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Things You Should Know About Android N => Nougat.

What is Android N => Nougat?

Finally, Google has announced the name of new Android N as Android Nougat granting the opinion from the public pool. With this announcement from Google about the name of the hand gadget, it confirms the roll-out of this model is not so far even when the talk on forthcoming updates is already in the air on the side of major OEMs.  At the conference of Google I/O 2016, they have intimated people regarding the plan and consequent features that can make this product distinct from others. They showed their pristine idea about the sole fragmentation of this gadget in this platform. However, these are still the ideas only until any further advancement is shown in this sphere.

Android N 1

Basically, Nougat is the version of Android including the embedded theme of the latest desert model. According to the announcement that has been already released in March, the Android N will come with exciting features such as improved shade for notification along with split screen multitasking capacity to the mobile operating system. In addition, the Doze is thought to get more advanced in this new version from Marshmallow that has come last year. The release includes the VR platform of Google named as DayDream, which is already built-in being supported by the running operating system.

Android Nougat 2

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A recent survey from Google has shown the fact that only 10% of the Android users are currently having the gadget running with Android Marshmallow. It has been considered as a really low figure from the expected ratio for the big platform of Android. Moreover, the announcement reveals the hidden character of Android N as it can become the competitor of Amazon Echo on the same platform. Most probably, the appliance is expected to configure with the facility that enables you to talk with that machine simply by sitting in your home. The conversation may be like question-answer, requests or casting. As the foremost AI product from Google, their initial attempt is now waiting to get launched in the market.

The news about Android N, the release date, and availability of mobile update

Numbers of beta versions of Android N are present there, but the actual question is, when the standard gold version of Nougat coming? The public has been predicting the dates till today. The possibility of Q3 launch has been announced by the team of Google mentioning that the probable time of airing is earlier September.

Nevertheless, it remains to find out yet whether the upcoming version of Android is termed as Android 7 or something else. The previous tendency of Google evokes about the numerical advancements or increments of software in different names only such as KitKat, Jelly Bean, and Android Ice Cream Sandwich are respectively the version number of 4.4, 4.1, and 4.0. It can help you to guess that the Android Nougat should be the numerical update of Marshmallow system. On the other hand, Samsung made a blunder not so far ago, holding the continuation part of confirmation from Google about the next Android version that would be called Android N (7.0), compatible with MultiWindow SDK 1.3.1. A lot of expectation is there to be updated in the biggest and popular handsets with Android modifications like Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, LG, Huawei and many more. This next version of Android is looking to come with number of special updates like design twists, DayDream, and likewise that are usually seen in every Android increment from Google.

Features of Android Nougat

What are the sweet treats that will come with the package of new Android operating system? If you impose an intense look over the fact, you will find some awesome features are included with this upcoming OS version. Though, all are hoping to get these below-mentioned features as this Android Nougat will be launched later this year.

Android N 3

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1. Better notifications and UI

The unique improvement that is expected in Android Nougat is the twisted UI. It provides instant control of toggles making you enable to activate Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and much more. Notifications will be more space efficient along with sporting fonts. It is also made in a way so that the apps will be stacked accordingly.

2. Quick switch as well as multi-window operation

The quick switch is the button hopefully, will be added to Android Nougat for an instant access of application based multitasks. In order to see the last used app, tap twice at the recent button. In addition, a new button named clear all can be integrated into the new version, which was not available in Android Marshmallow. The good news is that Android is now bringing multi-window feature via recent menu by which anybody can open two windows for two separate applications.

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3. Picture-in-picture

This feature will allow the users to run any app or activity in the background along with a pinned window in the screen corner, offering the facility to watch video alongside. Now, that sounds really smart.

4. Vulkan API Support:

A definite integration from Google in Android Nougat is the adaptation of Vulkan API Support that is laced with the OS in order to enhance the quality of VR, Gaming graphical apps and so on. It is a replacement of OpenGL.

5. DayDream VR

DayDream is the latest edition from Google and one of the finest platforms for VR. It is basically a VR headset and relevant controller hardware that can act as an alliance for Android Nougat UI making the use of VR content seamless and easier. It is composed of ultra low latency of 20ms that can give you the experience of smooth VR operation.

6. Allo and Duo

Apart from all other addition and improvement to Android Nougat, standalone Allo and respective Duo apps are few notable features in this context. Allo is the messaging app introduced by Google for security technique, machine learning, and company related search. It is audio readable and allows you to perform a search based on a particular conversation. On the other hand, Duo is a video calling app from Google that makes the way of video calling easier and faster.

7. Tighter specs

In Android Nougat, the activity of Doze will be seen hopefully after the screen gets off. It includes the ability to reduce background power in Android Nougat Consumption. It will help you to install any app with 75% more speed by consuming less space than previous OS versions.

Android N Developer Preview

You have to consider the fact that the update of Android N shall depend on the brand of mobile phone you are using. Nexus must come to the forefront in this context. Designed by HTC and sponsored by Google itself, users of this handset are likely to get the update first. This is to be followed by Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, LG and Huawei smartphones. So, just keep your cool until your phone receives the call.

Android Nougat 4

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Therefore, it is pretty clear that Android Nougat has been marketed as an OS that is to make your smartphone smarter. The features that the Operating System has have been promoted as the most civilised (read – modern) version, which is being anticipated by Android lovers to be enthralling to use. Now you just have to wait and watch the way it rocks the markets once it has been introduced.

What do you think of Android Nougat? Share in comments.

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