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7 Steps to Create a Powerful Webinar

Are you already using webinars to improve your audience?

If the answer is yes, congratulations!

Webinars are indeed an extraordinary solution, with many advantages. You can reach many customers from the comfort of your office, the costs are very limited and you can fully concentrate on your message.

You can also record your webinars and propose them at a later time to your audience, as an effective marketing weapon for your business.

Webinar - E-Learning Concept

But how can you get the complete interest of the participants?

With so many distractions out there, it’s easy for them to divert the attention to their emails, or social media accounts, or anything else on the web.

Here is a list of suggestions, with 7 key steps (and targeted tips) to use in your next webinar, and make it an amazing event!

1. Technology

Learn to make good use of the technology.

What does it mean?

First of all, you have to opt for a good service provider. I use this webinar platform because it’s easy to understand and really intuitive, plus, I like the interactivity tools (chat and polling).

After the software choice, be sure to learn how to properly use it, because your ease (or your embarrassment) during the event will make you feel like a professional (or an amateur).

So be sure to use the right tools!

[color-box]Tip: at the beginning of the webinar ask your participants, if everything (video, audio, chat, etc.) is fine.[/color-box]

2. Guidelines

Think in advance about the rules of your webinar.

For example, when the event is started, people (also stimulated by you) may begin to chat and could continue to do so during the webinar. This is good but just until a certain point, because it can be really distracting.

Or else, you might have a participant who asks you a strange or embarrassing question.

Therefore, after the initial pleasantries, it is better to suggest a stop to the conversation, saying that there will be a special section for questions and answers.

List the activities of the webinar clearly.

Also announce that the event will be recorded so that all participants, especially those who leave before the end, will be able to access the webinar at a later time.

[color-box]Tip: during the webinar, you can ask the support of a moderator, who will be in charge to reiterate the guidelines, writing down the rules or respond, on your behalf, to any technical questions of your participants (like help requests, for example).[/color-box]

3. Goal

Establish the objectives. Ask yourself questions like:

– why are you running this webinar?

– what do you want the participants to do?

– do you want them to purchases a product or a service?

Be as specific as possible and think about the structure of your webinar in order to to accomplish this.

Of course, taking into account that you must give value to those who participate.

[color-box]Tip: entertain your listeners, from time to time, using humor![/color-box]

4. Authority

Think yourself as an expert in your field.

Therefore, your opinion must be authoritative. Sharing your knowledge should give a real value to your listeners.

They would not miss any of your words, because of your experience, studies and qualification in the webinar topic.

So be prepared to share tips, secrets, case studies, resources or any other useful information.

This is an awesome post at HubSpot on how to create a great event.

[color-box]Tip: find someone who can help you during the webinar, also presenting you in the beginning, as an expert on the subject.[/color-box]

5. Preparation

You must care about two important aspects.

How to catch the attention of the listeners?

Do you want that those who participate do something specific?

Then structure your webinar with an opening (to catch the attention), a body (which explains, convinces and captivates) and a conclusion (which contains the call to action).

Also help yourself with a pattern, a mind map or whatever you want to keep track of the program.

You need to remember the most important messages!

Also, plan even the smallest details. Establish the date and duration of your webinar and send the email invitation at least 2 weeks before the actual day. Three days before the event send a reminder that contains all the details needed to participate in the webinar.

[color-box]Tip: tell a personal story to capture and keep up the attention of your listeners.[/color-box]

6. Voice

To captivate your audience, you can only rely on your voice and the slides (material used during the webinar).

So be sure to play with the volume (high, medium, low), with the pace (slow, fast), with the tone (high, low), also with breaks to keep up the attention on your message.

Think about how to create an expectation on your participants.

Remember that people react to emotions!

[color-box]Tip: nothing is more distracting than a monotonic voice. If you smile, while you are talking, your listeners will perceive the emotions even without seeing you.[/color-box]

7. Slides

In a few words, the material presented during your webinar.

Slides are designed to inform, excite or sell.

So image how to engage your audience with a very little text.

The slides are the other tool available, in addition to your voice, to excite and tease those who participate at your event.

Create different forms and choose images that create emotions.

[color-box]Tip: use a maximum of 15 words per slide for anchor your words.[/color-box]

7. Personality

Give a personal touch to your presentation.

Those who will attend your webinar will hear your message with his head.

If you also want to involve their heart, use captivating images and a specific tone of voice, to convey an effective message.

Remember that people have “declared” and “hidden” needs, and they are the latter ones that make them really act.

[color-box]Tip: put at least one personal picture in your presentation (add also guests and co-speakers).[/color-box]


Finally, sum up everything.

Use the webinar software to gather information about the feedback of the participants, in order to improve the effectiveness of your next event.

Also, think about offering a gift for everyone who participated to your webinar. This can be your chance to ask them to like your Facebook page, or subscribe to your mailing list.

What do you think?

Have you ever organized a webinar?

Please share your experience in the comments below, thanks!

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About the author

Erik Emanuelli

This post is brought to you by Erik Emanuelli who is an entrepreneur, traveler and blogger. He is the founder of Nopassiveincome.


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  • Hello Erik,
    Very nice Article….

    And Yes Webinars are a powerful source of Traffic and hence sales to your Site ! you explained all above very nicely..

    Much Appreciated !

  • Hi Erik,
    Awesome article man. Webinars are great way of showing your authority and enhancing your branding.
    Thanks for the amazing tips to make our webinars more interesting and attention grabbing. 🙂

  • Hi Erik,

    Good to see you again on TTW!

    You’ve gently nailed the post with essential stuff, it’s a completely new topic for me.

    I’ve heard about Webinar but didn’t think to do it till now.

    Thanks for showing some awesome resources to start the webinar and yes, the personal touch is needed everywhere to stand out from the crowd.

    Have a great rest of the week and stay productive.

    • Thanks, Nirmala.
      Good to see you too! 🙂

      Webinars are one of those tools many internet marketers do not use.
      May be because you need some time to understand how they work.

      Appreciate your comment and support,
      have a good week too!

  • Hello Erik, thanks for your good article. really good post indeed. I am thinking to make Webinars as well Webinar is one of the great way to engage with readers, visitors, traffics. But i confused how to start. By reading your this article just learn the tips and i think, it’s high time for me to start my first Webinar 🙂


  • Thanks for these tips Erik! You clearly have deep knowledge in this area… I’ve myself been using Webinarloop2 to conduct high-converting webinars and I find these tips really useful to implement it even better…

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