Throw Away Those Old Blogging Theories

Everyday, hundreds of bloggers are born; some of them are just looking for fun, while some are aiming for a successful blogging career.

The latter category of newly born bloggers consists of those people who become most dedicated readers of the so called ‘pro blogs’ in an attempt to learn the tricks and theories of successful blogging.

We would have seen that every ‘pro blog’ contains a section dedicated to the newbies who have just entered this world of blogging, where they get to read and learn about the basic theories of what is called ‘blogging’.

But how far are these theories correct?

I mean, how correctly are these theories leading a newbie blogger?

I remember my own example that when I started blogging, I had been reading those theories just as every newbie does, every newbie who has no experience, no skill, and no idea!

Now when I read those theories back again, I feel that they are mostly irrelevant and incomplete theories.

No, I am not at all questioning the theories set by ‘pro bloggers’, but I mean to say that today, these theories are rather incomplete for a newbie to ensure success.



According to me, every ‘pro blogger’ thinks that it would not be right to discuss each and every prospect of blogging right from the first day. These well established bloggers try to give just a basic idea about blogging, while they may hide the bitter truth that comes ahead. They let every new blogger learn that truth themselves, by their own hard work.

And that may be correct in some ways.

Because a going-to-be-blogger wouldn’t like to be scared by reading that managing a blog requires so-and-so, blah blah blah…

But at least these old theories need to be refurnished and presented in a different manner today, to cope up with the modernized bloggers, to cope up with the increasing competition and to cope up with…THE TRUTH.

So now is the time to throw away those old blogging theories and let the truth set free!

Theory #1: Content is the King

I have found this sentence on every single ‘pro blog’ and I really hate to read it anymore.


Because today if you just write good content on your blogs, then it is not at all enough to ensure success. I have seen many blogs with good content but they get no consideration, no fame and sometimes even no traffic.

Because today, if content is the king, then SEO is the queen and it looks like the queen is more active than the king too 😉

Today, a post not only requires good content, but it also requires keyword research and search engine optimization, the links and pictures, everything needs to get optimized.

If content would be the real king, then who may let these soldiers (optimizations) rule the kingdom?

Every new blogger is told to focus on content only, while without focusing on these extra things, good content would be left unrecognized! How many of you agree with me that content is no longer the sole king?

Let us throw away this theory today!

Theory #2: Don’t Worry About SEO, just update your blog with new content daily and search engines will love you.

Not to worry about SEO?

You might be kidding, right ‘Pro blogger’?

Updating a blog daily or just frequently enough – This is what most of the new bloggers do for months without finding any stream of visitors from search engines, and just when they get tired of working hard without getting any success, they throw away this theory and try to find out the real tricks of blogging.

So where does this theory lead a newbie?

Not to scare, but a new blogger must know the fact that today… you need to worry about SEO right from the starting of your blogging career to ensure that you are moving on the correct path to success.

And if you continue to work on your blog posts daily without learning about SEO, sooner or later you will stop believing in this theory.

Theory #3: Traffic and readership builds naturally, slowly

Well, then why does every ‘pro blogger’ write best selling e-books on ‘How to increase your traffic by 500% in 10 days’???

Today, unless you are a celebrity blogger, if you want your blog to get noticed, you have to focus on building traffic yourself. It’s not natural at least!

Just after you press the ‘Publish’ button of your latest blog post; you have to start bringing the traffic yourself. You have to recommend your blog to your friends and family, fellow bloggers and of course ping the search engines. You have to submit your blogs on blogging directories, social bookmarking sites, and where not!

Then, you would see a solid readership building on your blog…not at all naturally.

My Views

Let me declare that I am not against any ‘pro blogger’ or their theories. Neither do I say that they are lying in any sense. These old theories still make sense at this age, but the thing is that today, a going-to-be-blogger needs to get well educated about not only these incomplete theories but also about what they may expect in the future.

Every new blogger must know that getting success with a blog is not that easy as those beginner’s tutorials say.

Blogging requires many more small or large skills and knowledge of not only the topic you are blogging in, but also of the environment you are blogging in, about the techniques of SEO, about social networks and other things. It is also true that a person can’t get complete knowledge about SEO and other things unless he starts a blog and gains experience with it, but at least every new blogger must know that he has to learn SEO in the near future, has to work on link building, traffic building, social profiles and so on.

According to me, it is the time to modify the old theories with the new age and present more clear and ‘direct’ theories to our fellow newbies.

Over to you!

What do you think about these ‘pro blogger’ theories?

I bet you read them anywhere before starting your blog?

So let us know how helpful they REALLY proved to you and how much have you learned yourself?

