Tiny Tweaks introduced in Gmail’s Regular Inbox

Introduction to Gmail & its Brand New Inbox:

In today’s date, a good number of people have ended up becoming gmail loyalists. One primary reason behind the same is the fact that gmail has been capable of introducing some or the other advanced feature time and again that is believed to leave all its users flabbergasted. One latest add on to the aforementioned list is definitely the brand new gmail inbox that has been unveiled in recent times. In order to help you to take a quick ride of this particular unique concept, we have decided to put forth certain aspects associated with the same. Let us now have a look at the same.

Happy Gmail Users

Bang on Email Segregation:

One look at this out of the box gmail inbox and the first thing that you are likely to notice about the same is definitely the spot on segmentation of your emails under different heads. As you all must be very well aware, earlier the gmail inbox sported a very raw look thanks to the vertical presentation of mails in your inbox. The problem with this pattern was that it contributed towards causing difficulty to the user who desired to take a quick glance at all the emails and decide upon the ones that are of utmost significance to him or her. Apart from this, yet another limitation here was that a lot of your time was consumed in interpreting the exact source of your mail. All said and done, we can rightly state that this brand new gmail inbox is definitely going to be in a position to contain all these shortcomings.

To throw further light on this particular brand new gmail inbox let me quickly point out the five different heads under which your mails will be placed under this concept. These five heads essentially include primary, social, promotions, updates as well as the forums block.

Gmail inbox heads

As far as the Primary block is concerned, it is known to contain all one to one conversations between two different individuals. Similarly, all the starred emails are also known to be included in the above mentioned category. Next up is the Social block, that tends to cover all the emails that have been shooted from different social networking websites such as the likes of facebook, twitter and linkedIn among others. The social block is followed by the Promotions block that tends to revolve around each and every kind of marketing mail, the aim of which is to vouch for something or the other. Next up is the Updates block that tends to cover emails that particularly include auto generated replies, receipts, statements and so on and so forth. Last, but not the least comes the Forums block that tends to comprise of all kinds of emails that have come from different types of online groups, discussion boards as well as mailing lists.
On default you can see these 3 only as you can see the 3 are selected in above image. If you choose other then they will show too:-


The above stated detailed information about the five different heads associated with the gmail inbox will help you to better acquaint yourself with the ease that you are likely to experience, next time when you sign in to gmail. Moreover, this particular aspect is believed to come across as the full and final delight for each and every gmail user out there.

Concluding Call:

This particular brand new gmail inbox is known to hit the screens of each and every gmail user slowly and steadily. As far as the desktop, Android as well as the iOS versions of the same are concerned, it is believed to be introduced in the market in the coming few weeks. So what are you waiting for? Are you not a gmail loyalist as yet? Have you not yet signed up for gmail? Hurry up and get yourself a gmail account so as to be able to familiarize yourself with this one of its kind mailing experience associated with the same.

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  • Hi Atish,
    The new email segregation that has been implemented recently by Google is such a joy for people who receive dozens of emails every day. Thanks to its intuitive segregation, I am now able to focus more on more important emails as opposed to being faced with promotions, forums, and updates. I know that it’s very easy to create a new email address, but my old gmail address is something that I had for many years and is something that I use for all my important transactions, such as for banks and clients and changing it is not all that easy. Fortunately, thanks to the new email segregation, I can easily locate more important emails in my inbox.
    emily @ techpatio recently posted…5 Home Appliances We Couldn’t Live WithoutMy Profile

  • This is expected , Google will keep re-innovating and will keep updating its existing products ..we would surely see a lot of such updates in the future …Anyways , thanks for sharing the update .

    Pramod recently posted…XBOX One specs,Price and the Key FeaturesMy Profile

  • Hi Atish

    I really like this categorization of emails in Gmail. Its really helping me finding emails easily and delegating unwanted ones. Hope more to come from Gmail team.


  • Hey Atish,
    Excellent post.Thanks for sharing.Google always knows what’s better for its users.The integration of multiple inbox in priority inbox is very useful. The separation of personal and work is also awesome to use.

  • I love these new things from google) No regrets about Google reader if they create such things))) Thanks for the post!
    Evan recently posted…Best WordPress Beauty Salon themesMy Profile

  • Yeah, this new feature from Gmail is awesome. It sorts out important mail from promotional junk and forum posts. But it is not good for Android gingerbread users using Gmail on mobile as it does not display/sync any other email out of the primary mail box. (My experience)
    Naser recently posted…Nokia Unveils Lumia 625: 4G/LTE-ready, Windows Phone 8 OSMy Profile

  • hi thanks again for this useful info Thanks to its intuitive segregation, I am now able to focus more on more important emails
    vaibhav recently posted…Free download skype application for android,symbian,iosMy Profile

  • This new update by Google has been a boon for the regular Gmail users as their inbox is now less cluttered. Whereas it is proving to be a bane for the email marketers, as all marketing emails are now going into the “Promotions” tab, so it is less likely that an user will fall for an marketing email.
    Anyways, thanks for the post.
    Kevin recently posted…Download Whatsapp for PCMy Profile

  • This is expected , Google will keep re-innovating and will keep change its existing product. we might surely see plenty of such updates within the future …Anyways , thanks for sharing the update .

  • I usually send about 50 of emails daily. Gmail has the more cool feature than other emails services that why I use Gmail. I really always looking forward to a new invention by google.

    Thanks for updating Atish.
    Keep me updated with more.


  • google always try to provide best and new innovation to his customer that why it number one it company.

    Google provides its employee freedom to work there and think innovative. If someone find new and interested, the teamwork on that idea.

    Read somewhere ….haha , but it true there is innovative minds


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