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Types of Damages in a Car Accident Injury Claim

After being involved in a car accident In which another driver is at fault, you are entitled to compensation for several losses. The amount of the settlement is determined by the degree of injuries and damages caused. With the help of a skilled lawyer, you may be able to get a fair settlement.

The key to a successful injury claim case lies in finding the best Riverside car accident lawyer near you. Some victims opt for self-representation in some cases, but this is often a misstep, as they may not be able to properly analyze their claim’s worth and end up receiving a significantly lower amount than they should.

Normally, car accident claim settlements pay for actual losses suffered. This means the losses that you can prove to be as a result of the accident. Keep reading to get a better understanding of the damages paid in a car accident injury claim.

What Kind of Losses Are Covered in a Car Accident Injury Claim?

1. Property Damage

If any of your property was damaged during the accident, you could add the value of the repaired or replacement item to your claim. Such things usually include the car you were driving and any valuable items like jewelry, shoes, and more damaged or destroyed during the accident. It’s essential to have an attorney evaluate the damages thoroughly.

2. Loss of Wages or Employment

You are entitled to claim compensation for the wages lost during the time spent off work due to the injuries caused by the accident. By indicating the total earnings you could have received between the time of your accident and the present day of the settlement negotiations, you can determine the amount of lost wages to include in the claim. Additionally, if the injuries have affected your ability to return to work in the future, you can use your past income records to estimate the future amount owed to you. 

3. Medical Expenses

Injuries sustained from car accidents vary; some victims can recover fully while others are not always so lucky and end up living with the effects for years. Several treatments are required to facilitate quick recovery for the injuries suffered during an accident. Some may require repeat specialist treatment, therapy, or even surgery. 

All these expenses, including the equipment used to facilitate recoveries such as bandages and crutches, count as costs and are included in the claim. If your treatment will continue after the case, it is vital to include future costs as well.

4. Pain and Suffering

Compensation for pain and suffering paid to an accident victim is determined by the kind of injury and the magnitude of pain experienced, and the possibility of the pain still existing in the future. This not only includes physical pain but emotional and psychological damage as well, including stress anxiety, and other mental ailments. 

5. Loss of Affection

You can include loss of affection to your settlement claim if the injuries you sustained get in the way of your relationship such that you lack the ability to spend time with your loved ones, which then negatively affects your bond. If such situations cause a divorce or separation, then you are entitled to reimbursement as well.

Having a Lawyer Is Essential in Understanding Your Claim’s Worth 

To receive a fair settlement, you are advised to first consult a legal administrator before accepting a compensation offer. This way, you ensure you have calculated the full value of your claim.

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