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In the world of marketing today, image is everything.  Every business out there is its own brand.  They’re selling something, and more often than not, what they’re selling is themselves.  We live in a society where our spending is dictated by what we think we need, not what we actually need.  What we are told by these brands we need.  If you are a business owner, the most important question that should be on your mind is this: How can I get people to WANT what I am selling?

In today’s online world, the first step is to have an amazing website.  The Internet changed the game for businesses everywhere. These days, businesses are hiring search engine optimization experts and WordPress theme developers, trying to get every edge they can over the

And it is absolutely the right thing to do!  If you are a business owner, your online brand starts with your website!  A great website sends a message to the potential customer.  It tells them that you are serious about what you do – serious enough to hire professional web developers to create a professional website.  This automatically presents your business and your brand in a favorable light.  It shows that you are conscientious, and that you take yourself and your operation very seriously.  Customers are very smart.  They’re not going to look twice at a shoddily designed website selling audio-visual equipment when there’s a beautifully designed website doing the same thing.

Of course, your website is not the only place where you can push your brand.  For example, a great leaflet or flyer can generate a lot of attention for your business.  Why waste money on ineffective methods when flyers are a proven marketing strategy? Like Dean Williams of says, “Marketing is expensive, especially for small businesses, which is why you need to spend it wisely.”

Keep in mind though, that your flyer is also a reflection of your brand.  It will simply not do to print out a hastily put together flier or leaflet from your computer, run it through a copier, and hand out a few dozen of them.  No, an effective flyer requires some serious thought to be put into it.

The ideal flyer, at the very minimum, creates a sense of curiosity in potential customers.  It is not bogged down with technical details; it is simply an overview of what you have to offer.  It is something to make them want to know more about your business or product.  You might say it is a little sneak peek, a preview, a tease of what you have to offer.  That is why your flyer must not only contain quality content, but must be beautifully printed.  A cheap done flyer gives the impression that you yourself are cheap, and that you are willing to cut corners just to turn a profit.

If your flyer is done right, it will drive people to seek you out, whether at your actual brick and mortar establishment or your fantastic website.

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  • I had bad experience in E-commerce sites. I am winding it up and moving to another business let see how it will work for me thanks for this information cheers.

  • Hello Atish,

    I’m tempted to agree with Dean. In as much having a great website sells out and places one’s business on a higher pedestal, having a well crafted flyer can’t in anyway be taken for granted.

  • Hello Atish,

    With changing market scenario, strategies to marketing your business is also changing with time. And as Dean Williams said it is surely an expensive thing if not handled correctly unless online marketing is cheaper than one can think if done correctly.

  • Hello Atiish,

    Marketing is easier one who understands the changing trends and presence offf proper flyer turns it unexpectedly easy..

    Well written dear

  • Well said Atish.

    I am new here. No doubt leaflet and flyer distribution activity is very helpful. it can help to identify the target market but on this blog I am reading something new and well strategiesed flyer distribution marketing.

  • Well informative article Atish. Thank you for sharing this

    Flyer distribution is really effective in helping businesses reach specially in Australia. According to the research, 99% of Australians check their letterboxes regularly. So by flyer distribution constantly through letterboxes, it can help to make a business or brand more visible to the local customers.

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