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Veesp VPS Hosting Review

Web hosting is the primary need if you want to run your own website since it offers you storage space and required configuration that you need to store your website files and make it running.

There are many types of web hosting; out of them Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting are quite popular. In Shared Hosting your website uses the resources which are shared with other websites on the same server. On the other hand, VPS hosting offers virtual servers for every site which are the part of a dedicated server. Every site uses its own resources which make the site load faster since there is no sharing of the resource. Also, there are fewer chances of getting your site virus infected on VPS.

When we talk about VPS Hosting, there are many players in the market, and today we are going to talk about one of those, vStoike which is now rebranded as Veesp. They primarily offer VPS and Dedicated hosting to their users.

They have different VPS and Dedicated hosting offers which I am going to list below further in this review.

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Veesp VPS and Dedicated Hosting Products:


SSD stands for Solid State Drives which are faster than HDDs. Hence, nowadays website owners started to use SSD hosting in place of HDD hosting. This plan offers high performance on KVM virtualisation. This plan has further divided as per the resource requirements which you can see in the screenshot below:

The more resources you ask for, the more cost you have to spend. So, as per the requirement, you can choose the one that suits you.


Many users for some reasons or to cut cost use HDD VPS as well, and for those this plan offers the best features. The virtual servers are on KVM virtualisation with HDD storage on the RAID 10 architecture. It also has different pricing structure as per the resource allocation.

You can see in the above screenshot that HDD plans are slightly lesser than SSD plans.

Windows VPS

Nowadays since Linux hosting is so popular, you will find that very few popular hosting companies offer Windows VPS hosting. But, Veesp has the stuff for those who develop websites that need Windows environment.

Windows VPS is costlier than that of Linux VPS. But, when you need Windows, there is no way out. However, Veesp has a fair pricing structure for this as well.

The most basic plan costs $20/MO which is quite costlier than of Linux’s most basic plan of $3/MO.

Dedicated Server

VPS is a part of one dedicated server that is fragmented into virtual servers and allocated to the websites. But, when you have a bigger business, you might want to go directly for a dedicated server which will cost you more but the performance will be great, and also you get more security and flexibility with extended features.

The most basic plan of Dedicated Server Hosting is $120/MO which is very costly, but for big business like e-commerce sites, this hosting type is recommended.

Apart from these VPS and Dedicated hosting plans, Veesp offers DNS hosting, SSL certificates, Licenses, and domain names as well.

Notable features of Veesp

  1. Uptime Guaranteed: Veesp offers 99.9% of uptime. They are so sure about it that they say if it falls below 99.9%, they will refund the full cost of the last month. By the way, when they email you that servers may be down for few minutes due to some update being done, you must not count that in downtime because that is needed to be done at times.
  2. Powerful Hardware: Veesp employs the best and the powerful hardware for its server computers to offer the optimum hosting service to its customers. And, that is what needed because many hosting companies use cheap hardware to cut the cost which later makes you suffer as a customer because low-quality hardware may keep creating problems once in a while on the server.
  3. Customizable Plans: Though they have plans as per requirements, you can still customize your plan as per your requirements. For example, you may need less space but more RAM at times. Their plans are not like that, but you can still ask them for it. They will customize your plan as per the requirements.

How was my Experience?

I needed a VPS plan for one month for one of my short-term project, and I found VPS affordable. I didn’t need a great VPS service, so I didn’t search more for it. I got a recommendation for Veesp from one of my friends and used it for a month.

I was overwhelmed with the services it offered me. No downtime for me.


VPS hosting is in the trend because of the increasing online threats that infect one website on a shared host, and then other websites hosted on the same shared server are likely to get affected. So, for more security and other advantages, people started using VPS more than shared hosting nowadays. Veesp looks promising for all types of users. Still, you have to try it out, and see if it does work well for you too?

Since most of the things look quite well with Veesp, why not give it a try?

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  • Hi Atish

    I have used different VPS service out of which some gave me good experience.

    while I face many issue with some of VPS service provider.

    Thanks for sharing this information.i will give a try to this.

  • Hi Atish,
    Have been using them for several months and couldn’t be happier with the experience so far. Services are easy to use, website is clean, elegant and simple to navigate.

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    It’s now becoming more complicated for us to search for find the best and most suitable server or hosting for us in terms or security, pricing plans and service, I think your post targeted some of the basics that needs to be understood.


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