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Top 5 features of Android M

Finally, the much awaited Android M is here. Well, not literally but, the developers preview of Android M is now available for Nexus devices. There is no news on what it would be called and when exactly would it be available for more devices. Google recently announced the features of Android M at its I/O event and here are we listing the top 5 features of Android M.Control Over App Permissions.
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# Control Over App Permissions

One of the biggest problems with Android apps is that either you need to permit for all the permissions or you can’t use it at all. However, it will not be the case with Android M. This feature aims at improving the security feature in Android. In Android 5.0 or previous versions, whenever you install an app, it shows you a list of permissions it needs and eventually you say yes to all. But, in case of Android M, it will not ask for any permission at the time of installing but, it will ask for permission when you are using it and it needs to access any hardware component like camera or microphone. Once you approve this, the app will have the access to that component, but you can still change the permissions in the settings and can revert back.

For example, WhatsApp will now ask for permission before using a microphone for sending voice messages.

# Doze: Better Battery Life

This feature focuses on improving the battery life of the device. Android consumes a lot of batteries because many apps use hardware even when the phone is locked or when the phone is in standby mode.  However, in Android M, the doze feature will put the apps in sleep mode if the phone is not used for long time. It will use the sensors like a gyroscope, ambient light to detect whether the phone is idle or not.

For example, you were browsing your phone and suddenly felt sleepy and slept all the way around by keeping your phone aside. In normal case, the background apps will still work and will consume battery but, in Android M, it will detect that phone is now ideal and will shut down the apps thus improving battery life by 2 to 2 times.

# Finger Print Scanner

This was a major missing thing in the Android, With Apple having these features from ages; Android finally realized that it also needs one. Android M will have inbuilt fingerprint scanner which means you can now use your fingerprint for  locking your device or for paying at malls, what Google is calling, Android Pay.

# USB C support

Apple has been using USB C in its new Macbook and soon Android will feature it too. USB C will allow you to use your phone at tremendous speed and transfer the data even faster. It will also allow a reversible plug-in and you can even use your phone as a charger, thanks to USB C.Even better Google Now.

# Even better Google Now

There is no doubt in the fact that Google Now is much better than Siri in terms of predicting data based on data input in the device. With Android M, Google Now will get smarter. In the previous version of Android, Google Now used to amylase the data that was available in Google Apps and it will provide the information based on it. But, in the latest version of Android, it will also keep a check on what actually is happening inside the apps.

For example: If you are listening to a song, Google Now will know which song is playing. Now, just press the home button and you will see all the details regarding that song. Or, you were chatting with your friend and he/she asks you to go out for dinner at some place. Google Now will know what you are chatting about and if you press the home button, it will show you the ratings, distance etc. about the place you are going for dinner.

Other small tweaks and features of Android M are:

  • Easy word selection and floating clipboard toolbar.
  • Simplified volume controls
  • Auto backup for apps

No doubt, Android M will have some amazing features which will improve the experience of using an Android device. I am sure you have enjoyed reading the features of Android M.

Now, I would like to hear from you as which feature you liked the most.

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  • Hi Zainil,
    Nice to read this informative piece on Android M
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    Thanks Atish and Zaini for this review.
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  • Hello Zainil,

    I would say it is a great post where you’ve showcased the features of Android M.

    All the five features seem good and yes, USB C support is indeed needed in Android for quick data transfer.

    I mostly like the first 2 features, I’m sure that these would amaze the Android lovers.

    Good to see you that you’re back to the pavilion, expecting awesome posts from you.

    Have a good day!

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    Mohd Arif

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    The Finger Print Scanner will use the screen to scan the finger ?

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    It’s really very nice review about Android M after Android L. And the way you described is so clear. Hope,The Better Battery Life and Finger Print Scanner both features will be amazing.

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