Do comment and let us know your views on these old theories.

Mahaveer Verma is a tech loving blogger and the owner of Blogging Panorama, a blog where he guides people with his blogging and SEO tips.

Comments (65)

  • Avatar

    I totally agree with you that it’s not enough just writing good content. Nowadays, it requires knowledge on SEO as well as networking with other using social networking sites. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, it requires dedication and hard work to succeed.
    Sue Lynn recently posted…Ultimate Logo Quiz AnswersMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Very interesting post which would invoke the pro-bloggers to think about these theories.

    Yeah, agree with you, but partially!

    2nd n 3rd theory should be throw away.

    But think about the 1st therory?? It is the basic promotion of a blog post!

    Yes, am saying that content is the king and the content means it should include all the essential stuffs as you told to act as a real king.

    Sometimes, the queen may act powerful than King. Anyway both are gonna work together for the welfare of the people right?

    Both King n Queen should be in a well manner to make the blog posts a grand success.

    Am ready to throw the theories Mahaveer 😉
    Nirmala recently posted…Experts tips – Simple Discussion With Atish Ranjan from TechtricksworldMy Profile

    • Avatar

      I am glad that you agree with me at least partially mam 🙂

      Yes it is necessary for the king and queen both to work for the welfare of a ‘blog post’, but I mean to say that without the queen, the king is not recognized by people, i.e. without proper SEO, even a great article will be left unrecognized by this world.

      But I am glad you are ready to throw away those other two theories 🙂

      Thanks for reading mam 🙂
      Mahaveer recently posted…3 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your BlogMy Profile

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    I always believe content is king and it will always be!

    It’s like a restaurant, the food they cook is the “content”, you go to the restaurant because you like the food. But you got to know the restaurant because you saw their advertisement from magazines, newspapers, word-of-mouth, TV or radio which these are the “SEO”. Now if their food(Content) sucks, no matter how many times or how good their advertisement(SEO), you will never want to go there again.

    I still think everything is still related and equally important, however, if the food(content) taste terrible, even if you have the best advertisement(SEO) in the world, you will only get visitors to come once and after that, they will not visit your restaurant(blog) anymore.

    Anyway, nice article, Mahaveer! Wish you all the best in the contest! 🙂
    Peter Lee recently posted…Amazon Kindle Fire with improved support for the visually impairedMy Profile

    • Avatar

      Hello Peter!

      Thanks for your opinion. I really agree with you. The food must be great so that people come to your restaurant again.

      But in this article, I tried to say that no matter how good your food (content) is, without advertisement (SEO), no-one will come to your restaurant. While I did NOT mean to say that even if your food is worst, with proper advertisement, you can get a lot of people to come to your restaurant.

      Hope you got my point Peter 🙂
      Mahaveer recently posted…How To Start A Blog – Beginner’s GuideMy Profile

      • Avatar

        Yeah Mahaveer! That’s why my comment stated : “I still think everything is still related and equally important”.

        HOWEVER, let’s be honest and to the extreme side of the discussion…. You can have SEO but you cannot do without content, am I right?

        A new blogger, without any knowledge of SEO, can still blog with ONLY writing content and not doing any SEO. On the contrary, an SEO expert can build thousands even millions of links to an empty blog without any content but what’s the point? That’s not blogging in the first place. Blogging is all about content sharing and updating.

        “Content is the king ” is an old blogging “theory” you say, then maybe I’m old 🙂 And then again, I’m still saying everything is equally important be it content or SEO. But we are talking about blogging here, so content is still the most important thing to be focused on for all the bloggers before SEO.

        “Content is the king” is not a theory, it’s a FACT!
        Peter Lee recently posted…Boldly Going Where No Toilet Has Gone Before With Next Generation ‘Tech Toilets’My Profile

        • Avatar

          I agree With Peter. everything is important in their own way. You need to do everything in proper way. you cannot do graet things by doing just 1 thing. As you take balanced diet to keep yourself healthy, Blogs need something of that kind “balanced Diet” which involves, writing good content, Proper SEO, proper engagement and other things!

          • Avatar

            “Balance diet”, yeah that’s the word! Oops! We are talking like foodies suddenly, it’s this a food blog or a tech blog? LOL 🙂
            Peter Lee recently posted…What To Do When You Don’t Have Enough USB Ports?My Profile

            • Avatar

              yea!! Peter. Loved to see you again doing comments on TTW! We missed you!

              • Avatar

                Well, it looks like very few people will agree with me, but to agree with me, one needs to go back to the days when they started their blogging.

                The day when they didn’t knew anything about SEO.

