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4 Tips to Keep Your Tablet Device Safe and Clean for Long

Just bought a new tablet and can’t get over with happiness?

Well, that’s the thing. New gadgets kindle excitement, joy and a sense of responsibility.

 Escalated quickly? Well, brownie points for honesty, because that’s true.

The moment you buy a new tablet, you know you want to keep it safe, shiny and clean like new for as long as possible. But, ask yourself, have you never ruined a device physically?

If you have, and if you want to make sure that you never do that again, following the tips below will guarantee your device’s safety.

4 Best Ways to Keep Your Tablet Safe and Clean

  1. First things first, glasses are delicate

If you want to keep your device safe from physical damage, the first thing you need to do is get glass protection for the screen.

Although tablet and mobile phone screens in 2019 are made using gorilla glass technology developed by Corning, unbreakable doesn’t always mean unbreakable.

There’ve been a number of tests where the screen glass broke in a drop. You too might have come across some of those like the one that follows, on YouTube.

Did you see how bad it can get? And as we are talking tablet devices, the damage can be worse for the bigger size. To save yourself from this fiasco it’s recommended to use a qualified tempered glass protector for your tablet screen.

  1. Take measures to Keep the Device in its original Shape

Not that your tablet may turn circular after a fall (poor joke, yes!), but, yes its edges might turn inwards or get ugly scratches.

Your best bet?

A tablet cover.

With the rising concern for device safety among people, companies manufacturing phone cases are on a roll. This has resulted in a wide range of tablet and phone covers to choose from.

Different shapes. Different designs. Different safety-grades and a number of other attractive options.

Just pick the one you like, and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Supporting your Tablet with a Book or a Wall? That’s Crazy!

The slippery-shiny device of yours deserves to be handled very carefully.

Placing it against a wall, book or anything on those lines is plainly wrong and risky. Your device can fall, slip, and break.

So, instead of using books, walls and other objects for supporting your device, use a tablet mount or kiosk.

There’s a number of brilliant tablet mount and kiosk options available out there for you to pick from. Just explore the options and you will know what kind of a mount you need.

This way your tablet will be kept and held safe as you read through it, watch a video on it, or follow a recipe for that dish you always wanted to make.

  1. If the charger was on all night, you may be in serious trouble my friend

Used your tablet too much before bed and now it can’t even wake you up with its morning alarm because it’s out of power now?

The common solution (not really) that most people tackle this problem with is setting the device to charge as they sleep.

Consider this. Your tablet’s battery ideally requires a charge of 3-4 hours at max. However, you charged it for 6-7 or 8 hours (while you were asleep).

This is one of the reasons why most people aren’t able to keep their smartphones and tablets as new for too long.

The only way of making sure this doesn’t happen to your tablet is by being more careful and switching off the charger when the battery is charged.

TIP: If you really have to charge while sleeping, set an alarm for after 3 hours, wake up to disconnect the charger and go back to sleep.

Some power bank devices come with sensors that cut the power supply when the device is fully charged.

Final words

It’s okay to love your device and to want to use it all the time. But, as you do so, make sure you are taking care of it.

As device safety is important, in this post we shared some useful safety tips to help keep your tablet new for long.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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  • Hi Atish and Team,
    A good and timely post.
    Great tips you shared to keep our devices safe and use long.
    I think these days almost all branded devices are using gorilla glass technology. I am surprised to know that it’s not safe, and it may break by a fall.
    Point #4 is really a worth notable one as many uses charge their devices whole night but I think there are few devices which automatically get disconnected when it is fully charged.
    Anyways its not good to keep all day charging.
    Thanks, Atish for sharing these tips.
    Keep sharing
    ~ Phil

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