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Tips To Keep Your Comments Out of Spam Folder

As a blogger you need to build backlinks as well as producing unique content for your blog, and for this you opt so many link building techniques such as blog commenting, guest blogging, article marketing, directory submissions etc. From these, Blog Commenting is one of the most used link building strategy and even it is used to build healthy relationships with fellow bloggers. But as the number of comment spamming is increasing day by day, bloggers started using anti-spam plugins such as Akismet, GASP and others. So in this case you must write a comment which doesn’t look spammy otherwise your comments will end up in the spam folder of the blogs.

So How to write comments which will not end up in Spam Folder??

Here is how:-

1. Use your real name

If you do commenting on wordpress blogs then you may find comment interface(default comment interface) which looks like this:-

Now here You can see three fields Name, Email and website. You can also see commentluv section(this is available on commentluv enabled blogs) So what you need to do is to Place your real name in the very first field Name.

As My name is Atish Then I will put Atish in the name section and if I see there the site is keywordluv enabled or commenluv premium  then I must use my keywords also with my name but in a proper way such as [email protected] Blog but if the site is not enabled with these plugins then I must not use my keyword there. Also I will not use only the keyword in name field because It looks spammy and there are chance for your comment to be end up in the spam box. So using your Proper name in the name field is must if you don’t want your comment in the spam box or being trashed by the admin. For example We at techtricksworld, Don’t approve the comments which has no real names.

2. Use your personal email address

The second field is of email where you need to put your valid email id. I suggest to use your real email. Don’t use [email protected]gmail.com(say) or [email protected]gmail.com(say). Here the things you should see are [email protected] and [email protected], such type of mail ids are one of the reason for your comments to go in the spam folder so try to use your real mail id such [email protected]gmail.com(say) to avoid spam folder.

3. Place only homepage urls

The Third field is of website, here you need to put your site’s url to get backlink for it. I suggest to use only homepage url there. Avoid using your long urls, short urls and feed urls. These are also the reasons which push your comments to the spam box.

4. Write something valuable

The last field there is Comment Body where you need to put your views, questions etc. You must write there something valuable instead of writing only thanks for the post, Awesome post or something like that. Such comments end up in spam box most of the time. So Avoid writing these and do write something useful (atleast 2 sentences) such as you can write there your views about that post or you can ask any question if needed or you can also add something if you find anything missing in that post.  One more thing don’t place any link in the comment body. comments

5. Still Going to Spam

If you are doing everything right and still you notice that on some of the blogs your comment is hitting the spam folder then write a good email to the admin of that blog and ask them politely about the issue. Ask them to check their spam folder as well and rescue your comment and if they find the comment useful then request them to mark that as not spam so that from the next time when you comment on that blog, your comment will land on inbox.

If doing everything doesn’t work for you and your comments going to spam everywhere then do contact Akismet for the issue. Once my comments were going to spam as well then I did contact Akismet and problem was solved within 4-5 days. They gave the reason that so many bloggers has marked your comment as spam so system was considering you as spammer [It happened because when I was an infant in blogging I didn’t know all these stuffs]. From then my comments never go to spam though I write good comments as well.

After all of these tips, I would like to suggest you to read the comment policy of every blog(if they have) before commenting on them. So that you would not break their rule and hence they will not mark your comment as spam.

If You like the post then please share this post by using the sharing buttons and also you are requested to share your tips to avoid spam folder.

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  • 1 and 4 are MUST. But I disagree with tips #2 and #3. I don’t leave my “personal” email address on comments, that’s private. I use a “valid” email address that could be contacted instead. If a comment is legit and value added to the topic, I wouldn’t mind if they used URLs other than their homepage (deep linking). Of course the pages linked must not have anything that is inappropriate such as adult sites and gambling sites. I just noticed your comment policy that you don’t allow deep linking if commenting on TTW. What’s the problem if commenters use deep links? Will it hurt your site’s ranking or something Atish?