                The day, when we all just wrote some nice articles. I am sure very less of those articles got place in the first page of Google’s SERP, right?

                Then we grew up gradually and learned about SEO.

                Then we used keyword research and everything, even migrated to WordPress from Blogger, for what? To get the content running high…

                Well, if is was just about content and nothing else, I am sure thousands of people would not migrate to WordPress from Blogger. Because they all realized… at one moment.. that maybe… content is not enough…

                Well, we are not talking about WP or Blogger here.

                I am sure that there is no ‘pro blog’ that has reached this high without SEO… I know they couldn’t have achieved this even without content. But I, and most probably every other blogger has seen at least 1-2 articles with worse content with even blackhat SEO getting to first place.

                While we have never seen a best quality content without any SEO reaching the top, have we? If it was so, SEO would have been forgotten long ago.

                Personally, I do not believe in SEO at all. I myself think that content MUST be enough to ensure success to a blogger. But my experience says that I am wrong. My content was not better than the content with 2-3% keyword density and a 100 backlinks. Not better than those who even copied my content on a WordPress blog and run it successfully untill I forced them to close their blogs…

                I agree with Atish bhaiya that we must have a balance but I believe this balanced diet contains 60% SEO and 40% content.

                Not that content has no importance, but that content can’t rule today’s kingdom. And it was never able to actually.

                I hope nobody gets angry on me with this, but in this article I had written what my heart said to me, what my experience said to me… and I beleive that not all but at least some new blogger in the far corner of this earth would understand my point just as I wanted to say.

                I still say – Content is important, VERY important. Content is the first step.

                But I would never say that content is the king……
                Mahaveer recently posted…How To Start A Blog – Beginner’s GuideMy Profile

              • Avatar

                Hey Mahaveer, I agree with you but in older days there were less competition. But now you can see on a single topic thousands of bloggers write and it becomes tough to rank just with the killer content only. You need do everything like writing great content but you need to use your main keywords in your content and even In the Title.

                I agree that the content is the most important thing but SEO is need Mahavir. atleast on site SEO is needed(means using keywords in the content and title, using as alt texts of images). Ofcourse the content is the very first thing for a blog’s success then comes the SEO.

              • Avatar

                I would like to highlight your words Atish bhaiya

                – “But now you can see on a single topic thousands of bloggers write and it becomes tough to rank just with the killer content only. You need do everything like writing great content but you need to use your main keywords in your content and even In the Title.
                I agree that the content is the most important thing but SEO is need”

                This is exactly what I wanted to express… 😀
                Mahaveer recently posted…Top 3 Reliable And Affordable Domain RegistrarsMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Hello Zainil, I am fully agree with all your points. Liked the way you discussed on old theories and give your points on them.. I want to say only one thing “Content is not King Now”……. As I came through many blogs whose writers write shit, but get the link on first page many times///

  • Avatar

    Excellent post Mahaveer!
    Btw you caught me on the first point…..:-)

  • Avatar

    Content may not be the king or not. Wether it is king or not I think that it is important. If you write post with poor quality your visitos will not comeback, you will not get any subscribers. You decide if content is king or not.

    • Avatar

      Yes, content is still very very important as well as the first step towards writing a successful blog post, but I think content does not ensure success at least. There is SEO that plays a major role in all this. And that is why I think content may not be the sole king today.

      Thanks for reading 🙂
      Mahaveer recently posted…How To Unzip Files Online For FreeMy Profile

  • Avatar

    A blogger should divide its time like 40% for writing quality content and rest 60% for SEO and promotion. A blogger can sure achieve good success if he is able to balance the time properly, and now a days writing quality content is not enough promotion and SEO is must.
    Simon George recently posted…Sony Xperia J ReviewMy Profile

  • Avatar

    For me it is all about balancing act. I put on some very useful content and pad it up with some general content. Then when I have something substantial I go for marketing.
    Keral Patel recently posted…How To Get The Most Out Of Your PPC Landing PageMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Excellent post and i am totally agree with your all points …. and my opinon writng is very important part of whole seo thanks for sharing this valuable post

  • Avatar

    Hi Zainil,

    As far As i know that Content is very very important to get no.1 ranking in the google search engine results. even we can say that there is main role of Content in the webSite. and after that Seo is also must for our website. but if your content is unqiue and original then we can get easily no.1 ranking in the Google results and can get more traffice. Thanks alot for sharing with us.

