text message, it may be a good idea to leave an instant message on WhatsApp or any other similar app. You can be assured that the message will be received when they turn airplane mode off. 

Can You Tell If Someone’s Phone is in Airplane Mode? 

Finding and telling if someone is in airplane mode is a bit tricky. It may not be that easy to find if someone is in flight mode. The signs would be similar to a phone that is in airplane mode and one that is out of the coverage area. 

The messages that you receive when the phone is in airplane mode is similar to the messages that you receive when the phone is switched off or even has moved to an area outside the coverage. So, there is no definitive means to find out if the phone is in flight mode. 

What Are The Benefits of Airplane Mode?

There are times when the airplane mode can prove to be beneficial. Some such situations would include

It can help improve your productivity

When you are in some urgent work, the messages, notifications and calls on your phone can prove to be very much distracting. If you are planning to do something with no distractions, it may be a good idea to turn on the flight mode on your phone. That would help you get your work done faster. 

It can help keep small children safer

We tend to give our phones to our kids to help them kill time. Turning airplane mode on can help you prevent accidental calls to your boss or anyone else for that matter. It can also help prevent the kids from connecting to the internet or doing any weird thing with respect to communication. 

Improve your battery life

When your phone has cellular, wireless, and Bluetooth functions enabled, the phone will have several activities in the background. These activities can put strain on your battery and make it get discharged faster. It may be a good idea to turn on the airplane mode when there is a scanty network. It may also be a good idea to turn on the airplane mode when charging your phone. This will let the phone charge faster. 

What Can You Do When the Phone Is In Airplane Mode?

While you cannot make or receive calls or connect to the internet when in airplane mode, there are some activities that you can undertake when your phone is in airplane mode. 

  • You can listen to your downloaded playlists.
  • You can take photos and videos of the things outside. 
  • You may read a book that is available on your phone
  • You can create a To Do list and make Notes on your phone
  • You can also play a game that does not need an internet connection
  • You may also watch a downloaded movie or video

The Concluding Thoughts

So, when you are in airplane mode on your phone, you cannot make or receive calls. However, when someone calls you when you are in airplane mode, you will not be able to receive any calls. They will simply get a Not Reachable tone or get redirected to the voicemail. 


What Do You Hear When You Call Someone on Airplane Mode?

When you call someone in airplane mode, you will either be redirected to the voicemail or get a message indicating that the person is not reachable. 

Does the location work in aeroplane mode?

Airplane mode turns off all wireless communication on your phone. That would mean the GPS service will get turned off. However, if your phone has a built-in GPS, the satellites would be able to track your device.

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