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Top Influential People Who NEVER LIVED

And here comes the Christmas ! 🙂 🙂 Merry Christmas to all the readers of TTW ! 🙂

While decorating the Christmas tree, I was continuously thinking about Santa Claus, and then I suddenly realized that even though Santa Claus never lived, still he has been soo much influential in our lives; and then the entire day I was continuously thinking about all the people who have influenced my life, and especially those people who never lived; and there came the birth of this post – Influential people who never lived ! 😎

An Influential Person is the one whose actions is capable of inspiring a number of people. There are many great personalities who have lived, and have devoted their lives in guiding people around them. However, we cannot ignore the ones who majorly influenced our lives but never lived. Yes, we are talking about those fictional or make-believe personalities who never really lived but have been widely popular over the years. From about 100’s of characters, here is my list of top influential people, who never lived.


Santa Claus or Kris Kringle or Old Saint Nick, call him what you wish. Every 24th of December, a short, stout man dressed completely in red, climbs down the chimney and leaves his little friends with surprising gifts. How does he do that? Where does he come from? The questions remain unanswered. Until the kids grow up and find out that it was all just a make-believe.

Santa Claus

For children all over the world, especially the western kids, Santa Claus is that one man who gifts them presents, if and only, they behave. Keeping this in mind, most children stop throwing tantrums and behave very obediently.


Barbie dolls are a fashion statement for all the little girls. Every grown up woman has one thing in common, they all grew up grooming a particular doll, the Barbie Doll. The perfect little doll was always there for her girls. All young girls believed she really exist.


While playing with her and grooming her, the girls began to get inspired. They wanted to be like her. They wanted to be bold, beautiful and stunning. So, was it Barbie influencing the girls or were the girls influencing her?


Big Brother is basically a fictional character who made his appearance in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The non-existing character has been the cause of influencing an array of social protests.

Big Brother

It is a common trend, presently, that each time the government passes a restrictive law, the name of Big Brother is highlighted. Whenever freedom is denied the citizens compare their government to Big Brother.

The fear in people’s mind of their lives being controlled by this fictional character is increasing across the globe.


Daedalus and Icarus is a famous Father-Son duo, from Greek Mythology. With the ability to fly across the globe in a short span of 24 hours, a rather impossible task to accomplish, it is obvious that the two never really existed.

Daedalus and Icarus

According to the story Daedalus was equipped to build mechanical wings for Icarus. Having heard the story, common people have always wished to have the ability to fly. With this in mind, people managed to build flying objects, in order to accomplish this wish.

The tale of Daedalus and Icarus, is solely responsible for inspiring and encouraging people to achieve something that is unbelievable. Distances between two places have reduced and the world is certainly a changed place, and the credit certainly goes to the two fictional characters from Greek Mythology.


Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster has been a popular yet influential fictional character from Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein. An emotional yet intelligent and literate creature is projected as driven by despair and loneliness. Dr. Frankenstein is a cruel murderer.

Dr Frankenstein's monster

An absolutely despicable monster, who is surprisingly spiritual engages himself in acts of cruelty such as organ transplant, reattachment of severed limbs and cardiac defibrillation.

Frankenstein’s monster has been edged upon peoples’ minds that even today if somebody acts in a cruel and terrorizing way he is referred to as ‘Frankenstein Monster’


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a famous novel written by a Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson. Unleashing one of the most mysterious psychological disorders, Stevenson portrayed a character who has a unique case of multiple personality.


A single physical body, that harbors, two distinct motivating impulses and emotions. The novel was first published at a time when this disorder was known only to a few professionals. However, the character has been influencing the people more than the story had. The character has a dual personality where during the morning, the man is sober doctor, however after sunset, that man’s character changes into that of a man whose nature is somewhat beast-like.

Thus, whenever one comes across a person, with conspicuous mood-swings, is usually compared to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


The Marlboro Man, is a fictional figure, who was essentially used for advertising a cigarette brand called Marlboro. The man who brought in a revolution for all the other men who smoke. Prior to the Marlboro Man campaign, only women smoked cigarettes with filters. However, as far as the ‘real men’ were concerned, smoking cigarettes with filters was not manly enough.

marlboro man

The campaign however changed things in the long term. The influence of the campaign wasn’t just limited to a few years after the campaign. Even today, men smoke cigarettes with filters. The main aim of the campaign however was to lure the men to smoke the Marlboro cigarettes with filters.

Certainly the campaign is one of the most influential, and considerably one of the best in the history.


Robin Hod was a hero in spite of the fact that he was a thief. The existence of Robin Hood is highly questionable, although a lot of people consider that he was just an imagination. The highly skilled archer and swordsman who justified his robbery just because the victim is wealthy.

Robin Hood

Walking in his footsteps, a lot of modern thieves have adopted his justification of robbing the rich. Robin Hood on the other hand has another striking principle. He robbed the rich and redistributed his acquired wealth amongst the poor. Thus he gained the heroic title.

Robin Hood stories are not just entertaining but also inspiring. The character has not just inspired thieves across the globe but also common people.


Romeo and Juliet are remarkably famous across the globe. While the two characters from Shakespeare’s play depicted the epitome of a perfect relationship, the characters also influenced and encouraged people to fall in love.

Romeo and Juliet

Born into rival families, the couple however found love. They went against the society to canonize their love. However fate had something else planned for the two, and the play ended with the death of the couple.

Although passionate romance is not the most important obligation for a happy marriage, the people who aspire to have a relationship just like Romeo and Juliet often tend to end up with a shattered married life. This is because, they refuse to believe that with time the passion fades. Marriage is about commitment and growing up together and not just about romance.

The perfect couple is often blamed for a number divorces that have taken place due to lack of ‘passionate romance.’

You must be wondering that this post is no where related to tech, then how come this post is live at TTW? 😀 Yes you are right, this post has nothing got to do with tech! 😛 Actually I was thinking of a post to wish Merry Christmas to my readers, and there I thought of this post where Santa Claus was at the top list! 🙂 🙂

Once again Merry Christmas to all the readers at TTW ! 🙂

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  • Its hard to believe that these characters never lived when we constantly refer to them as though they had existed and still do exist,

    Lol even recently there was a debate on the nationality of Santa Claus in our government!. Try telling millions that Santa doesn’t exist ..not going to work

    Merry Christmas..thanks for your post

    • Soo true, its really difficult to believe their non – existence! I have been always dreaming to live life, royally like these famous characters ! ! 🙂

      By any chance are you from Germany? I recently read about the Germans debating that Santa Claus belonged to them! 😀

  • Hello Zainil

    First of all nice topic and i never hard that this all are Influential i always think that they are exist not all of these. It’s really shocking to believed that they all are not real. Nice one Zainil and thanks for sharing .

  • Very nice article
    They are all unreal characters but they influence people a lot i think. When i was a child, i hardly believed in Santa Claus and tried my best to get good marks so that i would have presents on Christmas, so happy to see him on this list.
    Thanks for your sharing.


    • 😀 😀 yes yes yes, I always had Christmas stocking on my door to get the gifts ! ! 🙂 🙂 Santa Claus has actually influenced my education by way of his gifts ! 😀

  • We heard so much of them that its unnbelievable that do not exist.
    Mine favourite is Romeo and Juliet, over-whelming story

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