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5 Ways to Build a Positive Brand Association

Trying to establish a positive brand association is a quite delicate procedure for the marketing team. Marketers are well aware of the fact that they should be sensitive even with prepositions placed in the motto of the campaign. Since if somehow they may be interpreted as offensive that may ruin the whole thing and no crisis marketing plan will fix the damage.

Positive brand association is nurtured over time. Its maintenance requires constant effort and thinking above usual. The competition is huge. Great ideas are taken. No way it is OK to earn the reputation of a copycat. Could you imagine Pepsi will place Santa and start asking for a Christmas mood, as its competitor does? Not that it will be frowned upon…it will be simply ridiculous.

Follow the ideas suggested below and have people recognize the brand being triggered by something that provokes strong feelings of joy, respect, and reverence.

Know your customers better than your family

You create your product for people, for your target audience in particular. They will determine where the positive association is going to come from. Latest tendencies, new superstars among celebrities, and world events influence the direction of a positive marketing campaign. However, it might make sense if it is of any interest to people who are in your targeted segment. If the demographics data is several years after Justin Bieber sang never say never. You might not want to have this epic phrase in the word choice for your next campaign.

Visual representation

This one results from your target clientele preferences as well and keeps being one of the most proven tactics to make customers think of what you offer with a mellow feeling. Colors, filters applied, fonts, content organization (shapes, lines, blurs), templates (newsletter templates, stories templates, logo templates), and other graphic elements for your marketing needs. Graphics design enhances the message and roots in the consumers’ brain, creating a strong associative connection. Choose the ones that align with your brand identity, however, do not divert people aesthetically.

Strong verbal choices

As a marketer you must make sure to take care of your semantic field…however, oriented preferably on people who are going to read or hear, not on the search engine at this time. Blaise Pascal once mentioned that kind words do not cost much, yet they accomplish much. It is still true and keeps bearing practical importance for various aspects of human lives. The words you use must be in tune with the brand message, bear positive connotations, and, every time your customers hear similar word combinations, they will direct their memory engines right to the great thing that they have heard about and will eventually want to cooperate again.

Cause-related marketing

If there is a chance to participate in a certain cause-related event, then do so. Supporting a good cause is a direct way to create that positive association you are seeking. An audience appreciates when brands are showing their strong position in advocating ( not fighting, try to not load with battling verbal stuff) some positive changes, making the world a better place to live, helping people finding the way, etc. Such activity is always memorable for the audience in all the constructive ways for your business promotion.

Be authentic to what you do

This one is probably from the philosophy field, however, works better than any big-budget association campaign. The idea is to be sure that whatever you are offering for the audience indeed solves their problems and truly influences the situation for the better. You are always ready to upgrade, love hearing any sorts of feedback, are actively involved in the life of your following community, and your audience never feels underestimated. Such an approach guarantees that people will associate your brand not only with a high-quality product, or service but also with an extremely well-established client treatment.


Providing great service and taking care of those who you proudly call your customers is already a well-paved path to making your audience think about you and your product in the most positive connotation. However, with all the competition on the market, more ideas for enhancing the effect are needed along with thorough attention to details. Working towards making people perceive your brand in the best light, you must indeed shine and make those who interact with you shine with joy and content. Easy as it is.

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