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The Power Of Proper Advertising

Advertising, whether through television, online, or on the street, has a great impact on the choices people make in their daily lives. Not only can the right advertising shape a person’s view of a specific product, but it can also change his or her opinion on something in a matter of seconds. 

Due to how powerful advertising can be, it has turned into a kind of science that you could use to reach your desired result, which is, of course, to get consumers to buy your products or services. The patient acquisition specialists at Telos medical marketing state that online medical marketing can help you target specific types of patients that bring you profits. This shows just how big a role advertising plays in our lives—not just when deciding on what to eat or wear, but also in where you get medical services. 

Here are some advertising techniques and the power they have on consumers.

Demographic targeting

If a company that is launching an advertising campaign understands its specific target audience, their campaign will have a higher chance of success. When you know who your audience is, you have a much easier time creating advertisements that appeal to them. If you plan to get the help of an advertising company, make sure you choose one that specializes in reaching out to your targeted demographic. 

Association technique

After understanding who your audience is, you can start using various advertising techniques to attract them to your services or products. One of the most commonly used techniques in advertising is the association technique. Most of the time, people are affected by situations or objects that they can relate to. Advertisers use that to their advantage when promoting certain products. They make sure they add feelings, ideas, or places that may trigger nostalgia, fondness, or memories in your brain. That way, the advertisement will stay on people’s minds even longer. Agencies know what will make this technique work because they understand who they are targeting. 


Using copy is optional when advertising because you can convey a lot using just a picture or a video. That’s not to say that wording doesn’t have a direct effect on how well an advertising campaign will do. Think of it this way; the catchier and shorter the wording, the better. Most of the best advertising campaigns succeed due to their catchiness. Of course, some people may get annoyed when they get a slogan stuck in their head, but that just means you have succeeded in making your product unforgettable.


Not many people are aware of the power of colors on a person’s psychology. Have you ever noticed how—or wondered why—most fast-food restaurants use the colors yellow and red in their logos or advertisements? This is because both yellow and red make you want what you are being shown even more. Colors can also have a calming effect or even make you sad when used correctly. Advertisements use all of these methods to put you in the mental state in which you are most likely to choose their services or products over others.

Visual path

Advertisements, when properly made, are not overcrowded. The advertiser usually creates a path for the viewers’ eyes to follow when looking at the advertisement. This can be using either a focal point that the viewer can look at and contemplate the advertisement, or a literal path that makes your eyes automatically seek out something that the advertiser wants you to focus on. A visual path can be built by strategically placing components of the advertisement in a certain pattern or by creating a contrast between the focus and the rest of the advertisement.


As mentioned above, catchiness is a great way to ensure that your campaign is on the right track. However, the words, the song, or even the catchphrase you are using will not register with viewers unless they are repeated several times. You can ensure that the power of repetition is fulfilled by going for several TV airings for your advertisement or by purchasing ad space on websites that you think your target audience will be frequenting.

These are just some of the techniques that proper advertising uses to have a strong influence on people’s daily lives. Advertising is a powerful concept that can have a serious effect on people’s choices from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep. If you wield it correctly, there is no doubt that your business will succeed in no time.

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