    • I used a wrong word “personal email” but I meant that not to use [email protected] and [email protected] type email ids because most of the time they goes into spam. Here personal means not the personal email that is too private. here personal means a name type email such as [email protected] yahoo.com, [email protected] or something.

      I didn’t mean that my site’s rank will be degraded or something if I give deep links. I described here the tips which stops your comment to go in spam. I notice there are so many good commenter’s comment goes to spam who have used deep links. So in this post my concern is to stop the comments to go into spam.

      Here we are not talking about the rankings or admin’ concern about approving and disapproving comments. Here in this post I only concerned that how you can stop your comments to go into spam.

      I think its clear from my side Peter?

      • It is a pity that many blog owners think that deep links to your site are a sign of spam. With all the recent changes in Google, I think that it is more important than ever to get your content linked to and have deep links. I agree with you on the email side of things though, I have a 2 email addresses for the company that I work for, one is a more personal one and the other is a generic info type email address for general enquiries.

    • Hi Peter, you got the point. I got a experience receive a lot of notification due the blog too active. They got too many new posts (in new comments in my case) everyday. Lucky I still have option to opt out from their newsletter.

  • I wonder if using the same email address too much is an issue? I only make real comments where I try to say something I think is worthwhile anyway. Maybe some weeks I make as many as 20 comments and some weeks make 0. Still I have found my comments getting dropped into akismet spam sometimes. I am not sure if akismet pays attention to %approved comments (I think it would be worthwhile) – so if I have lots of approved comments that should make them less likely to mark me as spam. I know it isn’t perfect and could be gamed, still it seems useful to me. It is annoying when comments don’t appear and you don’t know if it is just caught in spam or maybe the blog owner just decided it was stupid (I don’t mind it blog owners decide not to post stuff – it is their blog after all), but them not even seeing it is annoying since I try to make useful comments.

    • Hello John,
      Thanks for your nice comment. You wrote a better comment here and still this comment was found in spam but as this comment is very nice and genuine I have marked it as not spam and replying to you. I agree with your views. But this comment which is really good caught in spam??
      I think the email address you have used in it might be the reason because it doesn’t look a generic email address(may be, I m just guessing).

      Any way thanks for giving time to write such a useful comment here. Thanks once again.

      • Agree with you John …

        Its really frustrating if the comment isn’t approved, coz it was caught in the SPAM folder.

        Earlier when I used Akismet, even I had seen many genuine comments in the spam folder but now after using GASP (integrated in CLP), I hardly see any comment in the spam folder

        P.S: A great share Atish !

      • Atish and John,
        Good to speak to you both,
        Good to read John’s comment and Atish’s feedback to it.
        In fact I can very well relate to John’s experience, most of my comments these days are landing on others spam folder and since this is happening I really frustrated and in fact thought of stopping posting comments, to tell you the truth I reduced writing comments, and noe if I write comments on someone’s page I inform the blog owner about my feedback to them via chat or mail to check their spam folder too! Most often them are in spam that the blog owner should mark it as Not Spam and save it, the sad part is that many ProBloggers never check their spam folders.

        Coming to Atish reply, I disagree with Atish as he said the reason maybe the email Id. No I do not think, instead may be the length or size of the comment. It looks like John writes long comments, that’s the reason why comments land on others spam folder.

        I too write long comments, I firmly believe that’s the reason why his comments too landed on spam folder. Now I have decided to write shot comments, but my nature doesn’t allow me to do that, if the subject is interesting I write on and on. Ultimately that land on S folder.

        This comment too is going long so let me put a full stop here. LOL 🙂
        Thanks Atish
        These days I do one more thing while typing comments.
        I take a copy of it and keep it safe before pressing the Post Comment Button. if the original somehow miss I can use it again or inform them about it.

        • Hello Philip,

          Writing longer comments is in fact good. But, sometimes when we post small comments or something which may be few bloggers mark spam, then also Akismet keep starting to put your comments in spam. I had faced it once, but I asked Akismet team, and they whitelisted my email id, and my comments stopped going in spam.

