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4 Ways to Diversify Your Blog Content

Content marketing is a promotion format that needs to be thought over and worked out. Irregular articles or holiday photos will not help you achieve your business goals. If you want your blog to help you drive leads down your sales funnel, you need to work out a content strategy or at least a roadmap. That is, you need a plan that you will stick to. You can roughly understand what you will be writing about – your industry. But where to get specific topics? The audience needs something interesting. We offer four ways to solve this problem.

Before we begin, it is worth mentioning that the quality of blog content is of prime importance. This aspect can be critical for young writers who combine studies and blogging. And if you are torn apart between finishing your college assignment and preparing a post for a blog, you will most likely fail in both. In this case, it would be wise to turn for help to a reliable student help service like wr1ter.com to focus all your attention on the blog content.

Where to Look for Content Ideas?

  1. Ask your customers

If you want to know what will be interesting for people, ask them. Connect with customers, ask questions, and listen/read the answers carefully.

Let’s say you sell building materials. Most of your buyers are not professional builders but people who themselves make repairs in an apartment or build a summer cottage in their free time. They will be interested in building advice such as “How to glue the wallpaper?”, “How to make a beautiful and durable brickwork?”, “How to choose a heater?” etc.

Or here’s an example from the healthcare industry, where content must meet hundreds of legal requirements. Why not write detailed instructions on how to use the website? You are not just a clinic but a service provider for people who may be a little anxious when they visit it. And your tendency will not only improve their User Experience and mood but also reduce the number of refusals on the site.

Considering that you have already converted a part of your audience into buyers, it makes sense to ask them. Their opinion will help you get new clients and keep the old ones.

  1. Look for questions

If you don’t know what kind of content can resonate with your audience, go to sites with questions and answers. There is a division by headings, a good search, so you will quickly get a few dozen topics.

Here you will find not only relevant questions but also be able to use your content as answers. That is, it is a base for research and a potentially valuable channel for promotion.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say your business is home insurance. Not the most extensive topic for the content. But suppose you work in an earthquake-prone region or on a coastline that is prone to hurricanes. Then things get much more enjoyable. You can post an article “How to Prepare for a Hurricane” on your blog, and on the Questions site, you can post the following answers:

– How to prepare your home for a hurricane?

– What items should you buy for your emergency backpack?

– What to take with you if you are evacuated?

And if you add a location to the article and answers (in Texas, for example), it will work for SEO.

  1. Read the Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ is a rich source of content topics. If you don’t have such a section on your website yet, create it using the previous tips.

And if there is one, open the FAQ and see if you have content on all the questions. If yes, try to expand this list. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and look at your list of products and services from the perspective of your target audience. What would you like to know about your company, about your product? What problems does your business solve? And so on.

Remember that the FAQ section should be updated regularly. This way, you will always have novel ideas for your content.

  1. Optimize old but popular blog posts

Sounds simple, right? In principle, it is so. Updating content is an easy and quick way to get organic traffic. Just open a site metric, see what is being read more often, open this article and add new or more relevant data. Any industry develops, something new appears in it – and you need to reflect this in your content.

Take the flu season. If you work in healthcare, this topic will always be relevant for you and your patients. The flu epidemic comes every year. And everyone needs to know about the symptoms and treatment. But this information can change from year to year. Different vaccines, an unforeseen pandemic of another virus, with very similar symptoms – all this needs to be quickly added to your articles so that they are better ranked in search engines.

But remember: updated articles should be on the same page as old ones. Change only the date. Do not create a new page; it can harm your SEO, as incompletely original content will appear on two pages of the site at once.

Updating texts will show search engines that this content is valuable and as relevant as possible.

And one more important thing. It is not obligatory to write all articles in the format of a dialogized monologue (that is, when you seem to be telling a story to a mute person, responding to his reaction). However, this is also an option. But we are talking about focusing on ease of reading and following the same train of thought as your audience. That is, your texts should be logical and understandable. Also, don’t write lengthy introductions or use lyrical digressions. Want to please readers? Do not blabber. Answer the question that brought them to you, and you will have readers’ love.

Content marketing is a potentially valuable format for promoting your business. If you do everything correctly, content creation will become an easier and more efficient process.

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Shelly is an avid reader, and the love of reading takes her to content writing eventually. She loves writing on various topics.

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