  • Avatar

    You are welcome Riddhi 🙂 I am glad that you agree with my points!
    Mahaveer recently posted…Blogger vs WordPress.com – Think Before Starting A Free BlogMy Profile

  • Avatar

    I agree with you on all this points . Many are times I have come across this blogging theories that are littered all over the internet and I fail to understand why someone would volunteer their precious time to write those outdated blog posts. I love this post because it points out those old fashioned blogging tips and how to avoid them. This is a wake-up call.

  • Avatar

    Hi Mahaveer …

    You have just revised the theory and get to know us that its time to change the mentality about the theories.

    Content is no longer the king. And SEO is also changed in 2013. As it will depend on the social presence of the Blog.

    You are saying right we have to market out Blog ourself, by various ping method and recoemdations.

    By the way thanks for the article. Get know some new things. Also I have increased my comptetion with comment, 😉 #just Kidding. Doesn’t matter I win or lose. it all about the participation 😀
    Ravi Verma recently posted…7 Reasons Why You are not a Productive Blogger ?My Profile

    • Avatar

      Thanks for reading this article Ravi. And I am glad that my competitor has commented on my article:D
      For me also, it is just about participation.
      Through this contest, I got to know about more people and I know some more people would have got to know about me and my blog.
      This article was more like a guest post than a contest post.
      Mahaveer recently posted…How To Start A Completely Free Blog At Zero CostMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Hey Mahi,

    What a thought !! Awesome Bhai! 😀

    You really did a great job !!

    and yes..

    we are New Bloggers with New Ideas we are here !!

    And of course everything won’t be same throughout life we have to change them.

    Your point #1 Perfectly agree with you just want to add more more thing..

    Content is KiNG no doubt..

    SEO is Queen ofcourse..


    what about DESIGN?

    DESIGN is also important as SEO and Content and we can’t neglect it..


    In my views..


    Correct me Id I’m wrong..

    your point #2 and #3

    I’m very much agree with you and ofcourse we have toh change it.!!

    An Awesome Topic with nicely written! Really, enjoyed while reading!

    Keep Up the good Work Bhai!

    Sugandha Agarwal recently posted…Samsung Announces Two Galaxies: Galaxy Mega 6.3 and Galaxy Mega 5.8My Profile

    • Avatar

      I am glad you enjoyed it didi 🙂

      And you are right! Design is also very important. Actually very crucial because we have only a few seconds to convince a new visitor that our blog is worth reading.

      And this is when design comes into action. A great design can attract a lot of visitors to become a loyal reader.
      Mahaveer recently posted…Top 3 Reliable And Affordable Domain RegistrarsMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Fully Agree with the thought of the author , Seen many blogs ranking having low quality content and ranking higher than the blogs having good quality content , Don’t know how ….

  • Avatar

    Content is still needed.
    You can do SEO but if you don’t put effort into content, you will get low conversions and high bounce rates and people won’t like your site.
    Content is still king, then SEO IMO

    • Avatar

      Hello Leslie! I just meant to say the exact opposite of what you said. I meant to say that if we make content but don’t put effort into SEO, we will not get traffic and recognition. It is the first thing to bring people and then to make those people stay.

      But its OK if you don’t agree with me.

      Thanks for reading 🙂
      Mahaveer recently posted…Starting A Perfect Blog With Little InvestmentMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Definitely! Agree with these. New content each day is sure to make search engines love us. 🙂

  • Avatar

    Hi Mahaveer,
    You wrote a good points. But I’m not agree with all of them. Theory #1: Content is the King – it’s really true. If you want to return your readers to your blog you must write good and informative content.

  • Avatar

    Excellent post and very nice information about Blogging Theories it’s very informative and i am totally agree with your points..

    Thanks for sharing

  • Avatar

    Sorry my dear you raised really valid points but your arguments in favor of your points are not as stronger as the whole battalion of pro bloggers have against you.
    If content is not king then who is kind; is it design, seo or social media sharing or mix of all.
    If SEO is equally important then how to gorget Google Panda
    If traffic does not increase so slowly then just identify one pro blogger with less than one year experience and thousands of daily visitors on his blog.
    These are the theories established by the time not by the pro blogger and you are trying to negate them; you must do it but with strong and powerful arguments. Right? Instead of confusing the readers you must guide them. Otherwise to open a debate over this issue you are really successful and whoever will read your post must give his comments. You are very smart but not a helping hand that is must to be a pro blogger. Don’t mind and thanks for such an open and brave talk. Peace and blessings on you

