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6 Tips and Tricks for Successful Student Blogging

There are many ways a student can use to make money while studying in school. Some students sell second-hand books while others look for part-time jobs to finance their pocket money. Writing services for students is another opportunity for the students who are good at content writing. They can start writing for different companies. Regardless of the way one decides to make the extra buck, commitment is indeed a great factor. You cannot complete your assignment or comfortably work on your project if you are not committed. While in school, the well-committed students always emerge first, and this is a lesson some students come to learn the hard way. Everything in life takes commitment and a desire to see something come to fruition. As a student, you might have come across certain individuals who always seem glued to their phones, tablets or laptops and wondered what they are doing. Well, some students have discovered that blogging can also be a solid income generating endeavour. Blogging is not difficult, and once you get started, you will learn how it is done. There are usually challenges in everything one does in life, but it is always better to start something and incur the challenges than forgoing the idea of starting something because one is afraid of the challenges. Therefore, if you are the former kind, keep reading this article, and we will help you with powerful tips on how to start and run a successful blog.

How to Start a Blog?

Starting a blog is quite easy and will not cost you a lot of money. There are few steps one needs to follow, and in less than a day or a week, you can have your blog online. The steps are as discussed below:

  • You need to select a blogging platform, your preferred hosting option as well as your domain name. There are different options here, but a good example would be Bluehost. You need to choose the option that works best for you. If you want the monthly option, you can choose the $2.95 package from Bluehost or whichever you prefer. If you need more help in technical setup, do check out this blog post.
  • Choose a theme for your blog. Since you are the one designing the blog, you need to select a theme that makes your blog look the way you want it to. You are the boss and therefore, choose something that makes you feel good. Good themes are sold but at low prices, and the good thing is once you get it, it becomes yours forever.
  • Make some changes to your blog until you are satisfied with what you see. Before you start making any changes, you should know what you want or have a clear picture of how your blog should look like. This will make it easier when it comes to making changes to your site. Remember, you own it and can, therefore, make any changes you wish.
  • Make use of plugins. Plugins are also important, and you can make use of several in your blog. Examples include Google Analytics for WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook share-button plugins, etc.
  • Choose an interesting topic or subject to discuss on your blog. Aside from the above, you also need to have something to share with your prospective readers. This necessitates you finding a good subject and writing interesting articles.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Blogging as a Student

  • Use facts. Do not fabricate or use any information which is false for the sake of attracting more readers or generating traffic. Any information you include in your article must be factual, and evidence must be provided.
  • Have interesting titles for your posts. Titles make it easy for readers to decide whether they want to read an article or not. Therefore, make use of interesting titles so that your prospective readers will want to read what you write.
  • Plan your blog: allot time to write and post your content. Plan yourself well and make sure you have time to write new material. Do not publish new posts months after you wrote a captivating article. Your readers will be bored and will have moved on to other things.
  • Make use of media. Make use of photos and videos if necessary in your posts. Your article appears livelier when it uses subject-oriented photos and videos. Therefore, try and use one two or even three photos per post.
  • Be original. Post your thoughts and opinions on some issues. Your work should not be copied from elsewhere. Plagiarizing your work will only lead to you losing more readers because they will not trust your word.
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation. It would indeed be embarrassing if your readers keep correcting your grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Instead of posting comments or giving you feedback on the content they give you complaints regarding your grammar. This is indeed wrong, and you should find an editor or a friend who you trust and give them your work to read and point out the mistakes in grammar as well as in the content.


In conclusion, blogging is an activity you can easily start and earn a dollar or two. While it will take you some time to make this happen, it is indeed a legitimate idea which you can adopt and use it while still in school.

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