          I am not sure what type of problems you are facing. You should ask Akismet team about it. They might help!

          • Hi Atish,
            Thank God, my long comment landed safely on your right box!
            One more thing in noticed is that if our name is too long also should create this trouble of landing our comment in spam folders.
            Thanks again Atish for the suggestion to fix this problem. I will surly write to them. Hope this will be fixed and I can start writing as before.
            Have a wonderful weekend
            T C
            ~ Philip

            • I am not sure about the long names. However, if you use some keywords in the name box, that may be going to spam.

  • Good points about commenting. Like you said, always comment about the subject of the blog post. If you just was to say good post, awesome post, etc., you can always hit the Facebook Like button.

  • Thank you for sharing this information. I keep all these tips in my mind while commenting on the blog. Some spam blockers like Akismet often block genuine comments too that is very irritating. I hope there will be better solution!!

  • nice explanation, Atish.
    Couple of times I have seen that spam comment identifier sends some good comments into spam folder. I was not very sure of the reason until now. But now I understand. 🙂
    Thanks for making it so simple.

    Just one thing… I always use name as “Ritesh”, even though keyword identifier not enabled. Do you think any problem due to it?

  • i will offer a couple of tips myself:
    Use proper English, abbreviations and mispelled words should be avoided as much as possible.
    Make a comment with meaning, try to spark more conversation.
    Do not use links inside your comments. Many moderators or spam hunting bots may delete it.

  • I do get your point right there. Sometimes, people make comments just because they want to not realizing the essence of each comments and how it actually reflects their personality at times.

  • I think you are right at your points. Using keyword in the name field really tease the admins. I can feel that irritation when you want loyal readers and your are getting only the commenters who just came to your site to submit comment, even without reading the post. Thanks Atish For your post.

  • The spam comments are really irritating a lot.These tips are really good and should help us in keeping the spam comments away.And the comment luv is also a killer plugin as it lets us share the key word plus the recent article.Thanks for the tips.

  • Thanks Atish, for clearing up these things. Though I’ve been following these steps but still my comments are not getting approved here. I think your anti-spam plugin considering my comments as spam.

      • I don’t think that using mail id similar to your domain, makes your comment spamy. Nowadays most of the bloggers are using custom domain for mail server.
        I guess there might be an issue of IP address. Say if your comments has been as spam for couple of times (and you are still using same ip address), some of the plugins will route your comments on spam folder by looking at ip.

  • Using proper and real name makes commenting neat and clean. However if you are providing keywordluv then one must now use keyword only in the name field. chances are much to go into spam if you don’t use real name and links in the comment body.

  • Nice Ideas! But I disagree with the first point. I mean there are some people who don’t prefer to use there Real Name. They try to create an Alter Ego, and this helps them blog better. Even the Blogging Guru Darren Rowse agrees with this.
    Well that was my point of view. Please correct me if I am wrong or have interpreted it wrongly.

  • Thanks Bryan for the nice comment. But Here the first 3 points are not about liking and hating. I just pointed them out here because these are the reasons to get into spam (such as akismet marked them as spam). The points are all about to avoid getting caught in spam folder. Its not about admin’s liking, I wrote it from the anti spam plugins’ aspect.

  • I think you should go and contact the blog admin and tell them to check spam folder because you have written a genuine comment and still it didn’t appear on the blog. May be it can help. Thanks Reetika.

  • Atish – I can see where you are going with this article. I agree with your points on avoiding to end up in the spam comments by providing valid inputs.

    Adding value by giving your thoughts on the subject is very important, i do see some comments which say “i loved your post” or “thanks for posting this article”, which I usually ignore to even reply back. I know people are trying to build links, i do encourage that, but come on…seriously????

    I however do not delete those comments on my blog, let them remain, but ignore to pay any further attention to the blogger. Usually I also end up visiting every commenter’s website and read their latest article, but not if it is a one-liner.

    Glad you brought this up.