    • Avatar

      Hello Edson. I am glad that you spoke your mind in this small debate.
      And so I must answer your doubts.
      First of all, I think the main reason for you to not agree with these points is that you didn’t read the article exactly as I wrote it.
      If you have a look at the article again, I never said that worse content with decent SEO can survive. And we know Google Panda affects only worse content.
      I have always and will always emphasize on quality content, but in this article I want every beginner to know that good content is not enough to get success. And so there shouldn’t be any question regarding Panda or anything.
      And for building traffic, I won’t be able to name any pro blogger with no experience and thousands of visitors because that would just be a kind of fantasy. But I am sure no pro blogger can confess to the world that they got lots of visitors by just waiting and getting the traffic flow naturally. Every pro blogger would have used different methods to bring traffic to their blogs. And so it would never have been just ‘wait and watch’.
      I think that I am not confusing any reader here. The ones with knowledge will either agree or disagree with me, I have no problem with that. But through this article, it was my target to let the beginners know that blogging has changed since the past few years.
      If you want the proof, then just look back into your own life when you had just started blogging. I bet you were focused on content and waiting the visitors to read it. And then time would have changed. You would have developed SEO skills and started building your own traffic. Isn’t it?
      Think over it again.
      Thanks again for reading the article and for your honest comment.
      Mahaveer recently posted…Starting A Perfect Blog With Little InvestmentMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Hi Mahaveer, great points. Updating blog with only contents without seo, just like unique unsold products without proper marketing… 😉

  • Avatar

    Good mention Mahaveer. You are absolutely 100% right. I believe most of the probloggers just tell the sweet part of blogging but they do not disclose what difficulties they faced in their blogging life to reach at this stage!
    Now I can understand the truth. Still I love blogging and I believe anyone with good determination and dedication can be successful here.
    Taswir Haider recently posted…6 Free and Best Keyword Research ToolsMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Well Done Mahaveer 🙂

    Very Interesting and impressive post. By reading your content, I went in flash back when I started my blogging career. You explained everything clearly.

    I really enjoyed reading your post.

    Best Wishes 🙂

    Hope you win.


    To your success


  • Avatar

    Hi Zainil,

    I don’t know bro why but I am not convinced with your article.

    When a kid went into school then you start with A B C D…. you never teach him/her sentence making directly.
    Although in future nobody will ask him/her to tell A B C D in job interview.
    But basics are basics.

    Similarly if you start telling a newbie to do keyword research from day one — who doesn’t know what an article is…..then you can imagine how he/she will react.

    Blogging is also an art and you start with basics….

    First you learn how to write an interesting article
    Then you add flavour of SEO in it
    and then
    you teach them Promotion techniques etc…..

    All things are related to each other but you can’t teach all things in one go….
    If a newbie is learn article writing on first day then it doesn’t make any sense that you told him all SEO and promotion tricks on that day…..

    That’s why pro blogger tell you learn one thing at one time and forget about other…. then add another thing….

    Learning is an iterative process.

    Sorry if my words are harsh or offensive
    Sandeep Kumar recently posted…Top 5 backlink building rules that will work foreverMy Profile

    • Avatar

      Bro, Its written By Mahavir .

    • Avatar

      Don’t blame Zainil or Atish bhaiya or Tech Tricks World for this article because its completely my own views.

      And it is natural that many bloggers won’t agree with me. You are one of them.
      I don’t feel your words are harsh or offensive because it states your views which are also great.

      The thing is I felt at least if a teacher doesn’t teach sentences along with A B C D, at least the teacher should give a clear idea that the students would be learning sentences and later on even essays so that no student mistakes ‘english’ as just ABCD.

      That’s it.

      Thanks for reading anyways. I appreciate your comments here.
      Mahaveer recently posted…Try WordPress On Free Web HostingMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Totally Agree with Veer bro here.one should not totally believe what pro Says they must think different.Nothing to say more but giving the truth to the readers is really needed at this time where everyone wants to start blogging.
    Hussain recently posted…Interview with Pradeep Kumar,Super Duper BloggerMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Hey Mahaveer,

    Interesting post which took me back of my earlier days thanks for reminding them and i liked your thought about content is king which simply writing the content doesn’t make sense as its needs to cover all the stuff inside it as like keyword research,good title,lengthy of post and so on enjoyed reading it
    Shameem recently posted…Are Times Getting Harder For E-Readers?My Profile

  • Avatar

    Great points, yes these are the old theories. Content is the king and it takes time to make money online. Nowadays people makes money with different ideas and it hardly takes a month.

  • Avatar

    I agree with your points. Old theories like, concentrate on building great content or post articles consistently looks like incomplete. Its like waiting for search engine to send traffic to our post without doing anything. While others are doing all steps to rank well on search engines.
    Vipin Paney recently posted…How to Copy from Right click Disabled WebsiteMy Profile


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