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A very profound welcome to the magnificent readers of TechTricksWorld. I’m utmost happy to welcome you back. πŸ™‚ Okay, let me break the ice now! I know you highly inquisitive to know what happened to TTW recently. In direct words β€œWhy the site went down?”

Let me begin by telling you that I didn’t myself know about the mishap. Actually, a colleague of mine called me on 2nd February around 12.30 am and told me that TTW is not showing. Rather it’s showing a database error. Honestly speaking, I got hugely flabbergasted. My anxiety knew no bounds and I began wondering what would have happened.

And-We are-Back

I went for my laptop and entered the words β€œTechtricksworld.com” in the web browser as speedily as I could. A screen appeared in front of me a database error! I initially thought there might be some glitch on server as it happens sometimes but then I realised that it was the attempt to deface our website. A gigantic thunderbolt struck me! I found out that there was an external attack over TTW through Control Panel and an attempt to delete the database was made. I quickly picked my phone and told my very dear friend cum business partner Zainil about the same.

We then realised that the same attacked happened over our other 2 blogs too; namely 2012Onwards and Stoogles.

Me and Zainil got into our element and put the site into the maintenance mode and started recovering the sites. Β After putting hours of taxing efforts, I’m ecstatic to let you know that the major part of the total data has been successfully recovered on TTW by me and Zainil; and the fact that TTW is up now! πŸ™‚ We are trying our best to recover the entire data with serious efforts. Hopefully, TTW will be back with fully loaded data soon.

Meanwhile, I want to say a deep and heartfelt THANK YOU to our friends and supporters who gave us the timely notification regarding the predicament. A special thanks to my eSister Sugandha, Peter Lee, Payal Bansal, Anurag Jain etc… who got some time Β from their busy schedule to notify about the TTW status that is was not working and supported us with positive vibes n courage during the mishap recovery period.

To our readers! Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thanks a trillion for your understanding and support! If you have anything to discuss, please contact us.

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