  • I agree with everything you said, Atish. Blog commenting is a great opportunity to be known and for building quality links. It is but right that the commentor show appreciation for the privilege by making quality comments and following comment policy. I do appreciate all the useful things you share here, Atish. I learn a lot of online marketing strategies easily.

  • Really useful tips, now I already know why my earlier comments have been banned… I didn’t know that there could be only the url of the home page inserted. Thanks for the useful information!

  • Hey Atish,

    I find your post really helpful and many of the readers do would find the same as Nowadays most people complaint that their comments are going in SPAM folder and I think that these tips would work great as a precaution to prevent it. I would also implement the same when I do commenting on other blogs.

    And comments like ‘Thanks’ and all put no value for me actually. I do not believe in just inserting some null text in the comment box. In fact, I think my comment should sound something meaningful which makes sense and can even be more informative.

    I appreciate your efforts in bringing such a useful post. 🙂

  • I always put my name and the rest into their respective fields. I find that focusing on a certain point in the blog post will usually get my comment published. I have also my share of being dumped, and I’m trying to improve on it.

  • Althogh it might take a few minutes to write something interesting and useful, I prefer this method to spamming. I also use my real name and not a common nickname, as I don’t have anything to hide. In most of the cases, my comments are appreciated by others, which makes me work harder and give better inputs.

  • These are really useful tips.

    The name and email address will reveal useful information about you.

    After reading the content, you can post the point which hit your mind. You can give suggestion if you want to contribute something to the blog. There are different ways to give and take.

  • Hi great post but just as a question how many comments did you have to add to your spam folder following this post? Excluding my comment if you don’t mind. lol
    I could see people still spamming the comments section without reading the post just trying to gain a back link.
    Quality comments are very important and build a better visitor experience.

    • Hey Mark,
      There is no counting :P. I am deleting those comments which doesn’t add any value to the post. I don’t need the commenter’s only. I wan the readers who read the post and able to give feedback and suggestions.

  • Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we could get WP to identify the real spammers and keep them away so we don’t have to keep checking and clearing spam. I’ve found many genuine comments sitting in the spam folder, and before i used GASP it used to leave me frustrated as I’d have to sift through tons of comments to pick up the genuine ones.

  • Its amazing how many comments end up in my spam bin just because people do not use their real name. Is it really difficult to not put your name. I get so many comments that are unrelated to my blog it amazes me I can only guess the majority are automated.

    Anyway Im rambling on thanks for the great article and I am human btw 😉

  • You know Atish, it’s really hard to do this (keeping your comments out spam folders), especially since commenting is an integral part of getting follow backs. It’s also a great way to see what’s out there, what everyone’s talking about. Glad to see you’ve addressed the topic. I like the part about “write something valuable”. This is vital to any comment getting accepted.

  • When I built my first blog (and started managing blogs for others) I tended to believe that if you just posted really nice articles, your blog would skyrocket. I then found out about the other dark techniques that “professionals” used. I decided to keep clear of black hats and their ways. As time went by I found out that my blogs were siting ducks while the dark hat optimized ones were doing fine. It was that time that I found out that I could trade articles and links.
    The years passed by and I continue managing blogs as a freelancer.
    I also used to love Akismet but I started finding legitimate comments for my articles in the spam box. I now try to do it manually again…
    Good luck to all of you and thank you!

  • Nice share for a newbie like me.It is because all my comment i have make in all the blog have been not approved.So i will tried the tips you have shared.I hope i can started building backlink for my website succesfully.Thanks a lot.=)

  • Great write up as usual Atish. My comments caught in spam most of the times. I think as I don;t place a blog link because I don’t have a blog. So due to a website link many bloggers mark my comment as spam I guess. Thats why on many blogs my comments don’t appear. 🙁

  • Hi Atish,

    It’s important to make sure that our comments don’t get marked as spam, you don’t know what could happen if you comments get marked as spam on few blogs, it will be automatically be marked spam on all other blogs, so it’s important to follow the rules and add a quality comment that makes the reader interested to click on it. Thanks for sharing your tips.

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