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How to Unsubscribe From Email Newsletters Easily in Gmail

Now days I am in reading mode, I mean I am reading so many tips and tricks available on the internet these days. Even I have shared a trick to send anonymous emails in my last post and now again I found something useful which I thought to share with TTW readers. 

When I was infant of using Internet I was keep on subscribing so many website’s newsletters but now as my work completely revolves around the internet, I visit the websites directly hence I don’t need subscription to their newsletters.  There are many websites still out there which newsletter is needed but most of them are not needed because I would have visited their site before their newsletter comes to me.  

In fact, many emails I get daily are either just nonsense or not useful to me [Even many of them looks like I never subscribed but getting emails from them] hence I always either trash or mark spam to them without even opening them. As I don’t even open them, I always forget to unsubscribe from them.

If I have to unsubscribe from those emails then what I do is to search the “unsubscribe” word in my Gmail and then open every email, then search for unsubscribe link and then click on that to unsubscribe. I search “Unsubscribe” word because almost newsletters gives the option to unsubscribe but Don’t you think after opening each email we need to search for unsubscribe link first which seems to be annoying at times.

But don’t worry I have found a chrome extension which makes unsubscribing easier. You may install that extension from here.

When you install this extension then it will show a “Unsubscribe” option in the emails that is having an unsubscribe option. Like this:-


Just click on this red button and you will be unsubscribed.  As I am a chrome and Gmail user, it works best for me.

But there are few things you will not like in this extension as it works only with those emails in which there is a link on “unsubscribe” word.  If the Unsubscribe word is present but it’s not linked then this extension won’t work.

Are you getting what I am trying to say Here? No?

OK, Let me make it easy for you to understand.

This extension will work when the unsubscribe option is given in this way. i.e. link on unsubscribe button:-

unsubscribe emails

But the extension will not work if the option give in this way because there is no “unsubscribe” word and hence no link on this word.


Even the word “Unsubscribe” is there but not linked then it doesn’t work. It still works most of the time in this case too.

I simply in love with this extension. How about you? I am sure you’re gonna love it too.

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  • Exceptional information Atish!

    Am using Google Chrome Browser and thanks for giving link to install the “Unsubscribe”.

    I Bookmarked it, coz am reading lot off stuffs by subscribing the newsletters.

    Hope it would be useful in the future 🙂

    Its quite interesting to learn new information daily in TTW 🙂

    Keep updating it 😉

  • thanx alot brother for such good info ,,,,,, i am though all this stuff , its very annoying sometimes to see ur mailbox full with newsletter and all ,,,,,, thanx once again

  • Wow, Thanks for sharing this Useful Info,
    Its better to unsubscribe from Spammy Newsletters and bulk emails rather than Reporting it as Spam.,.

  • Excellent Aatish 🙂

    I so love Google Chrome and I have installed this extension already. Thanks for this wonderful share. I needed it.

    ~ Chitra

  • From the perspective of a business owner who uses mailing lists a lot, the power of the unsubscribe button is usually not realized. It’s always a good idea to measure your unsubscribe rate so that you can improve it and see how changes you make positively or negatively affect that number. It’s also good so that you’re not bugging people. It’s better to have someone unsubscribe than it is to just spam their inbox. That way, you’re not wasting your time and your not wasting theirs either.

  • Awesome and very informative post about Gmail mailing lists. and you have shared this link for Unsubscribe it’s very nice…

    Thanks for sharing

  • Hey Atish,

    Thanks for sharing this very informative post. As a blogger, it’s important to keep up with the latest blogs which makes us to subscribe into email newsletter to know if there are new articles that is needed to read upon. But sometimes, email newsletter flood my Gmail inbox which is sometimes irritating. It’s a good thing that you shared this very informative post. I guess I’ll start to sort out my Gmail inbox now.

  • Hi Atish,
    Fantastic post up here. I just love this kind of post. Chrome extensions are really helps and it saves our valuable time. This is the first time i hear about Unsubscribe chrome extension.Thanks for introduce me to this awesome chrome extension.

  • Gmail also has got its own auto unsubscribe tool.
    In Gmail, if you mark an email as spam, it gives you an option to unsubscribe from the list as well.
    If there is a tool that provides unsubscribe-from-all such email lists currently in inbox then I would really be happy 🙂 though I know it’s now practical.

  • Hello Atish,

    This is a wonderful post, and as you have explained about the Unsubscribe From Email Newsletters Easily in Gmail really its much better unsubscribe from spammy newsletter. its very easy.l well thanks atish for telling about this post.

  • Hi Atish it is great tips! And it was really helpful each and everyone.I am useing Google Chrome Browser and thanks for giving link to install the “Unsubscribe”. yes very useful plugin.
    nice share

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